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a-d-s/D-A-S.git D-A-Sに必要な重要事項を確認するために行う root No commits
abench/aBench.git aBench用リポジトリ root 13 years ago
acs/acs.git acs main repository root 11 years ago
actionscriptredirect/redirect.git option root No commits
activemagazine/ActiveMagazine.git root 5 years ago
afriendfeed/afriendfeed.git root 13 years ago
ahegaoman/ahegaoman.git root 9 years ago
aidmix/AIDMix.git root No commits
aifoss/aifoss.git root No commits
alchemusica/Alchemusica.git Free MIDI Sequencer for Mac root 6 months ago
alchemy-mod/moda.git おもな投稿先 root 8 years ago
alienfont/tall.git いな字:Tall体 root No commits
alstede/alstede.git root 13 years ago
alterlinux/LFBS.git GitHubのミラーです root 2 years ago
alterlinux/LUBS.git GitHubのミラーです root 2 years ago
alterlinux/alterlinux-calamares.git GitHubのミラーです root 16 months ago
alterlinux/alterlinux-channels.git GitHubのミラーです root 23 months ago
alterlinux/alterlinux-fcitx-conf.git GitHubのミラーです root 2 years ago
alterlinux/alterlinux-keyring.git GitHubのミラーです root 2 years ago
alterlinux/alterlinux-pkgbuilds-i686.git GitHubのミラーです root 2 years ago
alterlinux/alterlinux-pkgbuilds.git GitHubのミラーです root 16 months ago
alterlinux/alterlinux-repository.git GitHubのミラーです root 21 months ago
alterlinux/alterlinux-xfce-conf.git GitHubのミラーです root 2 years ago
alterlinux/alterlinux.git GitHubのミラーです root 12 months ago
alterlinux/aptpac.git GitHubのミラーです root 21 months ago
alterlinux/crshini.git GitHubのミラーです root 20 months ago
alterlinux/dmc.git GitHubのミラーです root 21 months ago
alterlinux/fascode-live-tools.git GitHubのミラーです root 17 months ago
alterlinux/hayao-aur-packages.git GitHubのミラーです root 2 years ago
alterlinux/hayao.fascode.net.git GitHubのミラーです root 12 months ago
alterlinux/lightdm-webkit2-theme-alter.git GitHubのミラーです root 18 months ago
alterlinux/lsdcontrol.git GitHubのミラーです root 2 years ago
alterlinux/medit-themes.git GitHubのミラーです root 2 years ago
alterlinux/plymouth-theme-alter.git GitHubのミラーです root 3 years ago
alterlinux/wfa.git GitHubのミラーです root 2 years ago
amulettoolsmh4/main.git メインリポジトリ root 9 years ago
andcw/AndCW.git For AndCW root 9 years ago
andr3dtest/androidapps.git Androidアプリのルート root No commits
andro-memo/andro-memo.git root 12 years ago
android-ab/workspace.git addressbookアプリケーション用プロジェクトリポジトリ root No commits
android-doraku/doraku_labo.git 働楽開発用リポジトリ root No commits
android-x86/art.git art root 3 years ago
android-x86/bionic.git bionic root 13 months ago
android-x86/bootable-newinstaller.git bootable/newinstaller root 10 months ago
android-x86/build.git build root 23 months ago
android-x86/dalvik.git dalvik root 8 years ago
android-x86/development.git development root 11 years ago
android-x86/device-amd-persimmon.git device/amd/persimmon root 11 years ago
android-x86/device-amd.git device/amd root 9 years ago
android-x86/device-asus-eeepc.git device/asus/eeepc root 11 years ago
android-x86/device-asus-laptop.git device/asus/laptop root 11 years ago
android-x86/device-asus.git device/asus root 9 years ago
android-x86/device-common.git device/common root 9 years ago
android-x86/device-dell-sparta.git device/dell/sparta root 11 years ago
android-x86/device-generic-common.git device/generic/common root 12 months ago
android-x86/device-generic-firmware.git device/generic/firmware root 19 months ago
android-x86/device-generic-goldfish-opengl.git device/generic/goldfish-opengl root 5 years ago
android-x86/device-generic-goldfish.git device/generic/goldfish root 5 years ago
android-x86/device-generic-openthos.git device/generic/openthos root 5 years ago
android-x86/device-generic-x86.git device/generic/x86 root 19 months ago
android-x86/device-generic-x86_64.git device/generic/x86_64 root 2 years ago
android-x86/device-hp-tx2500.git device/hp/tx2500 root 9 years ago
android-x86/device-ibm-thinkpad.git device/ibm/thinkpad root 9 years ago
android-x86/device-lenovo-s103t.git device/lenovo/s103t root 10 years ago
android-x86/device-motion-m1400.git device/motion/m1400 root 11 years ago
android-x86/device-tegatech-tegav2.git device/tegatech/tegav2 root 9 years ago
android-x86/device-viewsonic-viewpad10.git device/viewsonic/viewpad10 root 11 years ago
android-x86/device-viliv-s5.git device/viliv/s5 root 12 years ago
android-x86/device-vm-vm.git device/vm/vm root 10 years ago
android-x86/external-IA-Hardware-Composer.git external/IA-Hardware-Composer root 3 years ago
android-x86/external-alsa-lib.git external/alsa-lib root 19 months ago
android-x86/external-alsa-ucm-conf.git external/alsa-ucm-conf root 20 months ago
android-x86/external-alsa-utils.git external/alsa-utils root 19 months ago
android-x86/external-bluetooth-bluedroid.git external/bluetooth/bluedroid root 8 years ago
android-x86/external-bluetooth-bluez.git external/bluetooth/bluez root 3 years ago
android-x86/external-bluetooth-glib.git external/bluetooth/glib root 7 years ago
android-x86/external-bluetooth-sbc.git external/bluetooth/sbc root 8 years ago
android-x86/external-busybox.git external/busybox root 2 years ago
android-x86/external-dhcpcd.git external/dhcpcd root 13 years ago
android-x86/external-drm_framebuffer.git external/drm_framebuffer root 23 months ago
android-x86/external-drm_gralloc.git external/drm_gralloc root 2 years ago
android-x86/external-drm_hwcomposer.git external/drm_hwcomposer root 10 months ago
android-x86/external-drmfb-composer.git external/drmfb-composer root 22 months ago
android-x86/external-e2fsprogs.git external/e2fsprogs root 3 years ago
android-x86/external-efibootmgr.git external/efibootmgr root 3 years ago
android-x86/external-efivar.git external/efivar root 3 years ago
android-x86/external-eject.git external/eject root 5 years ago
android-x86/external-exfat.git external/exfat root 19 months ago
android-x86/external-ffmpeg.git external/ffmpeg root 13 months ago
android-x86/external-gbm_gralloc.git external/gbm_gralloc root 6 months ago
android-x86/external-googleanalytics.git external/googleanalytics root 3 years ago
android-x86/external-kernel-drivers.git external/kernel-drivers root 9 months ago
android-x86/external-koush-Superuser.git external/koush/Superuser root 3 years ago
android-x86/external-koush-Widgets.git external/koush/Widgets root 3 years ago
android-x86/external-libdrm.git external/libdrm root 18 months ago
android-x86/external-libffi.git external/libffi root 3 years ago
android-x86/external-libncurses.git external/libncurses root 19 months ago
android-x86/external-libpciaccess.git external/libpciaccess root 7 years ago
android-x86/external-libtruezip.git external/libtruezip root 8 years ago
android-x86/external-llvm-project.git external/llvm-project root 20 months ago
android-x86/external-llvm.git external/llvm root 2 years ago
android-x86/external-mesa.git external/mesa root 13 months ago
android-x86/external-minigbm.git external/minigbm root 2 years ago
android-x86/external-mksh.git external/mksh root 2 years ago
android-x86/external-modules-rtl8723au.git external/modules/rtl8723au root 8 years ago
android-x86/external-mplayer.git external/mplayer root 12 years ago
android-x86/external-musl-libc.git external/musl/libc root 3 years ago
android-x86/external-ntfs-3g.git external/ntfs-3g root 19 months ago
android-x86/external-opencore.git external/opencore root 12 years ago
android-x86/external-openssh.git external/openssh root 2 years ago
android-x86/external-parted.git external/parted root 7 years ago
android-x86/external-ppp.git external/ppp root 9 years ago
android-x86/external-s2tc.git external/s2tc root 3 years ago
android-x86/external-srec.git external/srec root 9 years ago
android-x86/external-stagefright-plugins.git external/stagefright-plugins root 15 months ago
android-x86/external-swiftshader.git external/swiftshader root 2 years ago
android-x86/external-toybox.git external/toybox root 4 years ago
android-x86/external-tslib.git external/tslib root 9 years ago
android-x86/external-v86d.git external/v86d root 2 years ago
android-x86/external-vboxguest-linux-modules.git external/vboxguest-linux-modules root 5 years ago
android-x86/external-webkit.git external/webkit root 9 years ago
android-x86/external-wireless-tools.git external/wireless-tools root 3 years ago
android-x86/external-wpa_supplicant.git external/wpa_supplicant root 12 years ago
android-x86/external-wpa_supplicant_6.git external/wpa_supplicant_6 root 10 years ago
android-x86/external-wpa_supplicant_8.git external/wpa_supplicant_8 root 7 years ago
android-x86/frameworks-av.git frameworks/av root 15 months ago
android-x86/frameworks-base.git frameworks/base root 10 months ago
android-x86/frameworks-native.git frameworks/native root 13 months ago
android-x86/frameworks-policies-base.git frameworks/policies/base root 12 years ago
android-x86/hardware-alsa_sound.git hardware/alsa_sound root 11 years ago
android-x86/hardware-broadcom-libbt.git hardware/broadcom/libbt root 9 years ago
android-x86/hardware-broadcom-wlan.git hardware/broadcom/wlan root 5 years ago
android-x86/hardware-gps.git hardware/gps root 2 years ago
android-x86/hardware-intel-audio_media.git hardware/intel/audio_media root 4 years ago
android-x86/hardware-intel-common-libva.git hardware/intel/common/libva root 4 years ago
android-x86/hardware-intel-common-vaapi.git hardware/intel/common/vaapi root 3 years ago
android-x86/hardware-intel-hwcomposer.git hardware/intel/hwcomposer root 8 years ago
android-x86/hardware-intel-intel-driver.git hardware/intel/intel-driver root 6 years ago
android-x86/hardware-intel-libsensors.git hardware/intel/libsensors root 3 years ago
android-x86/hardware-intel-libva.git hardware/intel/libva root 6 years ago
android-x86/hardware-interfaces.git hardware/interfaces root 5 years ago
android-x86/hardware-libaudio.git hardware/libaudio root 15 months ago
android-x86/hardware-libcamera.git hardware/libcamera root 15 months ago
android-x86/hardware-libhardware.git hardware/libhardware root 23 months ago
android-x86/hardware-libhardware_legacy.git hardware/libhardware_legacy root 5 years ago
android-x86/hardware-liblights.git hardware/liblights root 7 years ago
android-x86/hardware-libsensors.git hardware/libsensors root 10 months ago
android-x86/hardware-memtrack.git hardware/memtrack root 3 years ago
android-x86/hardware-menlow-ioport.git hardware/menlow/ioport root 12 years ago
android-x86/hardware-menlow-psb.git hardware/menlow/psb root 12 years ago
android-x86/hardware-powerbtnd.git hardware/powerbtnd root 6 years ago
android-x86/hardware-ril.git hardware/ril root 3 years ago
android-x86/hardware-wacom-input.git hardware/wacom/input root 11 years ago
android-x86/hardware-x86power.git hardware/x86power root 3 years ago
android-x86/kernel.git kernel root 19 months ago
android-x86/libcore.git libcore root 11 years ago
android-x86/manifest.git Android-x86 manifest root 7 weeks ago
android-x86/ndk.git ndk root 11 years ago
android-x86/packages-apps-AlarmClock.git packages/apps/AlarmClock root 12 years ago
android-x86/packages-apps-AndroidTerm.git packages/apps/AndroidTerm root 10 years ago
android-x86/packages-apps-Bluetooth.git packages/apps/Bluetooth root 5 years ago
android-x86/packages-apps-Browser.git packages/apps/Browser root 11 years ago
android-x86/packages-apps-CMFileManager.git packages/apps/CMFileManager root 7 years ago
android-x86/packages-apps-Calendar.git packages/apps/Calendar root 12 years ago
android-x86/packages-apps-Camera.git packages/apps/Camera root 11 years ago
android-x86/packages-apps-Camera2.git packages/apps/Camera2 root 23 months ago
