OSDN Git Service

PushDlg: Fix: Wrong remote selected after selection via ref-browser.
[tortoisegit/TortoiseGitJp.git] / src / Utils / MiscUI / HistoryCombo.cpp
2009-06-16 Johan 't HartPushDlg: Fix: Wrong remote selected after selection...
2009-03-20 Frank LiFix GetString error when edit at HistoryCombo
2009-02-20 Frank LiMerge remove x86 build
2009-02-14 Frank LiRebaseDlg: Show Commit Info at tooltip for branch and...
2009-01-23 Colin LawCompiler warnings removal Numerous tweaks to remove...
2008-12-30 Frank LiFix CStringList TortoiseShell build problem
2008-12-24 Frank LiAdd Merge, new branch, new tag Dialog
2008-12-20 Frank LiGit Clone Dialog Basic Okay
2008-12-03 Frank LiChange Dir Structure to be same as TortoiseSVN'