OSDN Git Service

2009-02-20 Frank LiAdd Combine Commit to one commit at log list dialog
2009-02-20 Frank LiFix explore context menu ignore don't work problem
2009-02-20 Frank LiAdd Resolve to explore context menu
2009-02-20 Frank LiAdd Shell Notification at add, cleanup and remove and...
2009-02-20 Frank LiUpdate Tooltips info at setting dialog of shell overlay...
2009-02-20 Frank LiAdd Show Whole Project Checkbox at commitdlg.
2009-02-20 Myagitooltips updated for overlay settings dialog
2009-02-20 Frank LiMerge remove x86 build
2009-02-20 Frank LiAdd Show Whole Project Button at commitDialog
2009-02-20 Frank Liremove x86 config and mix platform config from solution.
2009-02-19 Frank LiUpdate debug register_recover.reg
2009-02-19 Frank LiAdd Rebase menu to explore contextmenu.
2009-02-19 Frank LiRebaseDlg: Hook Cancel to ask user if abort rebase
2009-02-19 Frank LiRebaseDlg: Disable Reset\Swtich Command at context...
2009-02-19 Frank LiEnable Check/uncheck group files at file list view
2009-02-19 Myagiupdated igit.exe (fix for subdir enum bug)
2009-02-19 Frank LiRebaseDlg: Squash provide chance to modified last message.
2009-02-18 Frank LiRebaseDlg: Add Squash Support. but there are problem...
2009-02-18 Frank LiRebaseDlg: Edit Basic working.
2009-02-17 Frank LiRebaseDlg Add Abort function
2009-02-17 Frank LiRebaseDlg: Pick Basic Working
2009-02-17 Myagienabled TGitCache.exe in installer script
2009-02-16 Myagiupdated igit.exe (fixes for dir status etc)
2009-02-16 Myagiinitial TGitCache support added
2009-02-16 Myagisome basic preparations to get TGitCache working
2009-02-16 Frank LiRebaseDlg: List Conflict file when cherry pick fail
2009-02-16 Frank LiRebaseDlg: Fix Commit List show Current Rebase commit...
2009-02-16 Frank LiRebaseDlg: Use Thread To Handle Rebase process.
2009-02-15 Frank LiRebaseDlg: Add New is top option. Disable Edit control...
2009-02-14 Frank LiRebaseDlg: Change Current Rebase and rebased commit...
2009-02-14 Frank LiRebaseDlg: Implement Pick squash and edit by context...
2009-02-14 Frank LiRebaseDlg: Show Commit List at oldest is first
2009-02-14 Frank LiRebaseDlg: Fetch log when change branch and upstream
2009-02-14 Frank LiRebaseDlg: Show Commit Info at tooltip for branch and...
2009-02-14 Johan t HartCleanup 'look and feel' settings page.
2009-02-14 Myagifixed igit commandline bug if path name contained spaces
2009-02-14 Colin LawFix Issue 24, Commit results not in window with scroll...
2009-02-13 Frank LiFix Diff Dialog stat information is reverted, add show...
2009-02-13 Frank LiMerge Myagi exe shell version to show overlay
2009-02-13 Myagisettings dialog updated to give "Shell Extended" overla...
2009-02-13 Myagi"dual" file status support added (option for index...
2009-02-13 Myagiwingit files removed
2009-02-13 Myagiigit.exe added
2009-02-13 Myagiwingit.dll functionality replaced by commandline tool
2009-02-13 Frank LiRebase: Add branch to list
2009-02-13 Frank LiRebase: Add Upstream and Branch ComboxBox
2009-02-13 Frank LiGit Rebase Dialog Resize and modify split position...
2009-02-13 Frank LiAdd MFC Tab Control and Rebase Dialog.
2009-02-12 Frank LiFix Colin Law report clone crash at no git directory
2009-02-11 Frank LiLog list "Copy" status should one kind of "ADD" show...
2009-02-11 Frank LiFix Log Cache Miss Save Path old file name(in rename...
2009-02-11 Frank LiFix Copy and rename parse file list problem.
2009-02-11 Stanislav VinokurovRename "Git clone" to "Git clone..." (corrected).
2009-02-11 Frank LiFix rebasedlg compile error
2009-02-11 Frank LiAdd Miss Rebase File
2009-02-11 Colin LawFix diff problem when filenames have embedded spaces
2009-02-11 Frank LiAdd Rebase Dialog
2009-02-11 Frank LiEnable 64bit build again
2009-02-10 Colin LawWarnings removal
2009-02-10 Colin LawShow OK on cancel button in log when used standalone
2009-02-10 Colin LawVersion browse in switch, export, new branch/tag and...
2009-02-10 Frank LiIssue 40: Commit from subfolder shows unversioned...
2009-02-10 Frank Li*Read Index File Directory. Overlay basic working....
2009-02-09 git.exe' is... Default UnCheck untrack file at commit dialog
2009-02-09 Stanislav Vinokurov* "Git clone" context menu renamed to "Git clone...".
2009-02-08 Colin LawFix issue 36, Push not working if no remote branch...
2009-02-08 Frank LiReplace TortoiseSVN with TortoiseGit
2009-02-08 Frank LiUpdate ignore file and readme to how build document
2009-02-08 Frank LiAdd Document from TortoiseSVN 15285
2009-02-08 Johan t HartStarted implementing EnumFiles() with git.exe call
2009-02-08 Johan t HartFix assertion failure in finddata
2009-02-08 Johan t HartSet original method of retrieving full log as default
2009-02-08 Johan t HartFix assertion failure when log dialog closed.
2009-02-08 Johan t HartCheck 'all merge' flag when receiving full log
2009-02-08 Johan t HartCGit: Workaround: Flush git output when command should...
2009-02-08 Johan t HartFix loading last line of full log and set IsFull flag...
2009-02-08 Johan t HartCall CGitCall::OnEnd() when git.exe ended
2009-02-08 Johan t HartFix finddata helper
2009-02-08 Johan t HartExperiment with retrieving full log in one git.exe...
2009-02-08 Johan t HartAdded extra helper methods to BYTE_VECTOR
2009-02-08 Johan t HartCGit::Run() overloaded with another function to make...
2009-02-08 Frank LiMerge branch 'rel_0.3.x'
2009-02-08 Frank LiUpdate Changelog and version number
2009-02-08 Frank LiAdd setting cache type to control if load wingit.dll
2009-02-07 Frank LiFix Don't add unversion problem at CommitDlg
2009-02-07 Frank LiSet up multi Languages build environment
2009-02-07 Frank LiAdd Languages support to project file
2009-02-07 Frank LiAdd ResText Source code from SVN 14346
2009-02-07 Frank LiAdd TortoiseOverlays Source Code SVN version 14484
2009-02-07 Frank LiAdd LanguagePack From SVN 15288
2009-02-07 Frank LiUpdate Version Number
2009-02-07 Frank LiAdd work around to vista explore crash.
2009-02-06 Frank LiFix current branch have not update when reset\switch...
2009-02-06 Frank LiFix Crash Problem When TortoiseGit Install before Msysgit.
2009-02-06 Frank LiUpdate Changelog and version number
2009-02-06 Frank LiFix miss ReleaseBuffer at Git construct function
2009-02-06 Frank LiIssue 20: Add To Ignore from Commit dialog not working
2009-02-05 Frank LiFix Issue 31 in tortoisegit: Init Repository, Commit...
2009-02-05 Colin LawIssue 30: Clone does not support UNC path to repository
2009-02-05 Frank LiFix when setting ssh client is null. GIT_SSH environmen...