OSDN Git Service

2008-12-30 Frank LiFix CStringList TortoiseShell build problem
2008-12-29 Frank LiUDIFF and open is work at log change list dialog
2008-12-29 Frank LiCompare Log Change List File Okay
2008-12-29 Frank LiStatus List Show diff color according to file status
2008-12-29 Frank Liremove FileEntry Structure
2008-12-29 Frank LiStatus List intergrate to LogDlg
2008-12-29 Frank LiLog Dialog refresh okay
2008-12-29 Frank LiUse new method to update log So the user don't wait...
2008-12-29 Frank LiCompare previous version ok
2008-12-28 Frank LiDiff Dialog double click work
2008-12-28 Frank LiExport Progress Dialog Okay
2008-12-28 Frank LiCreate Branch Tag at loglist okay
2008-12-28 Frank LiAdd Version Graph Tree Code but there are some problem
2008-12-26 Frank LiShow correct hight light color
2008-12-26 Frank LiShow Tag branch at loglist
2008-12-26 Frank LiRework Log List Basic Work
2008-12-26 Frank Libuild success
2008-12-25 Frank Lireorg loglist
2008-12-25 Frank LiAdd Patch Import Command (git am)
2008-12-25 Frank LiFormatPatch Finished
2008-12-25 Frank LiExport Dialog Basic Finish
2008-12-25 Frank LiUse Shared Choose Version code
2008-12-25 Frank LiUse unified Version Choose Code
2008-12-24 Frank LiAdd Export Command
2008-12-24 Frank LiAdd Switch Checkout Dialog
2008-12-24 Frank LiAdd Merge, new branch, new tag Dialog
2008-12-23 Frank LiFix Compiler Error
2008-12-22 Frank LiAdd Pull Push Fetch Clone Dialog
2008-12-22 Frank LiRemove log set path
2008-12-21 Frank LiGit Process Dialog basic worked but can't catch git...
2008-12-20 Frank LiProgress Bar Show Animate
2008-12-20 Frank LiGit Clone Dialog Basic Okay
2008-12-18 Frank LiAuto MsysGit Path and use git.exe replace git.cmd
2008-12-18 Frank LiAdd rename delete revert repostatus command
2008-12-17 Frank Lidiff two file okay
2008-12-17 Frank Lidiff command basic finished
2008-12-17 Frank LiAdd TortoiseMerge Install
2008-12-17 Frank LiUse TortoiseSVN TortiseMerge directly
2008-12-17 Frank Lifail try to porting svndiff
2008-12-17 Frank LiFail try to porting
2008-12-16 Frank Liadd some file to compile svnlibdiff
2008-12-16 Frank LiAdd libsvn_diff
2008-12-15 Frank LiTortoiseMerge Build Success
2008-12-15 Frank Lifix some build error
2008-12-14 Frank LiAdd TGitCache Code
2008-12-14 Frank Liadd Build and Debug Document
2008-12-12 Frank LiFix PathList Miss Problem
2008-12-12 Frank LiFix Msi install package name
2008-12-12 Frank Liupdate changelog.txt
2008-12-12 Frank LiSetup MSI work
2008-12-11 Frank Liadd miss file
2008-12-11 Frank Liadd miss file
2008-12-11 Frank LiAdd miss file
2008-12-11 Frank LiSetup basic working
2008-12-09 Frank Liadd spell check
2008-12-09 Frank Liadd contrib dir
2008-12-09 Frank Lirelease build succesful
2008-12-04 Frank Liadd setup file
2008-12-03 Frank LiAdd Clone Dlg
2008-12-03 Frank LiChange Dir Structure to be same as TortoiseSVN'
2008-11-30 Frank LiShow Ignore Sub Menu
2008-11-30 Frank LiGit Add Basic Working
2008-11-30 Frank LiAdd miss File gitstatuslistctrl.cpp
2008-11-30 Frank LiDiff basic working at Commit Dlg box
2008-11-30 Frank LiExt Diff Basic work at commit dlg
2008-11-29 Frank Liremove .suo file
2008-11-29 Frank Liremove resource.h
2008-11-29 Frank LiFix Sign Off button disappare when move split bar
2008-11-29 Frank LiGroup "Modify File" "no version" and ignore basic work.
2008-11-27 Frank LiShow "Please Wait when update file list"
2008-11-27 Frank LiUse Okay button for commit finish messagebox
2008-11-27 Frank LiWorkaround Show Message Problem
2008-11-27 Frank LiDelete Commit Message Temp File
2008-11-27 Frank LiUse Temp file as logmesage
2008-11-26 Frank LiAdd Commit result dlg
2008-11-26 Frank LiCommitDlg Basic work
2008-11-26 Frank LiCommitDlg Basic working
2008-11-24 Frank LiCommit File List can show file and sort
2008-11-23 Frank LiDiff File list basic working
2008-11-22 Frank Liadd TortoiseMerge
2008-11-22 Frank LiUDIFF working Okay
2008-11-22 Frank LiAdd TortoiseUDiff Code
2008-11-22 Frank LiLog Dld Message and File List Work
2008-11-21 Frank LiGet Log From Git
2008-11-14 Frank LiBuild Log Dlg Okay
2008-11-13 Frank Listatus bar cancel button work
2008-11-13 Frank Lishow status list header bar
2008-11-13 Frank LiGitStatusListCtrl port build complete
2008-11-10 Frank LiCommit DialogBox compile Okay
2008-11-09 Frank LiUpdate TortoiseGit About Dialog
2008-11-09 Frank LiBuild TortoiseProc Success
2008-11-09 Frank LiAdd ext and utils
2008-11-08 Frank LiAdd TortoiseProc
2008-11-08 Frank Licontext menu basic finished
2008-11-08 Frank LiContext Menu Showed
2008-11-07 Frank Liupdate guuid
2008-11-07 Frank Lireplace register guid
2008-11-06 Frank LiUse update GUID
2008-11-06 Frank LiBuild Success
2008-11-06 Frank Libuild error link error