OSDN Git Service

Fix git blame log dialog show nothing
[tortoisegit/TortoiseGitJp.git] / src / TortoiseProc / GitLogListBase.cpp
2010-01-18 Frank LiFix git blame log dialog show nothing
2010-01-18 Frank LiFix format string %s , commit_hash problem.
2010-01-15 Frank LiAvoid send multi GITLOG_START when parser commit list
2010-01-14 Frank LiFix don't using cache bug and disable filter when fetch log
2010-01-13 Frank LiAll branch and first parent work at log dialog
2010-01-12 Frank LiAdd log encoding support
2010-01-12 Frank LiFix crash when input character at filter box
2010-01-12 Frank LiShow Progress percentage at log dialog
2010-01-12 Frank LiAdd multi-thread protection and correct log info label
2010-01-11 Frank LiChange update count policy
2010-01-11 Frank LiShow Authordate
2010-01-11 Frank LiAdd NO_SCROLL when update total size of list number.
2010-01-11 Frank LiGit log basic work but graph tree is wrong when scroll
2010-01-08 Frank Ligitdll call basic work
2010-01-08 Frank LiFinish Coding to change fetch log with gitdll
2010-01-04 Frank LiBuild TortoisProc is okay
2010-01-02 Frank LiChange Log Code structure Unfinished
2009-12-01 Frank LiUpdate first commit can't show when launch log dialog
2009-12-01 Frank LiFixed issue #234: First log(first commit in history...
2009-10-29 Frank LiTry fix a crash after commit at log dialog
2009-10-29 Frank LiRemove high light line at working dir change item
2009-10-29 Frank LiImpliment commit command at log dialog when choose...
2009-10-28 Frank LiShow commit command at log dialog when choose work...
2009-10-28 Frank LiAdd work dir copy at log dialog
2009-10-24 Frank LiFixed issue #179: Log dialog lacks information about...
2009-07-22 Frank LiAdd command output at SyncDlg
2009-07-01 Frank LiFixed Issue #64: When the graph column is small, the...
2009-07-01 Frank LiFix log graph tree mass when dragon scroll bar from...
2009-06-18 Frank LiMerge branch 'master' of git://github.com/Jopie64/torto...
2009-06-17 Johan 't HartFormatPatch: May also select 'format patch...' if selec...
2009-06-16 Johan 't HartMerge commit 'origin/master' into temp_rebase
2009-06-16 Johan 't HartLogview: Ajust label colors when selected.
2009-06-16 Johan 't HartLogview: Ref label borders
2009-06-16 Johan 't HartLogview: Make use of XP themes in list ctrl
2009-06-15 Frank LiAdd compare with working copy at log dialog
2009-06-08 Johan 't HartRebase: Skip in context-menu appeared twice. First...
2009-05-16 Frank LiMerge QGit2.3 graphic tree
2009-05-16 Frank LiUpgrade graphic tree from qgit2.3
2009-05-15 Frank LiAdd Delete Ref support at Log List dialog
2009-05-14 Frank LiShow "Merged" status for merged file.
2009-05-14 Frank LiTry to enable show merged file
2009-04-28 Frank LiEnable formatpatch at log dialog
2009-04-25 Johan t HartBrowseRefsDlg: Show log context menu item added
2009-04-16 Frank LiIssue 66 in tortoisegit: Some log lines lose color...
2009-04-03 Frank LiFix log crash when refresh frequently
2009-03-24 Frank LiImprove log speed.
2009-03-23 Frank LiTry to improve log preformance
2009-03-18 Frank LiDel RefLog work.
2009-03-17 Frank LiReflog dialog basic work
2009-03-12 Frank LiShow stash flag at log dialog
2009-03-09 Frank LiEnable Double Click to diff base At Log dialog
2009-03-09 Frank LiUse Resource to show Menu Item Context
2009-02-28 Frank LiMerge branch 'master' of ssh://lznuaa@repo.or.cz/srv...
2009-02-28 jackieMerge branch 'master' of git://repo.or.cz/TortoiseGit
2009-02-27 Frank LiLogDlg: Reorg context menu sequence
2009-02-25 jackieMerge branch 'master' of git://repo.or.cz/TortoiseGit
2009-02-24 Frank LiCommit Combine: handle case "HEAD is not first one...
2009-02-22 Johan t HartRemove combine option from Rebase context menu Fix...
2009-02-22 Frank LiDelete: Don't ask user about if keep local copy.
2009-02-22 Frank LiUpdate rebase pick\squash\edit\skip icon
2009-02-21 Frank LiAdd "Rebase" menu at log list. "Cherry Pick show "...
2009-02-21 Frank LiShow bold font for HEAD at log dialog
2009-02-20 Frank LiAdd Combine Commit to one commit at log list dialog
2009-02-20 Frank LiMerge remove x86 build
2009-02-19 Frank LiRebaseDlg: Disable Reset\Swtich Command at context...
2009-02-15 Frank LiRebaseDlg: Add New is top option. Disable Edit control...
2009-02-14 Frank LiRebaseDlg: Change Current Rebase and rebased commit...
2009-02-14 Frank LiRebaseDlg: Implement Pick squash and edit by context...
2009-02-14 Frank LiRebaseDlg: Show Commit List at oldest is first
2009-02-14 Frank LiRebaseDlg: Fetch log when change branch and upstream
2009-02-11 Frank LiLog list "Copy" status should one kind of "ADD" show...
2009-02-08 Johan t HartSet original method of retrieving full log as default
2009-02-08 Johan t HartCheck 'all merge' flag when receiving full log
2009-02-08 Johan t HartFix loading last line of full log and set IsFull flag...
2009-02-08 Johan t HartExperiment with retrieving full log in one git.exe...
2009-02-05 Frank LiFix log filter don't filter commit hash
2009-02-05 Frank LiIssue 25: Log refresh does not pick up new tags on...
2009-02-02 Frank LiMerge myapi_overlay.
2009-02-01 Frank LiAdd Show Whole Project Checkbox at log dialog
2009-02-01 Frank LiFollow first parent work at log dialog
2009-02-01 Frank LiAdd All Branch Check Box at LogDlg
2009-02-01 Colin LawTidy up of relative times, strings into resource files.
2009-02-01 Colin LawImplement Show Relative Times checkbox in Settings...
2009-02-01 Colin LawProvide sensible default column widths for log. Default...
2009-02-01 Colin LawFirst pass at relative times in log. This version shows...
2009-01-31 Johan t HartRemove some more Subversion leftovers
2009-01-31 Johan t HartFixed some typos and slightly changed dialog layout...
2009-01-30 Frank LiAdd Show "No Merge" and "First Parent Only" Option...
2009-01-30 Frank LiShow "Wait ... " at log list when fetch git log.
2009-01-30 Frank LiMerge From Colin Law Save and restore column widths...
2009-01-30 Colin LawSave and restore column widths for log and blame in...
2009-01-30 Frank LiUse safe back thread way to fetch log at GitLogList.
2009-01-29 Colin LawDefault date format to short format.
2009-01-29 Colin LawIn log, format Author Date from regional settings....
2009-01-28 Frank LiFix redraw all when loading thread finish load log
2009-01-28 Frank LiMerge branch 'log_cache'
2009-01-27 Frank LiGit Log Cache Basic working
2009-01-23 Colin LawCompiler warnings removal Numerous tweaks to remove...
2009-01-23 Colin LawFixed a couple of obvious code errors
2009-01-22 Frank LiAdd conflict handle