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Allow customizing of notebook icons.
[neighbornote/NeighborNote.git] / src / cx / fbn / nevernote / gui / MainMenuBar.java
2010-12-15 Randy BaumgarteAllow customizing of notebook icons.
2010-10-23 Randy BaumgarteUpdate merge with local branch. Changes:
2010-10-10 Randy BaumgarteCleanup the spell checker dialog.
2010-10-01 Randy BaumgarteAdd the ability to encrypt & decrypt the database more...
2010-09-21 Randy BaumgarteMerge branch 'master' of ssh://nevernote.git.sourceforg...
2010-09-14 Randy BaumgarteAdded primitive spell checker & English dictionaries.
2010-09-14 Randy BaumgarteAdd logic to remember if the QToolBar for the main...
2010-08-06 Hiroshi Miura (mom... add missing tr() for I18N
2010-07-13 Randy BaumgarteNeverNote 0.88.