OSDN Git Service

2012-04-30 HiramiFIX: When title includes a letter pipe('|'). Save failed. master
2012-04-15 HiramiMerge branch 'win32'
2012-04-15 HiramiFIX: master view is not visible when startup.
2012-04-15 HiramiAdd move file
2012-04-14 HiramiNotes ordering.
2012-04-12 HiramiFIX: ABEND when encrypting.
2012-04-12 HiramiSupport password timeout.
2012-04-11 HiramiChange when encrypting, ask password twice.
2012-04-11 HiramiAlertView related refactoring.
2012-04-11 HiramiResign forcus on SinglePasswordDialog.
2012-04-11 HiramiImplement encrypt/decrypt.
2012-04-10 HiramiChange property references to weak.
2012-04-10 HiramiFIX: When select folder, transition occured.
2012-04-10 HiramiChange screen transition for iPhone.
2012-04-10 HiramiSupport UTF-8 text with BOM and SJIS.
2012-04-10 HiramiImplement TOMBO crypt format.
2012-04-08 HiramiImplement crypt related features.
2012-04-06 HiramiFIX: Can't build due to change expat/oniguruma directories.
2012-04-06 HiramiRemove TomboUnit project file.
2012-04-03 HiramiImplement to create new folder.
2012-04-03 HiramiImplement delete file/folder.
2012-04-03 HiramiChange detail view structure.
2012-04-01 HiramiRemove characters from note's title which can't use...
2012-03-31 HiramiWhen renaming and exists same name file, add '(n)'...
2012-03-31 HiramiSupport iPad saving.
2012-03-31 HiramiImprove detail view window size control.
2012-03-30 HiramiDon't save when no text is modified.
2012-03-30 HiramiHide EDIT button on master view.
2012-03-30 HiramiUpdate master view when notes is changed.
2012-03-30 HiramiImplement save notes.
2012-03-30 HiramiResize detail view window size when keyboard is show...
2012-03-30 HiramiEnable new note button.
2012-03-30 HiramiRefactoring
2012-03-30 HiramiShow note contents to detail view.
2012-03-29 HiramiImplement move folder.
2012-03-28 HiramiAdd icon to list view
2012-03-28 HiramiScan document directory.
2012-03-28 HiramiDisplay dummy item to list view.
2012-03-24 HiramiMove UnitTest to Win32
2012-03-24 HiramiAdd iOS project generated by template
2012-03-24 HiramiMove expat and oniguruma to Win32 directory and remove...
2012-03-19 HiramiIncrement version and update copyrights. TOMBO_2_0_BETA_5
2012-03-19 HiramiSquashed commit of the following:
2012-03-19 HiramiCreate msi setup
2012-03-19 HiramiYAEdit color properties support.
2012-03-18 HiramiFix message generate script is not work.
2012-03-18 HiramiSupport color settings on YAEdit.
2012-03-12 Hiramiremove wince projects.
2012-03-12 HiramiUpgrade project for VS2010
2009-03-09 Tomohisa HiramiMerge branch 'dev'
2009-03-09 Tomohisa HiramiThe timing of CloseUndoRegion on BS is incorrect.
2009-03-08 Tomohisa HiramiMerge commit 'HEAD'; branch 'dev'
2009-03-05 Tomohisa Hiramiadd undo reagion
2009-03-03 Tomohisa Hiramiprepare to fix UndoTest4
2009-03-03 Tomohisa Hiramichange default build Tombo to UnitTest
2009-03-03 Tomohisa Hiramiadd undo test case
2009-03-03 Tomohisa HiramiAdd test case : dual undo
2009-03-03 Tomohisa Hiramipartially support dual undo (Ctrl-Z to Ctrl-Z)
2009-03-03 Tomohisa Hiramiimporve framework and refactoring YAEditDoc about undo
2009-03-02 hiramiFIX: build failed.
2009-03-02 hiramiCreate unit test framework
2009-02-21 hiramichange include path to relative.
2009-02-19 hiramimoved from CVS
2009-02-19 unknowninitial