android-x86/packages-apps-ConnectBot.git packages/apps/ConnectBot root 12 years ago
android-x86/packages-apps-Contacts.git packages/apps/Contacts root 11 years ago
android-x86/packages-apps-DeskClock.git packages/apps/DeskClock root 12 years ago
android-x86/packages-apps-Eleven.git packages/apps/Eleven root 10 months ago
android-x86/packages-apps-FileManager.git packages/apps/FileManager root 11 years ago
android-x86/packages-apps-Gallery2.git packages/apps/Gallery2 root 23 months ago
android-x86/packages-apps-IM.git packages/apps/IM root 13 years ago
android-x86/packages-apps-LIME.git packages/apps/LIME root 12 years ago
android-x86/packages-apps-Launcher.git packages/apps/Launcher root 12 years ago
android-x86/packages-apps-Launcher3.git packages/apps/Launcher3 root 5 years ago
android-x86/packages-apps-Music.git packages/apps/Music root 12 years ago
android-x86/packages-apps-Settings.git packages/apps/Settings root 15 months ago
android-x86/packages-apps-SoundRecorder.git packages/apps/SoundRecorder root 12 years ago
android-x86/packages-apps-Superuser.git packages/apps/Superuser root 10 years ago
android-x86/packages-apps-TSCalibration2.git packages/apps/TSCalibration2 root 4 years ago
android-x86/packages-apps-Taskbar.git packages/apps/Taskbar root 20 months ago
android-x86/packages-apps-Trebuchet.git packages/apps/Trebuchet root 3 years ago
android-x86/packages-inputmethods-PinyinIME.git packages/inputmethods/PinyinIME root 9 years ago
android-x86/packages-providers-DownloadProvider.git packages/providers/DownloadPro... root 12 years ago
android-x86/packages-providers-ImProvider.git packages/providers/ImProvider root 13 years ago
android-x86/packages-services-Analytics.git packages/services/Analytics root 3 years ago
android-x86/packages-wallpapers-Basic.git packages/wallpapers/Basic root 12 years ago
android-x86/packages-wallpapers-MagicSmoke.git packages/wallpapers/MagicSmoke root 12 years ago
android-x86/packages-wallpapers-MusicVisualization.git packages/wallpapers/MusicVisua... root 12 years ago
android-x86/prebuilt.git prebuilt root 11 years ago
android-x86/push.git push root No commits
android-x86/sdk.git sdk root 10 years ago
android-x86/system-bluetooth.git system/bluetooth root 11 years ago
android-x86/system-bt.git system/bt root 10 months ago
android-x86/system-connectivity-wificond.git system/connectivity/wificond root 3 years ago
android-x86/system-core.git system/core root 10 months ago
android-x86/system-extras.git system/extras root 10 months ago
android-x86/system-hardware-interfaces.git system/hardware/interfaces root 10 months ago
android-x86/system-linkerconfig.git system/linkerconfig root 7 weeks ago
android-x86/system-media.git system/media root 2 years ago
android-x86/system-netd.git system/netd root 2 years ago
android-x86/system-vold.git system/vold root 10 months ago
android-x86/vendor-intel-houdini.git vendor/intel/houdini root 7 years ago
android-x86/vendor-samsung-q1u.git vendor/samsung/q1u root 12 years ago
androtinyapps/TinyLock.git ロックアプリケーション root 10 years ago
angel-reader-01/origin.git first git repository root 4 years ago
angela/TwitAngela3.git root No commits
aosp-zenfone3/device_asus_zenfone3.git root No commits
aosp-zenfone3/kernel_asus_msm8953.git root No commits
applied-gslp/test1.git test1 root 11 years ago
applistation/AppliStation.git AppliStation root 4 years ago
aquaskk/sandbox.git git 練習用リポジトリ root No commits
arcget/ArcGET.git ArcGETのソースコード root 8 years ago
arescue/arescue.git main repository for developer. root 11 years ago
armadillo-ux/hermit-at-ux.git It's a customized hermit-at... root 12 years ago
armadillo-ux/linux-2.6-armadillo.git This kernel supports armadillo... root 12 years ago
armadillo/armadillo1.git root 9 years ago
arrowsoft/arrowSoft.git root 14 months ago
asmi-compiler/master.git root 8 years ago
assistrb/assistrb.git root 2 years ago
atena/atena.git linuxでの年賀状宛名印刷ツールです。 root No commits
atilo/atilo.git git仓库 root 15 months ago
attack-develop/Codes.git プロジェクトによって開発されたアタックプログラムの開発中コード root No commits
authent/Cherry.git 認証方式の管理サーバーの機能確認の為のプログラム root 9 years ago
authent/EchoServer.git 認証方式のエコーサーバー root 8 years ago
authent/Entry.git root 8 years ago
authent/Monitor.git root 9 years ago
authent/RaspberryPi.git Raspberry PIとNode Adapterを使用した... root 8 years ago
authent/Test_Client.git root 9 years ago
authent/TrustDB.git 位置情報の管理サーバー root 8 years ago
automap/automap.git Automap (OSS) GIT software... root 3 months ago
avyssos/66-voidlinux.git Packaging and integration... root 4 weeks ago
avyssos/abyss-packages.git Collection of unofficial templ... root 2 weeks ago
avyssos/void-66-services.git 66 service frontends for voidlinux root 2 months ago
awarsiii/AwarsIII.git Awars III の開発 root No commits
awarsiii/AwarsIV.git AwarsIVのリポジトリです root 6 years ago
awarsiii/Test.git Testでつよ root No commits
ayucat-list/ayucat-list.git the main branch of ayucat... root 13 years ago
bacon/BaCon-Japanese.git root 9 years ago
bakuhigashi/bakuhigashi.git root 11 years ago
bandwidth/bandwidth.git Java用帯域制限ライブラリ root 13 years ago
bashlib/bashlib-develop.git 開発中の bashlib root 11 years ago
bashutil/bashutil.git BashUtil のためのリポジトリです。 root 9 years ago
bbk/bchan.git スレッドビューア root 7 years ago
bbk/bchanf.git 各種ライブラリ root 7 years ago
bbk/bchanl.git 掲示板一覧小物 root 7 years ago
bbk/projectweb_htdocs.git プロジェクトWebのコンテンツ root 7 years ago
bbs-as-pbbs/pbbs_clone.git 簡易掲示板.PHPで作成されていたpbbsを真似てクローンを... root 4 years ago
bcpl-language/BCPL.git BCPLコンパイラ、実行環境を含むレポジトリ root 8 years ago
bdplay/initial-2009-09-12.git 開発途上版 root 13 years ago
beluga4j/Beluga4J.git root 11 years ago
benizara/benizara.git benizaraのソースコード root No commits
beyond-jp/beyond-jp.git Beyond the Titanic 日本語版 root 7 weeks ago
beyond-jp/txtwrite.git Beyond the Titanicのメッセージファイルのデ... root 2 years ago
bfree-info/B-Free.git B-Free OSのソースコードリポジトリ root 8 years ago
bif-6809/bif-6809.git ソースコード及び仕様書など root 3 years ago
bin-packing-3d/or_project_inform.git Migrated from https://git... root 2 years ago
blackquill/BlackQuill.git root 9 years ago
blacktank/blacktank.git BlackTank LPC1769 root 10 years ago
bloodybullet/master.git relocated from github root No commits
blue-sky/blue-sky-2.git hoge hoge hoge. root No commits
blue-sky/blue-sky.git blue-sky のメインのリポジトリです。 root No commits
blue-sky/test.git テスト用リポジトリです。 root No commits
bluegriffon/BlueGriffon.git BlueGriffon日本語版のメインリポジトリ root 13 years ago
bluetank/bluetank.git BlueTank ACB-BF592 root 10 years ago
bm-asn1/bm-asn1.git root 10 years ago
bookshelf/bookshelf.git Java-based graphic manager root No commits
boonux/boonux.git root 6 years ago
bottle-jp/Bottle-jp.git Bottle - Python Framework... root 10 years ago
boxs/aur.git root 4 months ago
bright-stick/bright-stick.git bright-stick root No commits
browser-electro/osdn-project.git root 6 years ago
btop/system-metrics.git root 2 years ago
buragesnap/BurageSnap.git root 23 months ago
bytom/Byone.git Bytom Wallet for Chrome root 13 months ago
bytom/Bytom-Dapp-Demo.git A simple deposit and profit... root 11 months ago
bytom/Bytom-JS-SDK.git It is a project for Bytom... root 21 months ago
bytom/bytom-dashboard.git dashboard of Bytom root 8 weeks ago
bytom/bytom-electron.git Bytom Desktop Electron App root 2 months ago
bytom/bytom-java-sdk.git Official Java SDK for Bytom root 8 months ago
bytom/bytom-kit.git kaleidoscope root 2 months ago
bytom/bytom-node-sdk.git Node.js SDK for Bytom protocol root 4 years ago
bytom/bytom-spanner.git Python based Bytom wallet... root 2 years ago
bytom/bytom-spv.git Bytom spv wallet root 4 years ago
bytom/bytom.git Official Go implementation... root 3 months ago
bytom/equity.git Based on BUTXO Programming... root 3 years ago
bytom/homebrew-bytom.git Homebrew Tap for Bytom root 2 years ago
bytom/pybtm.git Python3 implementation of... root 3 years ago
bytom/shuttle.git root 3 years ago
bytom/vapor.git Golang implemented sidechain... root 11 months ago
c-lockfree/lockfree_container.git C/C++で実装されたlockfree algorithmの... root 13 years ago
c-sharp-s-batch/C-sharp-s-batch.git C# script batch root 6 years ago
c3rb3ru5prjct/C3rb3ru5prjct_git.git Just another way for the curio... root No commits
c5addons/Concrete5AddOns.git Concrete5のAddOn用リポジトリ。 root No commits
cacanet-openid/cacanet-openid.git ruby-openid によるOpenID Provider... root No commits
camproject/camproject.git タイマー機能を備えたカメラソフトウェアの実装をやります root 5 years ago
canna-yubin/canna-yubin-deb.git canna-yubinをDebianでパッケージングするため... root 7 years ago
canna-yubin/canna-yubin.git canna-yubinのprogram+dataです... root 21 months ago
cannabis-terpene-parser/Terpene-Profile-Parser-for-Cannabis-Strains.git Parser and database to index... root No commits
cardregister/CardRegister.git CardRegister root 9 years ago
cartb2b/trunk.git Cart B2B Trunk folder. Stable... root No commits
cclite2/cclite2.git root No commits
ccunit/ccunit.git A C Unit Test Library for... root 8 years ago
cereuslinux/cereus-core.git Core repository for Cereus... root 9 months ago
cgigenerator/cgigenerator.git CGI C Program Compiler for... root 12 years ago
charactermanaj/CharacterManaJ.git キャラクターなんとかJの本体 root 3 years ago
charactermanaj/CharacterManaJStorage.git キャラクターなんとかJのアップローダー root 4 years ago
charlcd/CharLCD.git メインブランチ root No commits
chasen-legacy/chasen-web.git Web page of ChaSen legacy. root 11 years ago
chasen-legacy/chasen.git The ChaSen legacy source. root 10 years ago
chatyl/chatyl.git root 7 years ago
chemicraft/AMU.git ChemiCraft前提になるかも? root 9 years ago
chemicraft/ChemiCraftNext.git root 9 years ago
chemicraft/chemicraft.git データ保護用 root 9 years ago
chnosproject/AI004.git サブプロジェクトAI004 root 8 years ago
chnosproject/CHNOSProject.git CHNOSProjectのすべてのプロジェクトのソースのルート root 9 years ago
cinnamon-audio/cinnamon.git Cinnamon audio library root 18 months ago
ckw/ckw.git Windowsのcmd.exeを便利にするコンソールツールckw root 12 years ago
cl-jama/cl-jama.git The CL port of JAMA/C++ Linear... root 14 years ago
classi/Classi-Student-Python.git root 2 years ago
classifyvcf/ClassifyVCF.git root 8 years ago
clfsja/cross-lfs-ja.git root 5 years ago
cloudmanganw/git_repo.git root 13 years ago
clover2/clover2.git clover2-lang root No commits
cmcheckwave/cmcheckwave.git cmcheckwave root 9 years ago
cmsf/CMSF_FUNC_SAMPLE.git CMSFを開発する際のサンプルファンクション。新規で開発を行... root No commits
coboled/CobolEditor.git root 12 years ago
codecoverage/main.git root 12 years ago
commentgenerator-electron/CommentGenerator-Electron.git コメントジェネレーターElectron (WHATWG... root 17 months ago
compforlearners/Computer-M32.git 所真理夫先生の計算システムの教科書における計算機M32に対応... root 8 years ago
compforlearners/Computer-m.git 所真理夫先生の計算システムの教科書における計算機mに対応する... root 8 years ago
compforlearners/TuringMachine.git TuringMachineを表現しています。 root 8 years ago
completeeraser/CompleteEraser.git root 5 years ago
console-apps/console.git コンソールアプリの数々 root 5 years ago
consoleadventure/ConsoleAdventure.git ConsoleAdventure本体 root 2 years ago
const-git/const_file_create.git root No commits
convaddr/ConvAddr.git OSM用の地名ノードに変換する root 6 years ago
convbusstop/convbusstop.git root 6 years ago
converter/converter.git データ変換ライブラリ root 13 years ago
cookai/release.git root No commits
coolrain/CoolRain.git root 14 years ago
core-akbrobot/Android.git コアモジュール用Androidアプリ root 10 years ago
core-akbrobot/Arduino.git コアモジュールArduino用ファームウェア root 10 years ago
coroid/NicoBrowser.git NicoBrowserリポジトリ root 10 years ago
coroid/ffmpeg_saccubus.git さきゅばす/いんきゅばす用ffmpeg root 11 years ago
coroid/inqubus.git いんきゅばす(仮称; 旧名: さきゅばすのNicoBrows... root 10 years ago
