OSDN Git Service

2019-11-12 StargFix merge dev41
2019-11-12 StargMerge UnkoTim228
2019-11-12 StargImport UnkoTim228 unkotim unkotim228
2019-11-10 Starg[libmpg123] Update libmpg123 to 1.25.13
2019-11-09 StargFix potentially uninitialized variables
2019-11-09 Starg[libunimod] Prevent macro redefinition
2019-11-09 Starg#define _CRT_NONSTDC_NO_DEPRECATE
2019-11-09 StargWork around the link error on clang-cl
2019-11-08 Stian SkjelstadGCC gave warning about possible wrong indent vs missing...
2019-11-08 Stian SkjelstadWRD_PAL message should be 12bit (3 hex characters)...
2019-11-08 Alexander MyltsevFix --preserve-silence killing the first note.
2019-11-08 StargMerge branch 'master' into merge-upstream
2019-11-08 StargMerge branch 'master' (early part) into merge-upstream
2019-11-08 StargMerge branch 'master' (early part) into merge-upstream
2019-10-14 Starg[flac] Fix the issue where clang-cl rejects AVX2
2019-10-13 Starg[pdcurses] Update pdcurses.def
2019-10-13 Starg[pdcurses] Update pdcurses to 3.9
2019-10-13 Starg[libogg] Update CMakeLists.txt
2019-10-13 Starg[libogg] Update libogg to 1.3.4
2019-10-13 Starg[libmpg123] Fix path and exclude some files
2019-10-13 Starg[libmpg123] Update libmpg123 to 1.25.12
2019-10-13 Starg[flac] Fix compiler errors
2019-10-13 Starg[flac] Update FLAC to 1.3.3
2019-09-29 StargClear selection on clearing console
2019-09-05 Starg[sfz] Add #include count limit
2019-09-05 Starg[sfz] Add support for <master> header
2019-09-05 StargTemporarily disable lorand and hirand in .cfg
2019-09-05 StargImplement random selection
2019-09-05 StargAdd support for round robin
2019-09-04 StargDisable output file settings for non-file-output modes
2019-08-12 StargFix AVX version of thread_effect
2019-08-10 StargAdd break statements in MPanelUpdate()
2019-08-10 StargRestore Japanese messages in DlgPlaylistOpen() and...
2019-07-27 StargAsk the user whether to reload cfg
2019-07-27 Starg[sfz] Fix instrument iterator manipulation
2019-07-25 StargSet thread description
2019-07-25 StargRemove duplicated w32_reset_dll_directory()
2019-07-25 StargFix compile errors in portmidisyn_c.c
2019-07-25 StargMerge unkotim227
2019-07-25 StargImport unkotim227 unkotim227
2019-07-15 StargFixed a bug where invalid bank/preset in sf2 caused...
2019-07-15 StargFix merge of UnkoTim215; Some samples was crashing...
2019-07-11 StargFix merge
2019-07-11 StargMerge UnkoTim226
2019-07-11 StargImport UnkoTim226 unkotim226
2019-06-30 Starg[vt100] Use alternate screen buffer
2019-06-24 StargSave recently used cfg file names
2019-06-24 StargChange the edit box for the config file name to a drop...
2019-06-23 StargFix optimized resampler causing buffer overrun
2019-06-11 Starg[cmake] Fix compiler options
2019-06-09 StargMake Spectre mitigation optional
2019-06-09 StargPass /nologo option to rc
2019-06-09 Starg[cmake] Prefer `string APPEND`
2019-05-25 Stargtwsynsrv and twsyng don't need pdcurses
2019-05-21 StargFix preference dialog
2019-05-21 StargFix the "Options" menu item to show the preference...
2019-05-20 StargChange PortAudio WASAPI Stream Options to use checkboxes
2019-05-20 StargFix English dialogs
2019-05-18 StargUpdate pdcurses.def
2019-05-18 StargUpdate pdcurses/CMakeLists.txt
2019-05-18 StargImport PDCurses 3.8
2019-05-01 StargSimplify mix_voice_thread()
2019-04-30 StargSimplify mix_voice()
2019-04-30 StargImport opus 1.3.1
2019-04-29 StargFix DLS memory leak
2019-04-08 StargFix passing files to the old instance
2019-04-08 StargFix deleting item from playlist_shuffle
2019-04-08 StargRemove duplicated entry in ctl_list
2019-04-08 StargAlways use "\n" for the help message
2019-04-08 StargRemove "sounfont.ini load ... ok" message
2019-04-08 StargUse timidity file API in timidity_pre_load_configuration()
2019-03-30 Starg[mfi] Accept MFi files with unknown version
2019-03-30 StargImprove file extension filters
2019-03-20 StargRemove unnecessary memset
2019-03-20 StargEnable CFG for clang-cl
2019-03-18 StargFix newline code
2019-03-15 StargMerge branch 'unkotim' into dev41
2019-03-15 StargImport UnkoTim225 unkotim225
2019-03-15 StargFix blurry font in Tracer Window
2019-03-03 Starg[sfz] Use std::unordered_map for cache
2019-02-18 StargUse /Ob3 switch
2019-02-14 StargAdd missing forward declarations
2019-02-14 StargFix for AVX2
2019-02-14 StargRemove gather and scatter
2019-02-14 StargMerge UnkoTim224
2019-02-14 StargImport UnkoTim224 unkotim224
2019-01-27 Starg[dls][sfz] Add support for pan
2019-01-17 StargFix type incompatibility
2019-01-16 StargMerge UnkoTim223
2019-01-16 StargImport UnkoTim223 unkotim223
2019-01-13 StargFix updating module menu
2019-01-13 StargFix the module popup menu not showing the last module
2019-01-01 Starg[sfz] Change <global> and <control> to not add up
2018-12-22 Starg[sfz] Implement amp_keycenter and amp_keytrack
2018-12-22 Starg[sfz] Fix amp_veltrack
2018-12-22 Starg[sfz] Add support for transpose
2018-12-21 StargFix sfz envelope
2018-12-21 Starg[sfz] Fix sfz envelope
2018-12-19 StargChange twsyng.exe and twsynsrv.exe to use twsyng32.ini
2018-12-19 Starg[dls] Fix sustain level