OSDN Git Service

last changeMon, 25 Jan 2010 09:02:54 +0000 (18:02 +0900)
2010-01-25 hylommerge original branch. master
2010-01-24 Frank LiDirect Launch external diff when open dialog at file
2010-01-24 Frank LiFix Switch button del\add wrong problem
2010-01-24 Frank LiDiff Dialog Okay
2010-01-24 Frank LiAuto List okay for Diff dialog
2010-01-23 Frank LiChange Edit to ACEdit to use tag branch list
2010-01-23 Frank LiDisable File diff dialog when fetch difference
2010-01-23 Frank LiLog can refresh when Click Rev button.
2010-01-23 Frank LiDiff file list dialog click log is okay
2010-01-23 Frank LiBasic File diff dialog is okay to show prediff command
2010-01-23 Frank LiRemove DiffTwo commit & Enable Prevdiff and diff for...
2010-01-23 Frank LiRemove Command\SetExtMenu.h
2010-01-23 Frank LiAdd Ext menu config at setting dialog to set menu item...
2010-01-23 Frank LiAdd Missed file
2010-01-23 Frank LiUse menuinfo to at setting connext menu page
2010-01-23 Frank LiMove MenuInfo to seperate files to shell with SetLookAn...
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13 years ago lang_jp_1.0.2.0
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