coroid/jnicoapi.git ニコニコ動画Java API root 10 years ago
coroid/libav_saccubus.git さきゅばす/いんきゅばす用libav(実験的) root 11 years ago
coroid/mediainfo_wrapper.git MediaInfoを使用して動画サイズを取得するライブラリ root 11 years ago
cosmic/source.git Cosmic : Simple Comic Server... root 10 years ago
cottoncandy/cottoncandy.git root No commits
cpdlogmanager/cpdlogmanager.git root No commits
cpsow/develop.git root No commits
cpsow/master.git root No commits
cria/cria.git root No commits
criprect/cliprect.git root 4 years ago
crnpred/crnpred.git CRNPRED 1D Protein Structure... root 10 years ago
csp-qt/common_source_project-fm7.git Common Source Code Project... root 17 hours ago
csv-io-net/repo.git root 12 years ago
ctlos/ctlos_repo.git root No commits
ctlos/ctlosiso.git root No commits
cueplot/cueplot.git root 12 years ago
cwlk/cwlk.git root No commits
cybose-timecard/timecard.git Cybose Office 7のタイムカードを押すクラス。 root No commits
d-l-supporter/Doujin_Life_Supporter.git Doujin Life SupporterのマスターGitリポジトリ root No commits
d2dbench/d2dbench.git root 6 years ago
d3diary/d3diary.git d3diary root No commits
daisanji/debug.git DAISANJIデバッグ版。最新機能はまずデバッグ版に搭載さ... root 8 years ago
daisanji/release.git DAISANJIリリース版。ソースおよびオブジェクトがダウン... root No commits
darktable-jpnfiles/test.git test root No commits
dbutsuite/dbutsuite.git root 13 years ago
dbutsuite/test.git root No commits
debugostream/debugostream.git debugostream root No commits
decshee/decshee.git root 11 years ago
deeangband/Deeangband-new.git Deeangbandのフルスクラッチ新ソースコード。 root 2 years ago
deep-learning/learning.git root 5 years ago
deepinosm/deepinOSm.git https://github.com/iDoXtreme... root No commits
delesterandomselector/DelesteRandomSelector.git 開発Git root 9 months ago
dennco/NDNGestureVision.git A utility class which tracks... root 9 years ago
dennco/dennco.git root 9 years ago
dennco/denncoCreator.git master repository for dennco... root 9 years ago
deployer/repo.git root 15 years ago
dev01/dev01_01.git 備忘録 root No commits
dianzhuhui/dict.git 校訂テクスト作成用のファイル root 11 years ago
dianzhuhui/script.git 校訂テクスト表示用のhtmlファイル、組版用のtexファイル... root 10 years ago
dianzhuhui/site.git 古辞書のためのWebアプリケーション root 11 years ago
dicend/dicend.git QB64 & FreeBasic source code. root 8 months ago
dictzip-java/dictzip-java.git root 7 months ago
digital-art/control.git 大量のマシンのブラウザを一斉リロード・ジャンプさせるための開... root 8 years ago
digital-art/fmb.git #00 フラップ メディア ボード root 8 years ago
digital-art/ssss.git #02 空間のひろがり、音のかたち root 8 years ago
digital-art/ssss_v.git #02b 空間のひろがり、音のかたち v2 root No commits
dirac/master.git Master repository for Dirac. root 11 years ago
dirview/dirviewer.git root 16 months ago
disabledtween/sakiChanTairiku.git 本体のソース root No commits
disconect/kakeibo.git root No commits
disk-file-searcher/disk.git root 3 years ago
diskedit/diskedit.git root 5 years ago
display/TimeSet.git 表示装置の時刻をノードアダプター経由で設定するプログラム root 11 years ago
display/display.git PIC18F2620を使用したノードアダプターの無線部ヘッダ... root 11 years ago
dm-project/dmmain.git ダンジョンモンスターのソース一式. root No commits
dmonitor/dmonitor.git root 4 years ago
dockedwindows/master.git root 8 years ago
dokopop/dokopop.git dokopop source repository root 17 months ago
dombasic/DOMbasic.git Pakete escrito en PHP para... root 7 years ago
doraku-plus/doraku-plus.git 働楽+用のリポジトリ root 9 years ago
dprs/dprs.git root 3 years ago
draw4e/repo.git root No commits
drdeamon64/drdeamon64.git Dr.Deamon64 Git-Repository root 3 years ago
dscsd-cap/dscsd-cap.git root 4 years ago
dscsd-g3/dscsd_g3.git 分散型管理サーバー(G3)の作成 root 9 years ago
dscsd-g3/g3tog1.git G3から転送されてくる情報をG1の管理サーバーに受け渡すため... root 9 years ago
dscsd-g3/node_entry.git Web経由でアクセスポイント(ノード)を設定するためのシステム root 9 years ago
dscsd/dscsd.git root 3 years ago
dsgwd-extend/dsgwd-extend.git root 3 years ago
dslogd/dslogd.git root 3 years ago
dstar-tool/Dstar_Log.git D-STARのログ表示の為のHTMLファイル他 root 9 years ago
dstar-tool/LastAccess.git 管理サーバーへの「管理テーブル書き換え要求」の最終アクセスを... root 9 years ago
dstar-tool/TrustAccess.git 管理サーバ書き換え要求表示プログラム root 9 years ago
dstar-tool/jarltrust.git G2レピータの使用時、JARLの管理サーバーへ「管理テーブル... root 9 years ago
dtxmania/dtxmania.git root 3 weeks ago
dtxmaniaxg-verk/dtxmaniaxg-verk-git.git DTXManiaXG(Ver.K)4.00Series root 5 months ago
duratter/duratter.git windowsデスクトップTwitterクライアント root No commits
dv-ap/dv-ap.git 新仕様書(6.0a)に対応しました。 root 2 years ago
dv-monitor/monitor.git root 6 years ago
dv-repeater/dv-repeater.git root 3 years ago
dvibrowser/dvi2epub.git dvi2epub enables you to conver... root 9 years ago
dvibrowser/jdisp.git jdisp is a JavaScript library... root 13 years ago
dxchange/dxchange.git root 5 years ago
dxruby/dxrubygem.git root No commits
ea2ddl/ea2ddl.git root 10 years ago
eb123/eb123.git eb123 source root 8 years ago
ecchina/Test.git テストリポジトリです。 root 12 years ago
ecofont/ecofonts.git root 10 years ago
ecuexplorer/ecuexplorer.git root No commits
ecuexplorer/init-mona2cable.git root 15 years ago
ecuexplorer/romraider.git root 13 years ago
ecuexplorer/test-mona2cable.git root 14 years ago
editors/editors-main.git editorsの統括的なリポジトリですが、安定バージョンでは... root No commits
editors/main.git editorsの統括的なリポジトリですが、安定バージョンでは... root 9 years ago
eduapps-os/EDOS1.0.git EduApps OS 1.0 (Another Altern... root No commits
educational-pwdft/pwdft.git Source code and sample for... root 4 years ago
elder/Skyz.git root No commits
elecoma/elecoma-doc.git エレコマのドキュメント用レポジトリ root 11 years ago
elecoma/elecoma.git エレコマ(http://ec.kbmj.com/)開発用レポジトリ。 root 9 years ago
eliscolors/main.git Elis ColorsのMainリポジトリ。 root 13 years ago
eliza-6000/eliza.git root 3 years ago
embrj/master.git embrj master repositories root 3 years ago
englishdb/englishdb.git アプリケーションのインストーラです。 root No commits
eos/base.git This repository is a base... root 4 weeks ago
eos/data.git This repository is for test... root 6 years ago
eos/hostdependARM64MAC64.git root 4 weeks ago
eos/hostdependOTHERS.git hostdepend: OTHER hostypes root 7 years ago
eos/hostdependX86LINUX64.git binary repository for general... root 4 weeks ago
eos/hostdependX86LINUX64ICC.git binary repository for general... root 8 years ago
eos/hostdependX86MAC64.git binary repository for general... root 10 months ago
eos/optional.git optional of Eos/doc root 7 years ago
eos/others.git source codes for utils, which... root 8 years ago
eos/others2.git source codes for stills, which... root No commits
eos/tutorial.git This repository is for tutoria... root 6 years ago
eos/zephyr.git This repository is for zephyr... root 5 years ago
epg/epg.git root 15 years ago
epgrec/epgrec.git epgreのマスタツリー root 10 years ago
epub-editor-web/001.git テスト root No commits
eqspp/test.git テスト用 root 11 years ago
espot/espot2010.git 2010向けlejos0.85 Java環境 root No commits
ethna/ethna.git Webアプリケーションフレームワーク Ethna の... root 11 years ago
etrobo-nxt/ntx.git 雑多なリポジトリ root No commits
everclip/source.git root 10 years ago
everfolder/source.git root 10 years ago
evermemo/source.git root 10 years ago
example/hello.git root 3 years ago
examtweet/ExamTweet.git TwitterクライアントのOpenTweenからフォークし... root No commits
excelaggregator/EAGitRep.git Excel Aggregator Git Repository root 6 years ago
excelize/excelize.git Go language library for readin... root 5 months ago
executable-war/executable-war.git The repository for executable... root 13 years ago
exhaust/zubora.git ズボラ家計簿 root 13 years ago
exmascake/exmascake.git データベースのテーブルレイアウトからCakePHPでCRUD... root 10 years ago
fablib/CONDODCFM3.git データセンター用のARMボードです。Cortrex... root 9 years ago
fablib/CONDORASPSERIAL.git Raspberry PiのGPIOポートにスタックして... root No commits
fablib/DXFDIV.git This program is to make one... root 9 years ago
fablib/HALFSD.git Micro SD adapter as half size... root 9 years ago
fablib/LIBLOPLUS.git Conversion Arduino Full size... root 9 years ago
fablib/LIBLOPLUSPI.git ArduinoとRaspberry Piを接続するボードです。 root 9 years ago
fablib/LIBLORASPBREAD.git Raspberry Pi用のユニバーサルアドオン基板です... root No commits
fablib/RASPBERRYHABU-doc.git RASPBERRYHABUのドキュメントです。説明書... root 8 years ago
fablib/RASPBERRYHABU.git Raspberry Pi用のアドオンボードです。バッファ付デ... root 8 years ago
fakesh-kobo/fakesh_kobo.git fakesh for kobo root 9 years ago
fast-forth/master.git root 2 months ago
fcf/test.git test root No commits
fdappratingserv/fd-app-rating-server.git root No commits
feedblog/feedblog.git JavaScriptのみで記述されたブログツール・ソフトウェアです。 root 8 years ago
feedblog/feedblog_ext.git JavaScriptのみで記述されたブログツール・ソフトウェ... root 13 years ago
feedblog/feedgenerator.git rubyで構築された、Atom Feedの管理ツールです root 9 years ago
feedingorigin2/Documents.git FeedingOrigin2に関連する文書。 root 5 years ago
feedingorigin2/HikakuBunseki.git 日本飼養標準(乳牛)のプログラムJFS_d08と、Feedi... root 5 years ago
feedingorigin2/NichiZotaijyu.git 日本飼養標準(乳牛)の基本となる成長曲線から、一日の増体重を... root 5 years ago
feedingorigin2/Youkyuryo.git 日本飼養標準(乳牛)に準拠して養分要求量を計算します。 root 5 years ago
fermisurfer/android.git FermiSurfer for android root 3 years ago
fermisurfer/fermisurfer.git fermisurfer Git root 3 months ago
ffftp/ffftp.git FFFTPのソースコードです。 root 4 years ago
fig-forth-68000/fig-forth-68000.git Source code for fig-forth... root 2 weeks ago
fig-forth-6809/fig-forth-6809.git Source code for a fig Forth... root 12 months ago
filelock/repo.git root 14 years ago
filenamechenger/filenamechanger.git root 3 years ago
fishbornas/trunk.git root 10 years ago
flapp/flapp.git root 10 years ago
flp/flp.git C#ソース root 8 years ago
fmx-games/snake.git FireMonkeyで作成したゲーム root 5 years ago
fmx-launcher/fmx-launcher.git EXEファイルを自動で検出して登録してくれるプログラムランチ... root 7 years ago
fontmanager/fontmanager.git Font manager for N9 root 10 years ago
fooeditengine/FooEditEngine.git root 2 years ago
fosj/mytoiletsound.git root 3 years ago
fotapp/FotApp.git メインソース root No commits
fotapp/Main.git GUI and Main root No commits
fpga-leon-mjpeg/leon-mjpeg.git motionJPEG play on LEON processor root 11 years ago
frameworkspider/origin.git 最新版コア root No commits
freedom-flying/Omicronz.git 重要事項をやりとりする。 root No commits
freerpg/FreeRPG-Git.git Git repositry for FreeRPG root 12 years ago
freewnn/freewnn.git (Placeholder of) FreeWnn repos... root No commits
freewnn/webpages.git Contents of freewnn.osdn.jp root 7 years ago
fruiter/btree.git B-tree root No commits
fswiki/fswiki-lite.git FSWikiLite root 22 months ago
fswiki/fswiki.git FreeStyleWiki root 3 years ago
fswiki/sandbox.git 個人用 root 4 years ago
ftestautomation/ftestAutomation.git FTの公開用リポジトリ root 3 years ago
ftg/ftg.git ftg master root 9 years ago
fugashi/fugashi.git Fugashi Bit Viewer root 12 years ago
fukui-no-namari/dialektos.git dialektos root 12 years ago
fukui-no-namari/fukui-no-namari-ext.git Fukui no Namari用ライブラリ root 13 years ago
fukui-no-namari/fukui-no-namari.git Fukui no Namari root 13 years ago
fulcon/Fulcon.git Fulconのソース管理 root 6 years ago
futonwriter/old_trunk.git ふとんライターの旧版。今は使わない。 root 11 years ago
g15jp/utils.git root 11 years ago
game-pro-2048/game-pro-2048.git 2048 Game Professional root 4 years ago
gamerandomizer/gamerandomizer.git Source repository for GameRand... root 5 years ago
gast/master.git GAST - Gcc Automatically Save... root 12 years ago
gauche-dsu/gauche-dsu.git Gauche-dsu root No commits
gb-231r1-is01/GB_2.3_IS01.git Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)... root 11 years ago
gb-231r1-is01/Gingerbread_2.3.3_r1_IS01.git IS01用Android (Gingerbread... root 11 years ago
gb-231r1-is01/installer_MODOKI.git コマンドラインベース(行ってる中身が見える)インストーラです。 root 11 years ago
gefu/Gefu.git Gefu master repository. root 8 years ago
gengkapak/clang-GengKapak.git root 22 hours ago
getpathjunior/Trunk.git 開発本線。たぶん本線しかない。 root No commits
