OSDN Git Service

Fixed issue #188: Add Git Properties tab into Windows File Properties
[tortoisegit/TortoiseGitJp.git] / src / TortoiseShell / resource.h
2009-10-18 Frank LiFixed issue #188: Add Git Properties tab into Windows...
2009-09-27 Frank LiFixed issue #183: Append svn:ignore settings to the...
2009-08-28 Frank LiFixed issue #151: need "stash pop" function and clear...
2009-07-25 Frank LiAdd "Sync" command at ContextMenu
2009-06-27 Frank LiAdd "SVN Rebase" and "SVN DCommit" command at shell...
2009-06-16 Johan 't HartMerge commit 'origin/master' into temp_rebase
2009-06-12 Frank LiAdd "BrowseRef" to shell extension command.
2009-04-11 Frank LiAdd "Send Mail " for .patch and .diff file.
2009-03-21 Frank LiComplete Submodule Update work
2009-03-18 Frank LiDel RefLog work.
2009-03-17 Frank LiStash list using reflog dialog.
2009-03-11 Frank LiAdd Stash Save\apply and Submodule Add and Update command.
2009-02-22 Frank LiUpdate rebase pick\squash\edit\skip icon
2009-02-20 Frank LiMerge remove x86 build
2009-02-19 Frank LiAdd Rebase menu to explore contextmenu.
2009-01-03 Frank LiAdd swtich fetch branch tag command at ContextMenu.cpp
2008-12-03 Frank LiChange Dir Structure to be same as TortoiseSVN'