OSDN Git Service

2010-01-25 hylommerge original branch. master
2010-01-24 Frank LiDirect Launch external diff when open dialog at file
2010-01-24 Frank LiFix Switch button del\add wrong problem
2010-01-24 Frank LiDiff Dialog Okay
2010-01-24 Frank LiAuto List okay for Diff dialog
2010-01-23 Frank LiChange Edit to ACEdit to use tag branch list
2010-01-23 Frank LiDisable File diff dialog when fetch difference
2010-01-23 Frank LiLog can refresh when Click Rev button.
2010-01-23 Frank LiDiff file list dialog click log is okay
2010-01-23 Frank LiBasic File diff dialog is okay to show prediff command
2010-01-23 Frank LiRemove DiffTwo commit & Enable Prevdiff and diff for...
2010-01-23 Frank LiRemove Command\SetExtMenu.h
2010-01-23 Frank LiAdd Ext menu config at setting dialog to set menu item...
2010-01-23 Frank LiAdd Missed file
2010-01-23 Frank LiUse menuinfo to at setting connext menu page
2010-01-23 Frank LiMove MenuInfo to seperate files to shell with SetLookAn...
2010-01-23 Frank LiAdd diff two commits command at shell menu
2010-01-23 Frank LiUse Registery config extern menu
2010-01-23 Frank LiUpdate libcurl and zlib project file
2010-01-22 Frank LiAdd "remote update" command at Sync Dialog
2010-01-22 Frank LiChange Changelog to fix google code wiki layout problem
2010-01-22 Frank LiUpgrade version number for gitdll zlib libcurl
2010-01-20 Frank LiFix RefLogDlg crash
2010-01-19 Frank LiFixed issue #265: Log dialog: Date picker throws multip...
2010-01-19 Frank LiFixed issue #275: Load gitweb for 'Browse' button
2010-01-19 Frank LiChange 64bit intermediate directory to another place
2010-01-19 Frank LiFixed issue #276: Crash on seeing diff with previous...
2010-01-18 Frank LiFix log graph don't show line at git blame
2010-01-18 Frank LiFix crash when combine commit at log dialog
2010-01-18 Frank LiFix GitBlame window PropertiesWnd parent info wrong
2010-01-18 Frank Ligive up save cache when m_GitDir is empty
2010-01-18 Frank LiFix git blame log dialog show nothing
2010-01-18 Frank LiFix format string %s , commit_hash problem.
2010-01-18 Frank LiFix string to hash problem
2010-01-18 Frank Liupdate change log for
2010-01-17 Frank LiFix 64bit crash problem at log dialog
2010-01-15 Frank LiTgit.exe support 64bit
2010-01-15 Frank LiFix build error
2010-01-15 Frank LiUpdate Change Log for
2010-01-15 Frank LiWork around show "fail" at ProgressDlg
2010-01-15 Frank LiAvoid send multi GITLOG_START when parser commit list
2010-01-15 Frank LiFix file history wrong
2010-01-14 Frank LiSave all branch status when close log dialog
2010-01-14 Frank Liremove igit and libiconv2.dll at install script
2010-01-14 Frank LiFix Rename show old name and stat wrong
2010-01-14 Frank LiFix don't using cache bug and disable filter when fetch log
2010-01-13 Frank LiAll branch and first parent work at log dialog
2010-01-12 Frank LiAdd log encoding support
2010-01-12 Frank LiFix crash when input character at filter box
2010-01-12 Frank LiShow Progress percentage at log dialog
2010-01-12 Frank LiAdd multi-thread protection and correct log info label
2010-01-11 Frank LiChange update count policy
2010-01-11 Frank LiShow add files at init version
2010-01-11 Frank LiLogdialog Refresh is okay
2010-01-11 Frank LiShow Authordate
2010-01-11 Frank LiAdd git_close_diff function when call it when program...
2010-01-11 Frank LiChange hash output to low letter align git output
2010-01-11 Frank LiAdd NO_SCROLL when update total size of list number.
2010-01-11 Frank LiGit log basic work but graph tree is wrong when scroll
2010-01-08 Frank Ligitdll call basic work
2010-01-08 Frank LiFinish Coding to change fetch log with gitdll
2010-01-04 Frank LiBuild is okay
2010-01-04 Frank LiBuild TortoisProc is okay
2010-01-02 Frank LiChange Log Code structure Unfinished
2010-01-02 Frank LiSupport GIT DLL
2009-12-31 Frank LiFix free commit list problem.
2009-12-30 Frank LiAdd git diff support at gitdll
2009-12-29 Frank LiGitDLL log basic work.
2009-12-29 Frank LiGit DLL get commit information basic work.
2009-12-27 Frank LiGit DLL get hash basic work
2009-12-26 Frank LiFix a debug version segment fail
2009-12-24 Frank LiUse VC build tgit replace igit to fetch status
2009-12-24 Frank LiAdd error code when run git command
2009-12-24 Frank LiFix blame show wrong when first char is '^'
2009-12-01 Frank LiUpdate index firstly at commit dialog and check modify...
2009-12-01 Frank LiFix Issue 236: CGit::GetRemoteList uses bad regular...
2009-12-01 Frank LiUpdate first commit can't show when launch log dialog
2009-12-01 Frank LiFixed issue #232: "No Commit" Option always acitve
2009-12-01 Frank LiFixed issue #234: First log(first commit in history...
2009-11-30 Frank LiFixed issue #232: "No Commit" Option always acitve
2009-11-30 Frank LiFixed issue #234: First log(first commit in history...
2009-11-27 Frank LiFix Issue 236: CGit::GetRemoteList uses bad regular...
2009-11-13 Frank LiUpdate version number to
2009-11-06 Frank LiFixed issue #219: Blame Error when git repository is...
2009-10-31 Frank LiAdd color success and fail at ProgressDlg
2009-10-29 Frank LiShow current work at ProgressDlg
2009-10-29 Frank LiUnified SyncDlg and progressdlg log handle
2009-10-29 Frank LiFinish compare working copy item at log dialog
2009-10-29 Frank LiFix refresh problem after commit at log dialog
2009-10-29 Frank LiTry fix a crash after commit at log dialog
2009-10-29 Frank LiRemove high light line at working dir change item
2009-10-29 Frank LiImpliment commit command at log dialog when choose...
2009-10-28 Frank LiShow commit command at log dialog when choose work...
2009-10-28 Frank LiAdd work dir copy at log dialog
2009-10-27 Frank LiFixed issue #214: installer inserts unused or faulty...
2009-10-24 Frank LiFixed issue #179: Log dialog lacks information about...
2009-10-23 Frank LiFixed issue #209: High CPU usage in tortoiseproc.exe...
2009-10-23 Frank LiFixed issue #212: Disable the "Select items automaticll...
2009-10-23 Frank LiFixed Issue #211: Allow Alt+O in commit dialog for OK
2009-10-23 Frank LiFixed issue #209: High CPU usage in tortoiseproc.exe...