gikomona/GikoMona.git Subversionによるバージョン管理は終了しました。 root 9 years ago
gikomona/gikomona.git 2ch閲覧のみならず、twitterといった他のソーシャルメ... root 9 years ago
gikomona/libbbs.git libbbsとは、2chにアクセスするためのライブラリです... root No commits
gikomona/libcore.git GikoMonaのソフトウェアの基幹部分を集めて1つのライブ... root 8 years ago
gikomona/pnuts.git 2ch閲覧に特化したソフトウェアです。今は亡きDuawinを... root 9 years ago
gikonavigoeson/gikonavi.git root 8 years ago
ginkgo/master.git マスターリポジトリ root 13 years ago
gintenlib/gintenlib.git あると少し幸せになれる小物を集めたC++ライブラリです root 12 years ago
git-core/git.git Mirror of official git.git... root 5 years ago
git-hg-sync/git-repo.git my git repository root 2 years ago
gleam-language/alpha.git root 9 years ago
glsml/glsample01.git root No commits
gobyrss/docs.git documents of gobyrss. root 11 years ago
gobyrss/gobyrss.git repository of gobyrss. root No commits
gobyrss/src.git source codes of gobyrss. root 11 years ago
gobyrss/test-git.git test-git root 11 years ago
gobyrss/test-git2.git test root No commits
gokigen/A01c.git OPC(Olympus Air)用撮影アプリ。 root 9 months ago
gokigen/A01d.git OPC(Olympus Air)用望遠鏡アプリ。 root 2 weeks ago
gokigen/A01f.git Andoroid用オブジェクト検出アプリ root 4 months ago
gokigen/BLEControl.git BLE通信を行うためのアプリ。 root 2 years ago
gokigen/BondImage.git 画像の結合・はめ込み合成 for Android root 5 years ago
gokigen/FujiCam.git Fujifilm X Series Remote Contr... root 3 years ago
gokigen/GokigenAlignmentChecker.git https://osdn.net/cvs/view... root No commits
gokigen/GokigenCameraControlLibrary.git GOKIGEN Camera Remote Control... root No commits
gokigen/GokigenClock.git https://ja.osdn.net/cvs/view... root 4 years ago
gokigen/GokigenDiary.git https://ja.osdn.net/cvs/view... root 4 years ago
gokigen/Gr2Control.git Ricoh GR2 Control App for... root 2 years ago
gokigen/JoggingTimer.git A jogging timer for Android... root 7 months ago
gokigen/LegacyGpsAdapter.git Legacy Gps Adapter for Android. root 3 years ago
gokigen/MeMoMa.git Repository from CVS root 15 months ago
gokigen/PKRemote.git Pentax DSLR Remote Control... root 12 months ago
gokigen/TheWarikan.git new repository for https:... root 4 years ago
gokigen/ThetaThoughtShutter.git Ricoh Theta x Nurosky Shutter root 23 months ago
gokigen/ThetaView.git Ricoh THETA のビュー・撮影 root 22 months ago
gokigen/mangle.git A01e : multi-wifi camera control root 8 months ago
gokigen/prpr1.git WearOS watch face. root 3 months ago
gonta/gonta.git gontaのリポジトリ root 11 years ago
gpet/origin.git gpet(Gui Policy Editor for... root 11 years ago
gpx2osm/gpx2osm.git root 23 months ago
graphicalterm/graphicalterm.git ソースコードなど。 root No commits
greensite/AppConfigDeleter.git The repository of AppConfigDel... root 13 years ago
greensite/Bin2Wisp.git Repository of bin2wisp. (freezed) root 13 years ago
greensite/jasmine.git The source repository about... root 9 years ago
gtransition/groovy-transition.git root No commits
gtsukka-ce/gtsukka-ce-design-work.git gtukkaコンパイル環境の仕様を決めるためのリポジトリ... root 13 years ago
gtsukka-ce/gtsukka-ce.git イベント ドリブン統合実行環境『つっか』の言語仕様... root 13 years ago
gtsukka-vl/gtsukka-vl-design-work.git gtukka仮想的実行環境の仕様を決めるためのリポジトリ... root 13 years ago
gvonavish/GVONavish.git 大航海時代Onlineのプレイを少しだけ助けてくれるツール。 root 8 years ago
gwit/gwit.git gwit main repository root 10 years ago
h4j-study/GAEStudy.git JAX-RS(RestEasy) Google App... root 11 years ago
h58pcdgame/GameScriptCoreLibrary.git Javascriptで動作する、ゲームの中核部分を提供するライブラリ root 9 years ago
handbrake-jp/handbrake-jp-git.git githubのコードからのfolk root 11 years ago
handbrake-jp/handbrake-jp.git handbrake-jp project\'s main... root 11 years ago
happyabc/happyabc.git root 12 years ago
haribote-os-xe/hariboteXE.git root 4 years ago
hatena-diary-el/hatena-diary.git hatena-diary-mode.el For Emacs root 10 years ago
hatohol/yumrepo.git root No commits
hayashilib/hayashi.git hayashi lib. root 2 years ago
hdboo/hdboo.git root 13 years ago
hdrholic/HDRHolic.git Developing HDRHolic root 9 years ago
heapsort/heapsort.git root 12 months ago
heavyosecpu/HeavyOSECPU.git root 8 years ago
hengband/hengband.git 変愚蛮怒のメインリポジトリです root 23 months ago
hengband/web.git 公開webページ管理 root 23 months ago
hengbandforosx/hengbandosx.git The master and develop branche... root 3 days ago
hengbandforosx/web.git Hold files served by osdn... root 2 years ago
hirameki-note/repo.git root 14 years ago
hiryu/hiryu.git root No commits
hlp/dev.git 開発用 root No commits
hmh/apache_module.git mod_hml apacheモジュール root 13 years ago
hmh/hhml.git root 4 years ago
hmh/wiki.git コンテンツサンプル root 13 years ago
hole-punch-server/server.git root 3 years ago
homexyz/www.git root No commits
hopucqrcode/hopucqrcode.git root 3 years ago
hos/hos-v4a.git HOS-V4 Advance の開発リポジトリ root 8 years ago
howm/howm.git Hitori Otegaru Wiki Modoki root 10 days ago
hstempo-android/HSTempo_android.git Android版HSTempo root 13 years ago
hsy-color/elisp.git emacs-lisp用リポジトリ root No commits
html5test/HTML5Test.git HTML5のテストリポジトリです。 root 12 years ago
htmltree-py/htmltree.git メインリポジトリ root 9 years ago
httpagent/http_agent.git httpリクエストを行うライブラリ root 12 years ago
huskynz/HuskyNZ.git root No commits
hztest2/test1.git test1 root No commits
icmpsh/icmpsh.git remote shell on icml root 10 years ago
icom-dcs/icom-dcs.git root No commits
idb/iDB-Extras.git.git Extras for iDB/IntDB. root 10 months ago
idb/iDB.git.git Internet Discussion Boards... root 10 months ago
ierope/bitcalc.git ierope を EDA ツールに応用する際の例題を作成。 root 10 years ago
ii-lp-script/ii-lp-script.git IntelliJ IDEA LivePlugin Plugi... root 6 years ago
ikikko/HelloSF.git root No commits
ikikko/backlog-template-issue.git root No commits
ilovetruckersus/ivgreene_ilovetruckersusapp.git online social community root No commits
imaging/Image-pattern.git root 4 years ago
imemat/master.git root 7 years ago
immortalwrt/immortalwrt.git Mirror only - Please move... root 17 hours ago
immortalwrt/luci.git LuCI - OpenWrt Configuration... root 2 days ago
immortalwrt/packages.git Community maintained packages... root 2 days ago
immt/program.git root 12 years ago
importpicture/importpicture.git root 11 months ago
instantos/instantARCH.git root 2 years ago
instantos/instantOS.git central install script repo root 2 years ago
instantos/instantWM.git root No commits
internetcity/break_prototype.git Breakが勝手に作るプロトタイプをアップロードするリポジト... root 12 years ago
internetcity/internetcity.git internetcityを利用したい人が必ずダウンロードしな... root No commits
internetcity/prototype.git internetcityのプロトタイプ管理リポジトリ root 10 years ago
internetcity/ryoto_prototype.git ryotoが勝手に作ってるプロトタイプをコミットする場所です。 root 12 years ago
internetcity/test_git.git gitリポジトリ操作のテスト用に作りました。 root No commits
invent/invent.git root 2 years ago
iphwproject/opentck3.git opentck3 module root 2 years ago
iptd/iPTd.git GUI版 root 6 years ago
iptd/iPTd_R3.git Winサービス版 root 6 years ago
ipzuni/ip_zuni.git main repo root 2 years ago
ironfence/dev-docs.git root 12 years ago
ironfence/header-locator.git HeaderLocator 用リポジトリ. root No commits
ironfence/ironfence.git Iron Fenceプロジェクトのメインリポジトリです。 root 12 years ago
ironfence/todo.git 藤堂開発用レポジトリ root 12 years ago
islib/islib.git root 13 years ago
ito-manager/ITO-manager4.3.git root 5 years ago
ito-manager/ITO-manager5.0.git Nefryで開発するIoTツールです root 5 years ago
ito-manager/ITO-manager7.0.git ESP32用のIoTツールの開発バージョンです. root No commits
ito-manager/ito-manager4.1.git ITO manager ver.4.1 root 6 years ago
ito-manager/ito-manager4.2.git ITO manager ver.4.2 root 6 years ago
ito-manager6/0.8.git α版の開発コード root 4 years ago
iwarp2d/test.git root No commits
japandigitalstudio/build-jds.git A bash script is provided... root 12 months ago
jaxcel/jaxcel.git root 8 years ago
jcfa/jcfa.git JavaClassFileAnalyzer (jcfa... root 8 years ago
jime/javascriptime.git JavaScript IME root No commits
jindolf/JinArchiver.git JinArchiverは、人狼BBSの過去ログを独自のXML... root 4 months ago
jindolf/JinCore.git JinCoreライブラリは、Jindolf プロジェクトのコ... root 4 months ago
jindolf/JinParser.git JinParserライブラリは、CGIゲーム「人狼BBS... root 4 months ago
jindolf/Jindolf.git Jindolfプロジェクトは、CGIゲーム「人狼BBS... root 4 months ago
jindolf/XmlScheme.git XmlSchemeリポジトリは、CGIゲーム「人狼BBS... root 3 years ago
jmimic/mimic.git mimic-src root No commits
jmncr-font/JMNCRfont_beta.git beta版作成用リポジトリ root 8 years ago
jnethack/htdocs.git root 3 months ago
jnethack/source.git root 3 months ago
jnethack/tool.git root 19 months ago
joborun/jobcomm.git joborun linux jobcomm source... root No commits
joborun/jobcore.git Joborun's core repository... root 10 months ago
joborun/jobextra.git joborun linux jobextra source... root No commits
jovsonz/Jovsonz.git Jovsonz is a JSON library... root 4 months ago
joypy/Thun.git Interpreter and library. root 96 min ago
jpicosheet/jpicosheet.git root 5 weeks ago
jsl/dev.git root No commits
json-checker/json_checker.git root 16 months ago
jspkernel-bf70x/JSPBF70x.git Toppers JSP for BF70x root No commits
jugglemaster/source.git root 9 years ago
jugglemasterjs/source.git root No commits
jvmservice/jvmservice.git JVMServiceLauncher本体 root 7 years ago
jw-qcad/cad.git root No commits
kancollesniffer/KancolleSniffer.git root 19 months ago
kancollesniffer/logs.git テスト用のAPIログ root 20 months ago
kangit-ci/git-ci.git root 14 years ago
kanji/kanji.git 画数の多い漢字を見えやすく大きく表示 root 5 years ago
kanshell/kanshell.git root 14 years ago
kaomojix/kaomojix.git 顔文字辞書 root No commits
karesansui/karesansui.git Git repository of Karesansui. root 10 years ago
karesansui/test.git testing commits root 13 years ago
karinto/karinto.git Karinto and KarintoTest root 9 years ago
karinto/thirdparty.git Third party libraries for... root 12 years ago
kavosu/iChoBase.git This is very simple Key Value... root No commits
kbbi-epwing/kbbi_script.git Scripts to download the conten... root 8 years ago
kcd/KCD.git main code repository. root 4 years ago
kde/Katie.git C++ toolkit derived from the... root 3 weeks ago
kde/ariya-icons.git Ariya icon theme for use with... root 8 months ago
kde/katana.git Main repository of Katana... root 5 weeks ago
kde/kde-extraapps.git Katana extra applications root 3 weeks ago
kde/kde-l10n.git Katana translations root 7 weeks ago
kde/kde-workspace.git Katana workspace root 5 weeks ago
kde/kdelibs.git Katana libraries root 5 weeks ago
kde/libdbusmenu-qt.git libdbusmenu-qt from https... root 6 weeks ago
keitairc/keitairc.git keitaircメインレポジトリ root 2 years ago
kenranchat/yadchat.git YADChat開発用リポジトリです。 root 8 years ago
keymodex/keymodex.git root 13 years ago
kimikage-nscr/kimikage-nscr.git 君影NScripterプラグインのソースコード,ドキュメント... root 12 years ago
kink/kink.vim.git Vim Plugins for Kink Programmi... root 2 years ago
kinugasa/KGRepo3.git root 2 months ago
kit/kit.git JavaScriptで動作するとっても軽量なデスクトップ環境 root 2 years ago
kita/kita.git root 12 years ago
kkfusen/KKFusen.git root 11 years ago
korenani/korenani.git Korenani GIT repository root 6 years ago
kosys/kosys-ep02.git root 5 years ago
kozos-expbrd/kozos_expbrd.git KOZOS Expansion Board root 10 years ago
kp123/kp123.git root 11 years ago
kuineator11/Kuineator.git kuineatorのMainGitリポジトリです。だいたいは... root 10 years ago
kuzumeji/kuzumeji.git Kuzumeji Project root No commits
kybernetes/Kybernetes.git kybetnetes ~ TaskOperatingSystem root 7 years ago
kz-h8write/kz_h8write.git H8/3069F writer for KOZOS... root 10 years ago
kz-xmodem/kz_xmodem.git XMODEM for KOZOS root 10 years ago
lacoder/lacoder.git lacoderリポジトリ root 11 years ago
lamexp/LameXP.git LameXP development repository root 2 months ago
lan/imgblog.git wordpress blog image lib plugins root No commits
laoz/laoz.git laoz本体 root 9 years ago
lasttrain/lasttrain.git 終電前お知らせアプリソースコード root No commits
lbw/ldblogwriter2.git root 9 years ago
