OSDN Git Service

Version browse in switch, export, new branch/tag and merge dialogs
[tortoisegit/TortoiseGitJp.git] / src / TortoiseProc / GitSwitchDlg.cpp
2009-02-10 Colin LawVersion browse in switch, export, new branch/tag and...
2009-02-04 Frank LiFix issue 17 Switch should default branch to current...
2009-02-02 Frank LiMerge myapi_overlay.
2009-02-02 Colin LawTidy up create branch/tag dialog
2009-01-30 Frank LiAdd EnableSaveRestore at some dialog.
2009-01-02 Frank LiFix switch\checkout don't get current base version...
2008-12-28 Frank LiDiff Dialog double click work
2008-12-25 Frank LiUse unified Version Choose Code
2008-12-24 Frank LiAdd Switch Checkout Dialog