OSDN Git Service

2009-06-20 Frank LiUpdate document
2009-06-20 Frank LiUpdate document
2009-06-20 Frank LiUpdate Help Document
2009-06-20 Frank LiAdd pull and fetch document
2009-06-19 Frank LiAdd Help button handle and add Anchor at format patch...
2009-06-19 Frank LiAdd Many Help button at dialog
2009-06-19 Frank LiUpdate Help Document
2009-06-19 Frank LiUpdate Help Document. Basically clean up SVN context.
2009-06-18 Frank LiMerge branch 'master' of git://github.com/Jopie64/torto...
2009-06-18 Frank LiUpdate create branch and tag document
2009-06-18 Frank LiFix submodule update Crash when repository have not...
2009-06-17 Johan 't HartFormatPatch: May also select 'format patch...' if selec...
2009-06-17 Johan 't HartFormatPatch: Implemented browse buttons and added brows...
2009-06-17 Frank LiFixed issue #88: Ambiguous dialog message
2009-06-17 Frank LiCorrect format patch command -<num> argument
2009-06-16 Johan 't HartPushDlg: Fix: Wrong remote selected after selection...
2009-06-16 Johan 't HartMerge commit 'origin/master' into temp_rebase
2009-06-16 Johan 't HartLogview: Ajust label colors when selected.
2009-06-16 Johan 't HartLogview: Ref label borders
2009-06-16 Johan 't HartLogview: Make use of XP themes in list ctrl
2009-06-15 Frank LiUpdate diff del rename ignore document.
2009-06-15 Frank LiAdd TortoiseIDiff to project.
2009-06-15 Frank LiUpdate log dialog help document
2009-06-15 Frank LiAdd compare with working copy at log dialog
2009-06-15 Frank LiUpdate Git Clone and create repository help document
2009-06-15 Frank LiUpdate Gitignore file
2009-06-15 Frank LiMerge Git book to Help document
2009-06-15 Frank LiUpdate document
2009-06-14 Frank LiUpdated to the latest msysgit code base (,...
2009-06-14 Frank LiAdd Miss file
2009-06-14 Johan 't HartFileDiffDlg: Make shift right-left button work
2009-06-14 Johan 't HartBrowseRefsDlg: Add ability to diff two commits
2009-06-12 Frank LiChange Changelog to google WiKi format.
2009-06-12 Frank LiAdd "BrowseRef" to shell extension command.
2009-06-12 Frank LiEnable Bugtraq setting dialog
2009-06-09 Johan 't HartBrowseRefs: Added option to delete remote branch original
2009-06-09 Johan 't HartInstaller: Textual change
2009-06-09 Johan 't HartBrowseRefs: Always set initial ref
2009-06-09 Johan 't HartBrowseRefs: Show context menu icons
2009-06-09 Johan 't HartBrowseRefs: Save / Restore window size
2009-06-09 Johan 't HartBranch/Tag dlg: Update 'track' option after browse...
2009-06-08 Johan 't HartTextual change
2009-06-08 Johan 't HartRebase: Skip in context-menu appeared twice. First...
2009-06-08 Johan 't HartStatusListCtrl: Implemented delete unversioned file.
2009-06-08 Johan 't HartRebase: Textual change
2009-06-08 Johan 't HartRebaseDlg: Update rebase lines after browserefs
2009-06-08 Johan 't HartSuppressed compiler warning
2009-06-08 Colin LawFix compile error in TortoiseShell build.
2009-06-08 Frank LiFix Issue #89: Can't locate msysgit on x64
2009-06-08 Frank LiFix Issue #95: TortoiseBlame Icon disappears when...
2009-06-07 Colin LawFix Issue 94 Commit log showing incorrect timestamps
2009-06-05 Johan 't HartPick Ref: Browse Ref buttons added to dialogs derived...
2009-06-05 Johan 't HartReverted unintentional change
2009-06-05 Frank LiFix pull don't launch putty key file
2009-06-05 Frank LiShow Push Dialog after close commit dialog
2009-06-05 Frank LiSet Default button is "close" rather than "push" at...
2009-06-05 Frank LiMerge branch 'master' of git://github.com/Jopie64/torto...
2009-06-05 Frank LiFixed issue #86: Globally sets HOME affecting third...
2009-06-05 Johan 't HartTextual change to installer.
2009-06-04 Johan 't HartProgressDlg: Disable 'Abort' button when command is...
2009-06-04 Johan 't HartCommit: Made user able to push after successful commit
2009-06-04 Johan 't HartProgressDlg, Pull: Took m_GitStatus into account for...
2009-06-04 Johan 't HartProgressDlg: Changed 'OK' into 'Close' and 'Cancel...
2009-06-04 Johan 't HartShow GUI friendly diffstat after pull
2009-06-04 Johan 't HartShow changed files after pull.
2009-06-04 Frank LiUpdate TortoiseUDiff to version 16491
2009-06-04 Frank LiMerge git://github.com/Jopie64/tortoisegit master
2009-06-04 Frank LiModify position of filter and date at log dialog
2009-06-04 Johan 't HartPick Ref: Change [...] button in log dialog in a clicka...
2009-06-03 Johan 't HartMade TortoiseGitBlame compilable.
2009-06-03 Johan 't HartBrowseRefs: Add option to start reflog from BrowseRefs...
2009-06-03 Johan 't HartTextual changes
2009-06-03 Johan 't HartPick Ref: Change [...] button in log dialog in a clicka...
2009-06-03 Frank LiFix TortoiseGitBlame build problem and update version...
2009-06-01 Frank LiUpdate document
2009-06-01 Frank LiShow Bug ID link at log dialog
2009-05-31 Frank LiAdd bugtraq to support commit dialog bug track.
2009-05-31 Frank LiEnable Bug track plug-in support
2009-05-31 Frank LiFix Issue 91: clone dialog generates bad directory...
2009-05-29 Johan 't HartPick Ref: Made user able to pick a ref in the logviewer...
2009-05-29 Johan 't HartPick Ref: Implemented ref picking for push dialog
2009-05-29 Johan 't HartPick Ref: Prepare ref picker to be able to leave out...
2009-05-28 Johan 't HartBrowseRefs: Implemented an example of how to use the...
2009-05-28 Johan 't HartBrowseRefs: Initial branch selection also possible...
2009-05-28 Johan 't HartBrowseRefs: Made the dialog usable for picking a ref
2009-05-25 Johan 't HartBrowseRefs: Sorting: Show sorting state in column header
2009-05-25 Johan 't HartBrowseRefs: Sorting: Also backward sorting
2009-05-25 Johan 't HartBrowseRefs: Started with refs list sorting
2009-05-25 Frank LiAdd option -p for TortoisePlink.
2009-05-22 Frank LiAdd support i18n.logOutputEncoding at log list
2009-05-22 Frank LiAdd union code encode at commit support i18n.commitencoding
2009-05-21 Frank LiMap union code name to cp code
2009-05-16 Frank LiMerge QGit2.3 graphic tree
2009-05-16 Frank LiEnable GDI+
2009-05-16 Frank LiUpgrade graphic tree from qgit2.3
2009-05-16 Frank LiUpgrade lanes from qgit2.3
2009-05-15 Frank LiFix Issue 85: Installer: warns of downgrade when runni...
2009-05-15 Frank LiAdd Delete Ref support at Log List dialog
2009-05-15 Frank LiAdd Johan 't Hart <johanthart@gmail.com> to about dialo...
2009-05-14 Johan 't HartBrowseRefs: Context menu enhancements