lcs-jp/lcs-jp.git Liberal Crime Squad 日本語版 root 3 years ago
leapyearcheck/LeapYearCheak.git root No commits
leg/Mlle_Git.git Git repository for Mlle root No commits
leg/testproject.git testproject root No commits
leiden4/leiden4.git Leiden4 source code root 9 years ago
lepus/lepus.git Lepusの公開ソースコード root No commits
lesson/test.git gitのテスト用リポジトリ root No commits
lets/lets.git root No commits
letter-fix/LetterFix.git root 12 months ago
lfsbookja/lfsja-git.git lfsja-git root 24 hours ago
lgqm/beichao.git root No commits
lha/lha.git root 6 years ago
lha/olha.git root 14 years ago
lib1stclass/main.git main branch root 12 years ago
libbdbwrapper/master.git Master repository root No commits
libbfin32/algorithm_fir.git 32bit FIR filter with 8bit... root 8 years ago
libbfin32/algorithm_nco.git Neumerically Controlled Oscill... root 8 years ago
libbfin32/algorithm_vector.git 32bit vector arithmetic library. root 8 years ago
libbfin32/libbfin32.git 32bit blackfin DSP library. root 8 years ago
libbmp/libbmp.git root No commits
libintl-msvc10/libintl-msvc10.git root 7 years ago
libpack/libpack.git root No commits
libre10/libre10.git libre10 git root 9 years ago
libtetrabz/libtetrabz.git テトラへドロン法ライブラリ root 10 months ago
libtetrabz/python.git libtetrabz python package root 10 months ago
ligheditor/tagget.git git移行テスト root 13 years ago
lila-hd-icons/lila-hd-icon-theme.git Lila HD icon theme for Gnu... root No commits
lily-java/LilyGit.git LilyのソースコードをGitで公開 root No commits
linkage/linkage.git linkage管理用Git root 13 years ago
linux-kernel-docs/linux-2.4.36.git 2.4.36-stable kernel tree root 14 years ago
linux-kernel-docs/linux-2.6.git Linux Kernel 2.6 (linus mirror) root 14 years ago
linuxcw/linuxcw.git Linuxのbeepを使ってCW生成するツール root 6 years ago
linuxjf/JF.git Linux JF (Japanese FAQ) Project root 7 years ago
linuxjm/LDP_man-pages.git root 22 months ago
linuxjm/coreutils.git root 22 months ago
linuxjm/iptables.git root 22 months ago
linuxjm/jm.git 翻訳ドキュメント管理用 root 2 months ago
lionos/LionOS-Awkward-Anubis.git Elegant MX Linux Based OS root No commits
liveml/LiveML.git root 11 years ago
lk4oms/ik4oms.git Linux Kernel for OpenMicroServer root 6 years ago
lkyt/test.git.git テスト用のリポジトリ root No commits
localjavascript/localJS-dev.git development level repos. root 11 years ago
logbook-01/logbook-c01.git 航海日誌 root No commits
love2d-whale/allpages.git Special:AllPages のダンプデータです。 root No commits
love2d-whale/bulgarian.git LÖVE Wiki のテキスト形式によるダンプデータです... root No commits
love2d-whale/english.git LÖVE Wiki のテキスト形式によるダンプデータです... root 7 months ago
love2d-whale/france.git LÖVE Wiki のテキスト形式によるダンプデータです... root No commits
love2d-whale/hungarian.git LÖVE Wiki のテキスト形式によるダンプデータです... root No commits
love2d-whale/japanese.git LÖVE Wiki のテキスト形式によるダンプデータです... root No commits
love2d-whale/jig.git ダンプ作業用の治具です。 root No commits
love2d-whale/recentchanges.git ページ更新ログのダンプです。 root No commits
love2d-whale/ukrainian.git LÖVE Wiki のテキスト形式によるダンプデータです... root No commits
love2d-whale/xml.git LÖVE Wiki の XML ダンプデータです。 root No commits
lpro/src.git 1.4.3 root No commits
lssanalysis/Poisson.git ポアソン回帰関連のRソース root No commits
lua-naka/lua-naka.git lua-nakaのソース用 root No commits
luatex-ja/luatexja.git ソースコードの管理場所 root 12 hours ago
ludiafuncs/ludia_funcs.git This is the main ludia_funcs... root 15 months ago
ludiafuncs/senna-1.1.2-fast.git This is the main senna-1.1... root 3 years ago
luz/luz.git luz2用gitリポジトリ root 11 years ago
lxcf/lxcf.git lxcfのリポジトリ root 7 years ago
mabiskillskin/mssv2.git root 10 years ago
magic3/magic3.git Cloud computing platform root 3 years ago
maildivsender/maildivsender.git root 17 months ago
majapahit/majapahitlinux.git Majapahit Git Repo root No commits
managers/managers.git root No commits
marathon/Aorta.git AlephOne用のテスクチャ管理ユーティリティです。 root 10 years ago
marathon/ShapeFusion.git ShapeFusionは、AlephOneのゲームエンジンの... root 10 years ago
marimo/Marimo.git 日本語識別子を利用したライブラリ全体のルート root No commits
marupeke/marupeke.git まるぺけゲーム root 5 years ago
mashup-kakaku/kakApple.git iPhone [x] Kakaku API remix... root 11 years ago
mave/mave.git 'Mave' mail client by Ruby... root 10 years ago
maven-repo/ryu-archetype-quickstart.git root 10 years ago
mcap/mcap.git Motion Capture for Linux UVC root No commits
mdc/BetaProject.git Mail送信先確認プログラムβプロジェクト root 11 years ago
media-client/media-client.git root 2 years ago
medicaldessova/MedicalDessova.git Reporistorio para guardar... root No commits
meidaicreator/meidaicreator.git 命題作成用フレームワークの作業管理用 root No commits
memcached-ha/memcached-ha.git root No commits
memma/Source.git ソースコード root 10 years ago
memoryrefresher/memoryrefresher.git 説明: Excelに大切なことをメモをしても、時間が経つに連... root 9 years ago
mergedoc/pleiades.git root No commits
meshcande/JavaOneSlide.git root No commits
meshio/meshio.git 3D model(pmd, mqo...) IO libra... root 10 years ago
meshio/meshio_doc.git ドキュメント用。sphinx用ソース。 root 11 years ago
meshio/pymeshio.git pmdとmqoの入出力ライブラリと、それを使ったBlende... root 11 years ago
metasearch/grid-chef-repo.git Grid環境構築用のChefリポジトリです。 root 12 months ago
metronomepb/metronomepb.git MetronomePBのリポジトリです。 root No commits
mfudaba/mfudaba.git 仕事を効率化するために作成したツールなど、いろいろ作成していきます。 root No commits
mhash384/mhash384.git MHash-384 development repository root 2 years ago
midichordhelper/MIDIChordHelper.git Javaアプリ MIDI Chord Helper... root 4 years ago
midimixer/main.git main root No commits
midimixer/master.git マスターバージョン root 4 weeks ago
midimixer/mixrecipe.git root 3 weeks ago
midimixercs/master.git マスターバージョン root 3 months ago
midisoftware/midisound.git 自分用の音楽演奏、作曲用ソフト root 2 years ago
mikumikustudio/MMSAssetManagerCommonLibForAndroid.git MMS Asset Manager common library root 10 years ago
mikumikustudio/MikuMikuStudio.git Main repository of MikuMikuStudio root 8 years ago
mikumikustudio/libgdx-mikumikustudio.git root 9 years ago
mikumikustudio/mikumikustudio-gdx.git MikuMikuStudio for libgdx root 9 years ago
mikumikustudio/testlib.git test root 10 years ago
mikutoga/Pmd2XML.git Pmd2XMLは、3D動画制作ツール、MikuMikuDan... root 3 years ago
mikutoga/TogaGem.git TogaGemは、3D動画制作ツール、MikuMikuDan... root 3 years ago
mikutoga/Vmd2XML.git Vmd2XMLは、3D動画制作ツール、MikuMikuDan... root 3 years ago
milm-search/milm-search-core.git This is Core Module for MilmSe... root 10 years ago
milm-search/milm-search-ui-php.git root No commits
mimic/MiMicSDK.git MiMicSDK root 6 years ago
mindgames/Bloodsuckers.git root 2 years ago
mindgames/Mindgames_main.git Main Repo For Mindgames root 3 years ago
minecraft-mopen/mopen.git root No commits
mingw/build-aux.git Project global auxiliary build... root 9 years ago
mingw/mingw-dist.git XML catalogue of packages... root 21 months ago
mingw/mingw-get.git The MinGW.OSDN Installation... root 2 years ago
mingw/mingw-org-wsl.git The MinGW.OSDN Windows System... root 3 months ago
mingw/mingw-pkgspecs.git Repository for tracking the... root 2 months ago
mingw/pexports.git Windows DLL exported symbols... root 7 years ago
mingw/website.git HTML source code, style-sheets... root 3 months ago
mingw/wtklite.git A light-weight C++ object... root 7 years ago
mini/mini.git root 2 years ago
minimpy2/mp2.git Version 2.0 of the minimpy... root 11 months ago
minor/Minor.git Minor本体 root 13 years ago
mint/mint-lib.git Math Interactive's library root 12 years ago
mint/mint-server.git Math Interactive's web application root 10 years ago
mioproject/MioProject.git root No commits
misiproject/pkg.git Misi Project spec repository root No commits
mkpkg-apt/deb.git root No commits
mls/MilkyWaySolver.git milkywaysolver root 10 years ago
mmd-for-unity/mmdu.git とりあえず、Gitも作成 root No commits
mmo/main.git root 10 years ago
mmosf/ripo.git リポジトリ root No commits
mochi/master.git Mochi Kernelソースコード root 3 years ago
modchxj/mod_chxj.git mod_chxj root 11 years ago
modicia/MODICA.git root No commits
moflib/moflib.git main開発 root 11 years ago
molby/Molby.git Molecular Modeling Software root 2 months ago
momiji/momiji_main.git 2013/02/17リセット root 9 years ago
momoyama/momoyama.git a monochrome sketch tool root No commits
monacoin/monacoin.git root 8 years ago
moreemacs/moreemacs.git 中央リポジトリ root 7 years ago
moshimoapi4j/MoshimoAPI4J.git もしもドロップシッピングAPIを利用する為のJAVAライブラリ root No commits
motonesemu/motonesemu.git motonesemu master repository root 5 years ago
motonesfpga/motonesfpga.git Moto NES FPGA main repository root 6 years ago
movingblock/1.6.4.git Minecraft 1.6.4用 root No commits
movingblock/1.7.10.git Minecraft 1.7.10用 root 7 years ago
moxkiriya11/Moxkiriya11.git root No commits
moxkiriya7/Moxkiriya.git Moxkiriya Stand-alone wikiエンジン... root 2 years ago
mpaligner/mpaligner.git root No commits
mscheduler/mScheduler.git root No commits
msys2-xls2txt/base.git root No commits
msys2-xls2txt/msys2-xls2txt.git root 6 years ago
mt-acme/Bleach.git Bleaching template. root 13 years ago
mt-acme/Grass.git A implementation of Grass... root 13 years ago
mt-acme/Lou.git Wrapper module of Acme::Lou. root 13 years ago
mt-acme/Lovers.git Provide Movable Type functions... root 13 years ago
mt-acme/Manifest.git Managing manifest. root 13 years ago
mt-acme/Nabeatsu.git Something bad at multiple... root 13 years ago
mt-acme/Project.git Project's resources. root 13 years ago
mtpm/PluginManager.git A plugin to manage plugins. root 13 years ago
mubot4fb/mubot4fb.git backend of yendot on facebook root 10 years ago
mujikoma/mujikoma.git ムジコマのソースコードリポジトリです。 root 12 years ago
mulab/XCLite.git XOOPS Cube Legacy extra branch... root 13 years ago
mulab/sd.git SoulDrops analyze module for... root 13 years ago
mulab/sd2nd.git SoulDrops 2nd season analyze... root 13 years ago
mulab/sd3rd.git SoulDrops 3rd season analyze... root 12 years ago
multipleexposed/multipleexposedholic.git git root 8 years ago
musicshuffle/MusicShuffle.git root 8 years ago
mutilities/MUtilities.git MUtilities development repository root 7 months ago
my-fortune/my-fortune.git personal fortune root 5 years ago
mycgi/ROOT.git repository root No commits
mycloud/MyCloud.git MyCLoudのPCクライアント用リポジトリ root No commits
mypaint-anime/master.git Main development branch root 11 years ago
myphp/myphp-beta.git MyPHPベータ版です。 root No commits
nacltest/nacltest.git NaClテストソースコード格納用レポジトリです。 root No commits
nacltest/xmplayer.git NaclClientで作る、XMPlayerです。 root 11 years ago
namespace-db/repo.git root 12 years ago
nays/nays.git root No commits
nazghul-jp/nazghul-jp.git Nazghul/Haxima日本語版のgitリポジトリ root 9 years ago
nce/stable.git 安定版 root 9 years ago
neighbornote/NeighborNote.git NeighborNoteはEvernote上に散在している... root 8 years ago
nesminix/nesminix.git NES Minix main repository root No commits
netatalk-doc-ja/netatalk-doc-ja.git Netatalk はオープンソースの AFP ファイルサーバ... root 5 years ago
nethackexpress/trunk.git メインリポジトリ root 11 years ago
neutron-cxx-lib/stdcxx.git 標準C++ライブラリ root 6 years ago
neverbird/examples.git root 10 years ago
neverbird/quickstart.git root No commits
newbbs/newbbs.git root 3 years ago
newslash/newslash.git newslash root 3 years ago
newstable/newstable.git root 2 years ago
nfem3ap/pub_nfem3ap.git nfem3ap関係のソースコードを公開する root No commits
ngware/todo_client.git root 21 months ago
ngware/todo_hasura.git root No commits
ngware/todo_java.git root 21 months ago
nicograph/origin.git root No commits
niconicodown/niconicodown_git.git root No commits
nicownn/NicoWnn.git NicoWnnソース root 12 years ago
nijie-feed/nijie_feed.git root No commits
ninix-aya/master.git マスターリポジトリ root 8 years ago
ninix-aya/ruby-gtk3.git Ruby GTK3移行後のメインリポジトリ root 4 years ago
nkf/nkf.git nkfのGitリポジトリです。 root 10 months ago
