OSDN Git Service

SyncDlg Show Conflict when pull
[tortoisegit/TortoiseGitJp.git] / src / TortoiseProc / SyncDlg.cpp
2009-07-25 Frank LiSyncDlg Show Conflict when pull
2009-07-25 Frank LiSyncDlg apply patch okay show commit list and change...
2009-07-24 Frank LiSyncDlg implement "apply patch" command.
2009-07-24 Frank LiSyncDlg Fix no patch created problem
2009-07-24 Frank LiSyncDlg Enable Send Path by Email button
2009-07-24 Frank LiCSyncDlg switch to log when click push. support push...
2009-07-23 Frank LiSync Dialog progress command output correct handle \r
2009-07-23 Frank LiSyncDlg progress text basic work
2009-07-23 Frank LiSync Dialog Scroll the correct line number
2009-07-23 Frank LiSyncDlg rewrite output text handle
2009-07-22 Frank LiSync Dialog Disable command button when running.
2009-07-22 Frank LiSync dialog output log message okay.
2009-07-22 Frank LiParse output at SyncDialog
2009-07-22 Frank LiAdd command output at SyncDlg
2009-07-21 Frank LiSyncDlg show animate when press push button and hide...
2009-07-20 Frank LiAdd Compare and GNU diff at Change File list at sync...
2009-07-20 Frank LiGet Change File List at Sync Dialog
2009-07-20 Frank LiAdd url error message at syncdlg
2009-07-19 Frank LiAdd commit list and change list ctrl at SyncDlg
2009-07-19 Frank LiSync Dialog branch select basic work.
2009-07-19 Frank LiRecord Push and Pull button at sync dialog
2009-07-19 Frank LiEnable Sync Dialog Resize
2009-07-19 Frank LiAdd SYNC dialog