OSDN Git Service

merge original branch.
[tortoisegit/TortoiseGitJp.git] / src / Git / GitRev.cpp
2010-01-25 hylommerge original branch. master
2010-01-23 Frank LiBasic File diff dialog is okay to show prediff command
2010-01-15 Frank LiFix build error
2010-01-13 Frank LiAll branch and first parent work at log dialog
2010-01-12 Frank LiAdd log encoding support
2010-01-11 Frank LiShow add files at init version
2010-01-11 Frank LiGit log basic work but graph tree is wrong when scroll
2010-01-08 Frank LiFinish Coding to change fetch log with gitdll
2010-01-04 Frank LiBuild is okay
2010-01-02 Frank LiChange Log Code structure Unfinished
2009-10-24 Frank LiFixed issue #179: Log dialog lacks information about...
2009-08-21 Frank LiFixed issue #147: Add ability to drop / view stash
2009-06-08 Colin LawFix compile error in TortoiseShell build.
2009-06-07 Colin LawFix Issue 94 Commit log showing incorrect timestamps
2009-05-22 Frank LiAdd support i18n.logOutputEncoding at log list
2009-05-14 Frank LiTry to enable show merged file
2009-03-27 Johan t HartFix crash in logviewer on invalid time strings
2009-03-02 jackieAll configurations (Release/Debug and x86/x64) can...
2009-02-02 Frank LiMerge myapi_overlay.
2009-02-01 Colin LawImplement Show Relative Times checkbox in Settings...
2009-02-01 Colin LawFix error in call to GetTimeZoneInformation().
2009-02-01 Colin LawFirst pass at relative times in log. This version shows...
2009-01-28 Frank LiMerge branch 'log_cache'
2009-01-27 Frank LiGit Log Cache Basic working
2009-01-21 Frank LiNew parser can show Chinese file name
2009-01-21 Frank LiUse -z parser at gitlog
2009-01-20 Frank LiAdd show one file log at dialog box.
2009-01-20 Frank LiMerge X64 Build
2009-01-18 Frank LiFix Show Log boundary show more than 1 log item when...
2009-01-18 Frank LiFix use utf8 as git output encode. So commit message...
2009-01-14 Frank LiShare resource file between TortoiseGitBlame and Tortoi...
2009-01-11 Frank LiGit Blame Can Show Log
2009-01-05 Frank LiVersion Tree Work.
2009-01-05 Frank LiVersion Tree Basic work
2008-12-30 Frank LiFix CStringList TortoiseShell build problem
2008-12-29 Frank LiUse new method to update log So the user don't wait...
2008-12-29 Frank LiCompare previous version ok
2008-12-03 Frank LiChange Dir Structure to be same as TortoiseSVN'