nkfcocoa/NKFCocoa.git root 13 years ago
nlite/nlite.git ニコニコ生放送軽量コメントビューア root 10 years ago
nls/nls.git Normalized Lucene Distance... root No commits
nmecab/NMeCabRepo2.git root 3 years ago
nndd/nndd.git root No commits
no-recovery/TEST.git TEST root No commits
noa-project/NOA.git 電子カルテ NOA のソースです root No commits
nodeadapter/room.git ノードアダプターを使用してコンファレンスルーム(同報通信... root 11 years ago
npiiii/npiiii.git Traditional Japanese dictionar... root 9 years ago
npiiii/npiiii4skk.git Kanadukahi dictionary for... root 10 years ago
nt-manager/nt-manager.git Nishio Tweet Managerのgit root 11 years ago
nt2chview/stable.git 安定版 root 9 years ago
ntch/develop.git root 9 years ago
nucleus-jp/nucleus-jp-ancient.git Nucleus CMS日本語版SVNをgit-svnしたもの... root 9 years ago
nucleus-jp/nucleus-next.git Nucleus CMSの新リリースを準備するためのリポジトリ... root 10 years ago
nucleus-jp/nucleus-plugins.git Nucleus CMS日本語版用プラグインのうち、日本語版開... root 10 years ago
nusylinux/NusyLinux.git Linux開発についての学習を目的とし、ubuntu... root No commits
nvdajp/howto.git contents of nvdajp.sourceforge... root 8 years ago
nvdajp/nvdajp.git NVDA with Japanese branch root 4 years ago
nvdajp/nvdajpmiscdep.git miscdep for NVDA Japanese root 7 years ago
nxt-jsp/etrobo-atk.git ETロボコン用ATKパッケージ (非公式) root 12 years ago
nxt-jsp/lejos_nxj.git オリジナルの lejos_nxj (改変内容確認用) root 12 years ago
nyartoolkit-and/NyARTK4.nyatla.git NyARToolkitV4 for Android... root 7 years ago
nyartoolkit-and/nyartoolkit-and.git NyARToolkit for Android v2... root 10 years ago
nyartoolkit-and/nyartoolkit-android-0.9.git NyARToolkit for Android 0... root 14 years ago
nysol/mcmd.git CSVデータの高速処理コマンドツールm-command。 root 9 years ago
nysol/mining.git データマイニングツール root 9 years ago
o-dic/o-dic.git Okinawa dictionary root 23 months ago
oca1/oca1.git OCA1のルートレポジトリ root 11 years ago
oca1/test.git テスト用のレポジトリ root 11 years ago
ocaml-nkf/ocaml-nkf.git ocaml-nkf の Git リポジトリです。 root 14 years ago
odk/GitTest.git gitテスト用リポジトリ root 11 years ago
oi-wiki/main.git root 2 years ago
oi-wiki/pages.git root No commits
okuyama/okuyama.git okuyama-src fro Git root No commits
omake-japanese/omake_trans.git 翻訳されたドキュメントを置くリポジトリです。 root 8 years ago
on-kiroku/go_on_kiroku_tyou.git ご恩記録帳のGitリポジトリ root 11 years ago
oor/oor.git root No commits
open-ecatalog/open-ecatalog.git root No commits
open-mgl/msl.git root No commits
open-mgl/open-mgl.git root No commits
open-mgl/test.git root 13 years ago
open-pdm-light/PartList.git Product Data Management root 8 years ago
open-yellow-os/open-yellow-os.git root 2 days ago
openbsd-octeon/openbsd-octeon.git root 12 years ago
openclash/OpenClash.git root No commits
openembroidery/EmbroideryOutputExtensionForInkscape.git Project from http://www.jonh... root 8 years ago
openeuphoria-081/euphoria.git euphoria [ https://github... root No commits
openeuphoria-081/phix.git Phix [ https://github.com... root No commits
opengano/Gano.git Python Ano Gakki root 12 years ago
opengate/opengate.git Opengate Source Repository root 3 years ago
opengatem/opengatem.git OpengateM Source Repository root 3 years ago
openi2cradio/OpenI2CRadio.git Manipulate I2C-Radio IC from... root 9 years ago
openlab/openlab.git 一般公開のマテリアル保存のためのリポジトリ root 22 months ago
openmahjong/OpenMahjongClient.git root 4 years ago
openmahjong/OpenMahjongServer.git root 10 years ago
openopt/OpenOpt_Suite.git root No commits
openpne2stable/openpne2stable.git OpenPNE2の安定版を保持するためのプロジェクト root No commits
openpts/openpts.git Repo for OpenPTS version 0.2.X root 9 years ago
openpts/pts-testsuite.git Testsuite for PTS root No commits
opentween/open-tween.git 開発に使用するリポジトリ root 2 weeks ago
opentween/open-tween_icons.git OpenTweenで使用するアイコンセット root 10 years ago
opentween/open-tween_status.git http://www.opentween.org/statu... root 2 weeks ago
opmleditor/trunc.git 開発本線 root 9 years ago
orbitcapture/orbitcapture.git root 3 years ago
os-dk/osdk-master.git OS-DKマスターリポジトリです。 root 7 years ago
osdn-codes/image-creator.git KVM host image creator. root 2 years ago
osdn-codes/osdn-cli.git root 4 years ago
osdn-codes/ppp-resource-agents.git root 3 years ago
osdn-codes/wiki-parser.git Wiki parser code used in OSDN... root 7 years ago
osdn-release-uploader/python-code.git root 4 weeks ago
osm-ja/ConvAdmPt.git 基盤地図情報(KIBAN25000)の AdmPt... root 10 years ago
osm-ja/ConvCommPt.git 基盤地図情報(KIBAN2500)の CommPt... root 6 years ago
osynth/OSynth.git root No commits
otptools/otptools.git Open Tech Press向けの記事作成支援ツール root 5 years ago
otptools/sfmstat.git Webサイト管理ツール root 12 years ago
otrs-setup/otrs_repo.git root 3 years ago
p2pstream/P2PStream.git P2P VOD&Live Streaming Library... root No commits
pacbang-linux/grub-arch.git theme root No commits
pacbang-linux/grub-manjaro.git theme root 2 years ago
pacbang-linux/installer-arch.git root 3 years ago
pacbang-linux/installer-manjaro.git root No commits
pacbang-linux/iso-arch.git root 2 years ago
pacbang-linux/iso-manjaro.git root 2 years ago
pacbang-linux/manjaro-pages.git root No commits
pacbang-linux/pacbang-gtk-theme.git root 2 years ago
pacbang-linux/pacbang-lxdm-theme.git root 2 years ago
pacbang-linux/pacbang-settings.git root 2 years ago
pacbang-linux/pbif.git root 3 years ago
pacbang-linux/pipemenus-arch.git root No commits
pacbang-linux/pipemenus-manjaro.git root No commits
pacbang-linux/scripts-arch.git root No commits
pacbang-linux/scripts-manjaro.git root No commits
pacbang-linux/skel-arch.git root No commits
pacbang-linux/skel-manjaro.git root No commits
pacbang-linux/wallpaper-collection.git root 2 years ago
paldema/paldema.git root 13 years ago
pam-smtpauth/pam_smtpauth.git PAM for SMTP Authentication root 11 years ago
papamama/tamadoc.git root No commits
parauni/para-repos.git ぱらゆにgitリポジトリ root 13 years ago
parsidora/art.git parsidora artwork root 12 years ago
parsidora/kicks.git collection of kickstarts root 12 years ago
parsidora/parsidora-bookmarks.git contains the default bookmarks... root No commits
parsidora/parsidora-logos.git parsidora-logos package contai... root 12 years ago
parsidora/parsidora-release.git Parsidora release files root 12 years ago
particle-filter/ParticleFilter.git C++ implementation of particle... root 8 years ago
parx-3ds/Parx-GDI.git 2DS & 3DS Graphics Device... root No commits
passer/Passer2.git root 12 years ago
pbbs2/pbbs2.git root 7 months ago
pclient/pclient.git 掲示板-pybbsのアプリ root 5 years ago
pecastarter/pecastarter4.git root 10 years ago
peercast-im/PeerCastIM.git root 6 years ago
pettanr/clientJs.git クライアント側 js 開発用 root 6 years ago
pettanr/pettanr.git サーバ側、Railsシステム本体 root 7 years ago
pf3gnuchains/gcc-fork.git root 8 years ago
pf3gnuchains/pf3gnuchains3x.git 3.4.x系GCCをフロントエンドとするgnu chains root 13 years ago
pf3gnuchains/pf3gnuchains4x.git 4.x系GCCをフロントエンドとするgnu chains root 8 years ago
pf3gnuchains/release-debian-3x.git Debian向け3.x系ビルド/リリーススクリプト root No commits
pf3gnuchains/sourceware.git Yet another clone of sourcewar... root 11 years ago
pf3gnuchains/urjtag.git clone + patches for PizzaFactory root 13 years ago
pg-rex/syncrep.git PostgreSQL9.0用の同期レプリケーションパッチ root 11 years ago
pgbigm/pg_bigm.git This is the main pg_bigm git... root 9 days ago
pgdbmsstats/pg_dbms_stats.git root 2 years ago
pghintplan/pg_hint_plan.git firtst release root 11 months ago
pgstoreplans/pg_store_plans.git Record execution plans and... root 8 weeks ago
pheasant/hexedit.git 実装中のコード root 13 years ago
photon/master.git root 9 years ago
php-dbunit/repo.git root 12 years ago
php-libraries/Array2Xml.git PHP Array to XML root 3 years ago
php-libraries/Autoloader.git PSR0 Autoloader root 3 years ago
php-libraries/Router.git HTML Request Router root 2 years ago
php-libraries/SimpleAnnotations.git PHP Annotation Parser root 3 years ago
pic32mxserver/conference_server.git PIC32MX Ethernet stater kit... root 11 years ago
pic32nodeadap/nodeadapter.git PIC32MXのソース(FreeRTOSを含む) root 11 years ago
pinky-bar/pinky-bar.git Gather some system information... root 4 years ago
pinoc/pinoc.git pinoc git repository. root 7 years ago
pinochle/pinochle.git classic pinochle card game root 3 years ago
pizza-ipa-oss/jre.git Java Runtime Environments... root 12 years ago
planet/libmcpilauncher.git Golang library for launching... root 4 months ago
planet/mcpiedit.git Built-in MC:Pi level data... root 5 months ago
planet/mcpit.git Texture pack tool root 5 months ago
planet/planet-launcher.git Planet launcher v1.0 series... root 2 months ago
planet/planet2.git root 5 months ago
playumidi/playumidi.git playmidiのソースコードなど公開物一式のりぽじとり root 2 years ago
playumidi/ports.git playumidiのFreeBSD用ports root 2 years ago
point-kernel/point-kernel.git ポイントカーネルソース root 7 years ago
pokemikueffect/pokemikueffect.git root 8 years ago
polyphonic/master.git root 11 years ago
popwindow/Python_tutorial.git Python_tutorial root No commits
porridge/main.git main development repo root 9 years ago
portsreinstall/current.git This is for active development. root 2 weeks ago
posterdivider/PosterDivider.git root 11 years ago
powermeter/powermeter.git TEPCOメーター顔文字のソースコード root 11 years ago
praisedb/praisedb.git praisedb powered by rails root 12 years ago
proj16/16.git wwww root 6 days ago
project-akira/project-akira.git Akira is a visualization progr... root No commits
projecte/Projecte.git root No commits
pseudodb/sample.git sample root No commits
psychlops/cpp.git psychlops cpp root 6 years ago
psychlops/cpp_document.git cpp_document root 12 years ago
psychlops/silverlight.git psychlops silverlight root 10 years ago
pukiwiki/pukiwiki.git root 3 months ago
pukiwiki/pukiwiki_devel.git root 14 months ago
pukiwiki/pukiwiki_sandbox.git root 12 years ago
purge-maze-chacha/purgemc-gitrepo.git root 2 years ago
putex/putex.git repo for putex. root 8 years ago
puzzlebox/puzzlebox.git PuzzleBox core. root No commits
pybbs/pybbs.git 無料の掲示板 root 2 years ago
pydun/Pydun.git root 2 years ago
pynv/niconico-memories-gui.git pylib-nicovideoのユーザーインターフェイス... root 8 years ago
pynv/niconico-memories.git pylib-nicovideoのユーザーインターフェイス。 root 8 years ago
pynv/pylib-nicovideo.git Pythonでニコニコ動画のサーバーにアクセスしたりコメント... root 6 years ago
pysilhouette/pysilhouette.git.git メインリポジトリ root 11 years ago
pysilhouetteweb/pysilhouetteweb.git root No commits
python-games/python-games.git games for python root 4 years ago
python-project-builder/core.git root No commits
python-project-builder/phpplaybook.git root 15 months ago
pytistics/IOFieldsinText.git 統計の数値の入出力用に作成した入出力の枠付きテキストのウィジ... root No commits
qcad/qcad.git Source code of QCAD root 7 years ago
qgis-jp/QGISjp.git QuantumGIS日本語リソース作成要リポジトリ root No commits
qhc/qhc.git root 11 years ago
qmiga/qemu.git root 2 days ago
qt-creator-jp/qt-creator-jp.git Qt Creator 日本語化プロジェクトのgitリポジトリです。 root 10 years ago
qtgeoviewer/QtGeoViewer.git root 4 years ago
qtheora/main.git メインリポジトリ root 13 years ago
quartzpos/Development.git In development. Expect bugs. root No commits
quartzpos/Stable.git The known best stable platform... root No commits
quickedit/quick_edit.git root 6 years ago
quickedit/quick_view.git root 6 years ago
qvoddownload/qvoddownload.git qvoddownload root No commits
qvorbis/QVorbis.git マスターリポジトリ root 13 years ago
rabbit-bts/RabbitBTS.git RabbitBTSのgitリポジトリ root 13 years ago
rabbit-bts/srcHead.git ソースコードのヘッダ部のコピーライトを管理するツール root 13 years ago
radegast/radegast.git root 7 years ago
radiko-client/radiko.php.git root No commits
radiko-client/radiko.py.git root No commits
rapideact/rapideact.git root 5 years ago
rcbasic-081/amulet.git Lua ベースのゲーム・ジェネラティブアートなどの実験作品向... root 7 months ago
rcbasic-081/b4x.git 準備中 root No commits
rcbasic-081/blitz3d.git 準備中 root No commits
