OSDN Git Service

Corrected an English sentence.
[tortoisegit/TortoiseGitJp.git] / src / TortoiseProc / CloneDlg.cpp
2009-04-12 Amir E. AharoniCorrected an English sentence.
2009-04-09 Frank LiDetect clipboard URL at clone and push and pull dialog...
2009-04-02 Frank LiAdd auto load putty key option at clone, pull and push...
2009-03-06 Frank Lifix some dialog can't show after resize and close and...
2009-02-02 Frank LiMerge myapi_overlay.
2009-01-30 Frank LiAdd EnableSaveRestore at some dialog.
2008-12-20 Frank LiGit Clone Dialog Basic Okay
2008-12-03 Frank LiAdd Clone Dlg