OSDN Git Service

give up save cache when m_GitDir is empty
[tortoisegit/TortoiseGitJp.git] / src / TortoiseProc / GitLogCache.cpp
2010-01-18 Frank Ligive up save cache when m_GitDir is empty
2010-01-14 Frank LiFix don't using cache bug and disable filter when fetch log
2010-01-13 Frank LiAll branch and first parent work at log dialog
2010-01-08 Frank Ligitdll call basic work
2010-01-08 Frank LiFinish Coding to change fetch log with gitdll
2010-01-02 Frank LiChange Log Code structure Unfinished
2009-02-20 Frank LiMerge remove x86 build
2009-02-11 Frank LiFix Log Cache Miss Save Path old file name(in rename...
2009-02-02 Frank LiMerge myapi_overlay.
2009-01-29 Frank LiFix TortoiseGitBlame miss GitLogCache problem.
2009-01-28 Frank LiMerge branch 'log_cache'
2009-01-27 Frank LiGit Log Cache Basic working
2009-01-26 Frank LiLog Cache Compile Okay
2009-01-26 Frank LiAdd Log Cache Code