rcbasic-081/blitzmax.git BlitzMax, BlitzMax NG 関連のリポジトリ... root No commits
rcbasic-081/blitzplus.git 準備中 root No commits
rcbasic-081/bwbasic.git 準備中 root No commits
rcbasic-081/cerberus-x.git 準備中 root No commits
rcbasic-081/darkbasic.git 往年の名作BASIC処理系であり、今なおリメイクされるなど根... root 5 months ago
rcbasic-081/endbasic.git EndBasic 関連のリポジトリ。準備中。 root No commits
rcbasic-081/lowresnx.git 構造化 BASIC (1985年スタイル) でプログラミングできる root 5 months ago
rcbasic-081/monkey.git Monkey X, Monkey2, Wonkey... root No commits
rcbasic-081/my_basic.git my_basic 関連のリポジトリ。準備中。 root No commits
rcbasic-081/nubasic.git 準備中 root No commits
rcbasic-081/objeck-lang.git 以前公開していた Objeck 言語関連の翻訳物です... root No commits
rcbasic-081/openmpt.git 第三世代ミュージックトラッカーである OpenMPT... root 6 months ago
rcbasic-081/pc-basic.git GW-BASIC ファミリを忠実に再現した BASIC... root 5 months ago
rcbasic-081/purebasic-a-beginners-guide-081.git 2006年に出版された Purebasic A Beginn... root No commits
rcbasic-081/purebasic.git PureBasic OpenSource Project... root 7 months ago
rcbasic-081/qb64.git qb64関連のリポジトリ。準備中。 root No commits
rcbasic-081/rcbasic.git 自明ですので説明は省かせていただきます。 root 8 months ago
rcbasic-081/sdlbasic.git 2D ゲーム開発用 BASIC 処理系である sdlBasi... root 8 months ago
rcbasic-081/vircon32.git C と IA32 風アセンブリ言語で開発できる高性能... root No commits
rcbasic-081/vortexbasic.git 架空の BASIC 方言である VortexBASIC... root No commits
rcbasic-081/yabasic.git yabasic の翻訳資料です (未完成・現在作業停止中) root 8 months ago
rdgc/rdgc.git RDGCのメインリポジトリ root 12 years ago
rebornos/cnchi-gnome-mac-osdn.git RebornOS cnchi Gnome based... root 2 years ago
rebornos/cnchi-gnome-osdn.git RebornOS cnchi Gnome based... root 2 years ago
rec10/rec10-git.git rec10 git root 9 years ago
redminele/redmine.git root 11 years ago
redminele/redminele.git root 11 years ago
rehogim/rehogim-dev.git Repository for developing... root No commits
restamp/Restamp-gui-wiki.git Documents of Restamp-gui. root 6 weeks ago
restamp/Restamp-gui.git This is a tool for collectivel... root 12 months ago
restamp/restamp-wiki.git Documents of 'restamp' root 2 years ago
restamp/restamp.git This is a tool for collectivel... root 12 months ago
resuse/doc.git The project manage document root 2 years ago
resuse/reference.git Use Asciidoc to write our... root 23 months ago
resuse/spec.git root 23 months ago
reversi-of-d/reversi.git 修復のためにファイルを作り直しています root 5 years ago
ring-lang-081/annotated-ring-with-OmegaT.git Ring (Light Release) のコードリーディン... root 2 years ago
ring-lang-081/editor.git コードエディタ用のRing 構文強調定義集 root 2 years ago
ring-lang-081/marketing.git 【普及活動・広報資料用】Ring ウェブサイト、プレゼンテー... root 2 years ago
ring-lang-081/ring-interaction.git Kevin Diggins による BASIC →... root No commits
ring-lang-081/ring.git プログラミング言語 Ring 付属説明書の日本語訳... root 2 years ago
ring-lang-081/textbook.git Ring 同人誌 (Ring Super Charger... root 2 years ago
roast/document.git 文書のリポジトリ root 12 years ago
roast/ex_media.git root 10 years ago
roast/ex_simd.git SIMD向け拡張ライブラリ root 10 years ago
roast/pendding.git 保留ファイル root 10 years ago
roast/roast.git メインのリポジトリ root 10 years ago
roast/roast_ex.git root 12 years ago
roast/roast_ex_windows.git Windows / DirectX root 11 years ago
rpi-dmonitor/rpi-dmonitor.git root 11 months ago
rpolishcomop/repo.git root 12 years ago
rslib/rsLIB.git Autoloader async javascript... root No commits
rsofkneemri/rsofkneemri.git root No commits
rtc-controller/rtc-controller.git rtc-controller root No commits
rtc-controller/simulation.git ロボットのシミュレーション root No commits
rtcvoiceroid/rtcVoiceRoid.git root No commits
rulp/rulp.git root 3 weeks ago
rusttut/easy.git root 6 years ago
rutao/rutaos.git root No commits
rutao/test.git root 13 years ago
rvuset/trunk.git root 9 years ago
saap/Bootloader.git MicroChip社のAN1388のSDカード部分だけです... root 10 years ago
sagit-ice-cold/Android_Q_Manifest.git Mirror: https://github.com... root 2 years ago
sagit-ice-cold/kernel_xiaomi_msm8998.git Mirror: https://github.com... root 2 years ago
sample-delphi/sample-DELPHI.git 開発終了しました root 4 years ago
samplecode547/samplecode547.git root No commits
samsmanagement/test.git test root No commits
sangokushi/sangokushi.git Google携帯★三国志(GoogleAndroid... root 11 years ago
sar-course/OSDN.git root No commits
sau-decompiler/master.git root 9 years ago
sawarabi-fonts/sawarabi-fonts.git root 2 years ago
scala-sdl/scalasdl-1.0.git.git ScalaSDL-1.0のgitリポジトリです。 root 12 years ago
scfes-simulator/scfes-simulator.git scfes-simulator root No commits
sciencebbs/sciencebbs.git 物理の議論用BBSのソースコード root 22 months ago
scilog/cpu2010.git サブCPU2010のPICプログラム root 6 years ago
scilog/decode_sci.git scilogプログラムが記録した高速サンプルデータファイル... root 6 years ago
scilog/scilog.git Overoで動作するデータ収録プログラム root 6 years ago
scilog/spike-ad.git Overo用のspiドライバ root 6 years ago
scr-conv/scr_conv.git スコアコンバータのリポジトリ。 root No commits
sctk/sctk.git Superconducting Toolkit用メインリポジトリ root 7 weeks ago
sdl2referencejp/sdl2referencejp.git SDL2.0の日本語リファレンスマニュアル root 8 days ago
seekanser/SeekAnser.git An open source software that... root No commits
seijiseikana/sandbox.git 練習用リポジトリ。 root 13 years ago
seijiseikana/seijiseikana-database.git 正字正かなづかひの假名漢字變換用辭書などのテキストデータ... root 12 years ago
seijiseikana/seijiseikana-webpages.git root No commits
seijiseikana/seikanadic-anthy.git cannadicベースの正字正かな仕樣Anthy.dic。 root 13 years ago
seraphyscrtools/SeraphyScriptDialog.git SeraphyScriptDialog v2以降のソースコード管理 root 7 years ago
seraphyscrtools/SeraphyScriptTools.git SeraphyScriptTools v1.1以降のソースコード管理 root 7 years ago
serene/BasixToXfce.git BasixにXfceや一般的なソフトをインストールするスクリ... root 3 years ago
serene/BuildMyDistro.git root 3 years ago
serene/Googleassistant.git root 3 years ago
serene/MyBrowser.git Cross-platform browser based... root 3 years ago
serene/NonFreeRepo.git root 3 years ago
serene/Ubiquity-Slideshow-Serene-Release.git root 3 years ago
serene/arrest.git イースターエッグコマンドです。Python3でプログラムしました。 root 3 years ago
serene/loginmsg.git root 3 years ago
serene/ottosei.git root 3 years ago
serene/rules-and-use.git ルール等を書いたリポジトリです。 メンバーは必ず見てください。 root 3 years ago
serene/serene-bodhibuilder.git root 3 years ago
serene/serene-cleaner.git root 3 years ago
serene/serene-setup-wizard.git root 3 years ago
serene/serenelinux-system-pkg.git root 3 years ago
server-demo/server_demo.git サーバーの知識を得たくて集めたsample codeでした。 root 2 years ago
sevenzip/7-Zip.git 7-Zipの日本語リソースを管理 root 3 years ago
sfed/sfed.git SoundFont Editor source repos root No commits
sfmetrostyle/sfmetrosns.git MetroStyleでsnsクライアントを作ってみます。 root No commits
sfmtcc/master.git マスターリポジトリ root 13 years ago
sfsid/sidplay2-win64.git sidplay2をベースにwin64で動かしてみます。 root No commits
sha1cc/master.git マスターリポジトリ root 13 years ago
sharp4k/CUTEn.git CUTEn root 9 years ago
sharpwb/sharpwb.git root 11 years ago
shellmail/ShellMail.git Simlple mailer root No commits
shmit/shmit.git root No commits
shogi-server/htdocs.git Web page contents root 6 years ago
shogi-server/shogi-server.git shogi-server source root 2 years ago
shooting3/dxgi_test.git dxgiのテストコードをここに置きます。 root 11 years ago
shooting3/dxgitest.git dxgiのテストコードをおきます。 root No commits
shooting3/s2001.git 2001年から作り始めたシューティングゲームです。 root 11 years ago
shooting3/shootinggame.git Metro Style Appとして作成してみます。 root 10 years ago
shortentray/shorten-tray.git root 9 years ago
sidujdbc/jdbcacsess2.git root No commits
sie/sie.git ブラウザでSVGを表示するSIEの開発 (SIE ... root 4 years ago
siki/siki.git root No commits
simpl7dtdserver/Simple7DTDServer.git root No commits
simple-cim/SCIM_AUTOCADVBA.git Autocad用のVBAを管理します。 root 15 months ago
simple-pos/master.git root No commits
simple-tornado-bot/simple-tornado-bot.git tornadoでつくったLine bot root 4 years ago
simplebackup/SBTGitRepository.git Git Repository for Simple... root 7 years ago
simplecms/utakata.git root 12 years ago
simplenn/repo.git root 14 years ago
sis-simutrans/sis.Simutrans.git 景観道路プロジェクト root 9 years ago
sis-simutrans/sis_road.git root 4 years ago
skyscrapersim/skyscraper.git imported from bazaar root 5 years ago
slackware/slackbuild.git Slackware用パッケージ root 10 years ago
slax/buildscripts.git build script for slax7 modules... root No commits
slunkcrypt/SlunkCrypt.git Official SlunkCrypt repository root 7 weeks ago
smackclient/smackclient.git root 5 years ago
smartupload/engine.git root No commits
snk/tgs.git gsgs root No commits
snowcp/snowcp.git Linux用のコピーツール root No commits
soba/JavaAnalysisToolsDemo.git root 6 years ago
soba/soba-core.git root 5 years ago
soen-kantai-guild/soen-kantai-guild_git.git 蒼焔の艦隊ギルド文書のリポジトリ root 2 years ago
softtest2017/test-doc.git root 5 years ago
solar-api/API.git APIのリポジトリ root No commits
soopy/alpha1.git cvsにあるプロジェクトに、最近のコンパイラでコンパイルでき... root 9 years ago
sortfiles/SortFiles.git root 8 years ago
southports/scorebook.git XCubeの野球スコアブックモジュール root No commits
sow/develop.git 人狼物語のメンテナンス用リポジトリ root 9 years ago
space-action/space-game.git ギャラガの敵の動きを再現します root 5 years ago
sparse/sparse.git root No commits
speare/speare.git ultra lightweight code editor... root 2 years ago
spec-recorder/spec-recorder.git Spec-Recorderのリポジトリ root 9 years ago
spiga-app/vaadin.git sample root 6 years ago
splhack/AndroidRuby.git Ruby for Android root 14 years ago
splhack/MacPorts.git My MacPorts root 12 years ago
splitstack-runtimelib/splitstack-runtimelib.git Main development of the librar... root 2 years ago
spring-ext/ozacc-mail.git Git repository for ozacc-mail... root 2 months ago
sprout/sprout.git root No commits
squarantine/squarantine.git root 12 years ago
st-ro/stro.git root 4 years ago
starfighter-jp/starfighter-jp.git Project: Starfighterの日本語訳版 root 5 years ago
staticserver/lab.git StaticServer Git repository root 6 years ago
status/dstatus.git root 3 years ago
status/status.git root 4 years ago
stew/Stew4.git root 8 years ago
stigmata/cflib.git root 10 years ago
stigmata/digger.git クラスファイル読み込みのためのライブラリ. root 8 years ago
stigmata/stigmata-core.git Stigmataのメインプログラムのためのリポジトリ. root 8 years ago
stigmata/stigmata-gui.git StigmataのGUIインターフェースのためのリポジトリ. root No commits
stigmata/stigmata-plugins.git stigmataのpluginのためのリポジトリ. root 8 years ago
stigmata/stigmata.git Stigmataのメインプログラムのためのリポジトリ. root 11 years ago
stmole32/stmole32.git STM32向けライブラリ root 2 years ago
stmole32/stmole32exa.git ライブラリ stmole32 を使用するサンプルプロジェクト root 2 years ago
stock/stock.osdn.git definitions & routines shared... root 2 years ago
stock/test.git test repository for push/pull... root 3 years ago
strokestylet/CsWin10Desktop3.git Visual C# 7.0, Windows10 Deskt... root 5 years ago
stux/StuxCommon.git 共通モジュールとかとか root No commits
stux/ultron.git 高橋君 root 3 years ago
stux/ultron_api.git API定義ファイルとか root 4 years ago
stylishtweet/StylishTweet.git root No commits
sudokuki/sudokuki.git Git repository for Sudokuki... root 6 years ago
sunset/repo.git root No commits
swfed/swfed.git SWF Editor source repos root 2 years ago
swilnerlinux/swilner-linux.git root No commits
syncr/master.git root 11 months ago
syswg-android/repos.git root No commits
tainavi/TinyBannavi.git タイニー番組ナビゲータ本体 root 8 years ago
tamago-tsunagi/tamago-tsunagi.git Tamago-tsunagiのGitリポジトリです。 root 8 years ago
tdcgexplorer/nimono-crawlers.git nimono-crawlers project root 9 years ago
tdcgexplorer/nimono.git nimono project root 9 years ago
tdcgexplorer/tso2mqo.git tso2mqo project root 6 years ago
teln/teln-repo.git Windowsのコマンドプロンプトを利用したtelnet... root 11 years ago
testleakyresources/testLeaks.git root 2 years ago
testman/thetest.git root No commits
testmanager/TestLink.git root 13 years ago
testmps/MPS.git Test repo for MPS start project root No commits
testools/testool.git root No commits
textdefind/main.git root 3 years ago
texttalk/texttalk.git source code root No commits
ti2/ti2.git ti2 master root 9 years ago
timecard/git1.git Git1 root No commits
timewavesynth/Timewave_Synthesizer.git This synthesizer is derived... root 5 years ago
timidity41/timidity41.git root 2 months ago
tjqt4port/tj2qt4.git TaskJuggler 2 Qt4 porting... root 13 years ago
tkaria-wot/res_mod.git root No commits
tmcoca/3D-AIR-IMAGE.git 3D-AIR-IMAGE関係のコード root 8 years ago
tokyorunners/tokyorunners.git Tokyo Runnersソースコード及びドキュメント root 13 years ago
tomato-projects/tomato-l.git 言語仕様等のXML root No commits
tombo/Tombo.git TOMBO source code root 10 years ago
tombo/web.git tombo.sourceforge.jp web contents root 10 years ago
tomoyo/tomoyo-test1.git This is a test repository. root 3 weeks ago
tondenhei/et2013.git ETロボコン2013 root 9 years ago
toppersasp4lpc/asp.git ASPカーネルツリーのリポジトリ root 10 years ago
toppersasp4lpc/installer.git Ubuntuの設定スクリプト root 10 years ago
toppersjsp4bf/doc.git ドキュメント群を格納するリポジトリ root 10 years ago
toppersjsp4bf/installer.git TOPPERS/JSP for Blackfin開発環境をL... root 8 years ago
toppersjsp4bf/jsp.git TOPPERS/JSP for Blackfinカーネル本体... root 9 years ago
toppersjsp4bf/middleware-i2c.git TWIポートを使ったI2Cマスタ・コントローラ用ミドルウェア... root 10 years ago
toppersjsp4bf/sample-i2c.git middleware-i2cのコントローラ使用例。回路図同梱 root 10 years ago
toppersjsp4bf/sandbox.git 「gitは使い始めでよく分からない」と言う方のためのサンドボ... root 10 years ago
toppersjsp4bf/util-genmmrsyms.git BlackfinをGDBでデバッグする際に利用できるレジスタ... root 10 years ago
tortoisegit/TortoiseGitJp.git TortoiseGit日本語言語ファイル作成 root 13 years ago
totallifehack/kidsintellectual.git 主にLibreOfficeで作成した、日本向けの子供用学習教材です。 root 2 years ago
tpi/lychee.git tpi root 8 years ago
train-delayed/source.git root 11 years ago
traindelaybot/source.git root 10 years ago
transunit/transunit.git Transunit repository root 2 years ago
trantuan24bk-git01/git02.git root 2 years ago
traputty/traputty.git root 6 years ago
traxi/auto_scope.git (Rails plugin) Automatic add... root 13 years ago
traxi/context_monitor.git This Rails plugin provides... root 13 years ago
traxi/force_columns.git Force add some columns to... root 13 years ago
traxi/time_frame.git This plugin defines singleton... root 13 years ago
traxi/timestamps_as_string.git timestamps_as_string root 13 years ago
tree/tree.git root 13 years ago
trimmer/FireMonkey.git FireMonkeyによるソースコード公開 root 7 years ago
trpgtools-onweb/AjaxChat.git AjaxChat開発リポジトリ root 13 years ago
trpgtools-onweb/cake-frame.git TRPGサイト向け会員認証システム root 11 years ago
trpgtools-onweb/charashee-dat.git きゃら・し!用システム設定・スキンデータ root 12 years ago
trx-305dsp/dsp.git TRX-305内蔵DSPのフレームワーク開発リポジトリ。 root 7 years ago
tryos/Docs.git ドキュメント類のGit管理 root 10 years ago
tryos/TryOS.git root 10 years ago
tsparser/tsparser.git tsparser root 11 years ago
tsppilot/test2.git test2 root No commits
tsremuxcpp/developing01.git 開発中1 root 13 years ago
tsukuyomi/doma-util.git root No commits
tul/tul.git TUL のリポジトリ root No commits
tuyapin-twitter/test.git テスト root No commits
twitter-stress-reduction/twitter-stress-reduction.git root No commits
twitterplus/twitterplus.git root No commits
twowins/twowins.git root No commits
twpd/master.git root 8 days ago
u6kcommons/CheckFileNameLength.git root 12 years ago
u6kcommons/SkyDriveFolder.git root 12 years ago
u6kcommons/backup.git root 12 years ago
u6kcommons/bbs.git root 12 years ago
u6kcommons/chat-translation.git root 12 years ago
u6kcommons/chibi-char-dungeon.git root 12 years ago
u6kcommons/hirameki-note.git root 12 years ago
u6kcommons/hoge-lang.git root 12 years ago
u6kcommons/jquery-sample.git root 12 years ago
u6kcommons/license-manager.git root 12 years ago
u6kcommons/money-notebook.git root 12 years ago
u6kcommons/online-draw-environment.git root 12 years ago
u6kcommons/online-stg-env.git root 12 years ago
u6kcommons/rename-batch.git root 12 years ago
u6kcommons/roguelike-map.git root 12 years ago
u6kcommons/simple-checklist.git root 12 years ago
u6kcommons/simple-neural-network.git root 12 years ago
u6kcommons/smile-comments.git root 12 years ago
u6kcommons/state-engine.git root 12 years ago
u6kcommons/sunset.git root 12 years ago
u6kcommons/util.git root 12 years ago
u6kcommons/weekly-report.git root 12 years ago
u6kcommons/wiki.git root 12 years ago
u6kcommons/work-timer.git root 12 years ago
uclinux-h8/elf2flt.git root 7 years ago
uclinux-h8/linux.git root 8 months ago
uclinux-h8/uClibc.git root 7 years ago
uclinux-h8/uClinux-dist.git root 8 years ago
uclinux-h8/uclibc-ng.git root 7 years ago
uguu-sysman/repo.git root 12 years ago
ultramonkey-l7/l7gui.git root 13 years ago
ultramonkey-l7/log4cxx.git Log4cxx. root 10 years ago
ultramonkey-l7/sslproxy.git SSL Proxy root 12 years ago
ultramonkey-l7/ultramonkey-l7-mod-url.git Protocol Moudule URL for Ultra... root 9 years ago
ultramonkey-l7/ultramonkey-l7-v2.git UltraMonkey-L7 V2(single-threa... root 11 years ago
ultramonkey-l7/ultramonkey-l7-v3.git UltraMonkey-L7 V3(multi-thread... root 6 years ago
ultramonkey-l7/ultramonkeyl7-repo.git Materials for build ultramonke... root 7 years ago
uml7-gui/l7vsconfig.git root No commits
uml7-gui/libl7vs.git UltraMonkey-L7 とのインタフェイスを提供するラ... root 13 years ago
uml7-gui/tui-curses.git ncurses ライブラリを使用した TUI 用インタフェイス. root 13 years ago
umumu/umumu.git root 6 years ago
unagi/old-svn-converted.git root 7 years ago
uncraft/TcrsCore.git MMVSystemも内蔵 root 9 years ago
uncraft/UncraftBukkit.git root 10 years ago
uncraft/UncraftSMP.git root 10 years ago
unrealbrowser/Piglet.git root No commits
utf82ps/utf82ps.git root 8 years ago
utility-js/testshiz.git test root No commits
uzume/docs.git ドキュメント管理リポジトリ root 10 years ago
uzume/uzume_bfin.git UzumeフレームワークのBlackfin実装 root 8 years ago
v2raya/v2raya-openwrt.git opkg feed of v2rayA for OpenWr... root 3 weeks ago
vaadinsampleproject/Vaadin_Example_Project.git root 4 years ago
vaneos/DivergeMirror.git Divergeのミラーリポジトリです。 root 7 years ago
vaneos/vaneosmain.git VaneOSのメインGitリポジトリです。 root 8 years ago
vbslib/main.git main root 5 years ago
vem/WITs.git 仮想電子顕微鏡のクライアントです。 root 3 years ago
vem/vem.git 仮想電子顕微鏡サーバーです。 root 4 years ago
viewerby2nd/ViewerBy2nd.git ViewerBy2nd root No commits
vimind/viMind.git Git Rep. for viMind root No commits
vipbrowser/test.git test root No commits
vms-empire-jp/vms-empire-jp.git root 5 years ago
vobslideshow/vob.git 開発段階のリポジトリです root 7 years ago
vpngate-script/master.git root 8 years ago
wackowiki/wackowiki.git root No commits
walklibrary/web.git Webサーバ公開用スクリプトのソースコード root 6 years ago
wavtool-pl/wavtool-pl.git wavtool-pl git repository root 7 years ago
wdicgazer/WdicGazer.git よくわからないがとりあえず作った root No commits
web-components/web-components.git first web-components project root No commits
webchat/WebChat.git チャットシステム root 8 years ago
weber/git_repo.git root 14 months ago
webglgame/webgl_framework.git root 5 years ago
weblinkscraper/GoogleImageSearchLinkURLScraper.git Google画像検索の検索結果から画像ファイルへのリンクUR... root 8 years ago
weblocks/weblocks.git root 3 years ago
webui20120301/webui001.git リポジトリを作ってみるテスト root No commits
webviewko/webviewko.git root No commits
wechatunrecall/wechatunrecalled.git root No commits
wesnoth-ja/ja-po.git The Battle for Wesnothの日本語poファイル root 4 years ago
wesnoth-ja/tools.git Wesnoth日本語化プロジェクトの管理ツールなど root 12 years ago
wesnoth-ja/transifex_scripts.git transifex上のwesnoth開発版翻訳プロジェクト用... root 4 years ago
wikidomparser/repo.git root 12 years ago
wikitextwriter/main.git main repository root No commits
winaudioj/SynthApp.git 簡単なシンセサイザをMetro Style Appで実装してみます。 root 10 years ago
winaudioj/async.git 非同期にファイルを読み込み、wasapiで再生してみます。 root 11 years ago
winaudioj/metroaudio.git Metro UIでオーディオ再生をしてみます。 root No commits
winaudioj/mfsample.git Media Foundationを使用して音声から動画を自動... root 9 years ago
winaudioj/sfwasapi.git なんとなく思いつきのコードを入れていきます。 root 11 years ago
winaudioj/stedx.git STED2のソースコードをベースにいろいろ試してみます。 root 9 years ago
winaudioj/wasapi2.git wasapiを実験するプロジェクトです。 root 10 years ago
winaudioj/win7x64Audio.git root 11 years ago
winaudioj/winwrapper.git ウィンドウラッパライブラリを作るためのレポジトリです。 root 10 years ago
winautomata/winautomata.git cygwinからウィンドウズを制御するプログラム群... root 10 years ago
winbottle/svg-dll.git SVG (SSTP-Viewer Ghost) 用プラグイン root 17 years ago
winbottle/tsg-dll.git TSG (TalkShow Ghost) 用DLL root 19 years ago
winbottle/winbottle.git SSTP Bottle Client 本体 root 14 years ago
windirstat/thirdparty-altwindirstat.git A - since abandoned - fork... root 6 years ago
windirstat/thirdparty-breakpad.git Breakpad, a crash reporter... root 5 years ago
winexe-harib/winexe-harib.git root 12 years ago
winmerge-jp/winmerge-jp.git root 11 days ago
wintimer/wintimer.git ウィンドウズ7 x64版のミニタイマーです。 root 11 years ago
wipha-vm/wipha-vm-mainGit.git Wipha-VMのメインとなるGitリポジトリ。 root No commits
wizdlivelight/wizdlive.git wizdliveServer開発 root No commits
wolvez/wolvez.git relight-syndrome : 'moonlight... root 11 years ago
wordring-tm/wordring-tm.git ソースコード一式 root 7 years ago
workwebsite/sample.git root No commits
worldopac/WorldOpac.git root 8 years ago
wpapiclient1/wpapiforRuby.git WordPress XML-RPC API For... root No commits
wpapiclient1/wpapiforphp5.git WordPress XML-RPC API For... root No commits
wptscs/wpts.git Wikipedia翻訳支援ツール root 3 years ago
wvm/gitlab.git root 9 years ago
wvm/wvm.git root 9 years ago
x264-launcher/x264-launcher.git Simple x264 Launcher developme... root 7 months ago
xchange/SPECS.git root 4 years ago
xchange/xchange.git root 3 years ago
xdf/git-repos.git XDFプロジェクトのメインリポジトリ root 13 years ago
xerial/sqlite-jdbc.git JDBC driver for SQLite DBMS root 13 years ago
xerial/xerial-core.git mirror of the xerial-core... root 13 years ago
xevicalc-wp/xevicalc.git root 10 years ago
xkeymacs/xkeymacs-www.git The home page consists of... root 10 years ago
xkeymacs/xkeymacs.git root 4 years ago
xmail/OpenXMAIL.git XMAIL型共通フォーマットのAPI、定義等 root 6 years ago
xmail/XMAIL-viewer.git XMAILのペトリネット等を可視化するためのプログラム root 2 years ago
xmail/XMAILChecker.git 計測分析機器・共通フォーマットに関する支援ツール:チェッカー root 6 years ago
xmail/XMAILCreator.git XMAIL型共通フォーマットの作成ツール root 6 years ago
xoops-japanese/XOOPS-Core.git XOOPS 日本語言語ファイル root 9 years ago
xoops-japanese/XOOPS-Modules.git XOOPS モジュール root 9 years ago
xoopscube22x/d3forum.git d3forum-コメント元記事権限連動その他ハック版 root 10 years ago
xylophoneos/xylophone-package.git Xylophone OS Packages. root No commits
ya-trpg-ss/yatrpgss.git Yet Another TRPG Support Syste... root No commits
yamml/yamml-git.git root 6 years ago
yamy/yamy.git source code repository of... root 8 years ago
yanmah2/YANMAH2-season2-.git root 3 years ago
yarchinedes/thirdparty.git Third party libraries for... root No commits
yarchinedes/yarchinedes.git yarchinedes main root No commits
yipuran/sandbox.git sanbox root 10 years ago
youtubedownload/main.git main root No commits
yubeshi/yubeshi.git source codes and tests root 10 years ago
yukkurioverwint/YukkuriOverwinter.git ゆっくりシミュレーションゲーム「ゆっくり\"えっとう... root 8 years ago
yurina/yurina.git yurina core root 12 years ago
yxdroid/YXDroid.git YXDroid source code root 8 years ago
zabumba/zabumba.git Official git repository root No commits
zandronum/zandronum-acc.git root 5 years ago
zencart-clone/zencart_clone.git zencartのクローン作品を次週のため作成中 root No commits
zentaoalm/zentaopms.git Check our latest open source... root No commits
zither/ds-zither.git this program is deadline... root 8 years ago
zk-nhbook/nhbooks.git root No commits
zombie/zombie.git zombieプロジェクトのレポジトリ root 14 years ago
zuruneko/ColorQuantization256.git High Quality Color Quantizatio... root No commits
zweichanneltrt/treadRankingTweet.git root No commits