OSDN Git Service

2004-06-28 nabekenfixed "player nil" bug
2004-06-27 nabekenset regal_move in case of timeout
2004-06-27 nabekenfinished status added
2004-06-25 nabekenboard tracking function added
2004-06-23 nabekensupport space in chat message
2004-06-13 nabekentimeout check added
2004-06-08 nabekenmytime should be updated in start method for 2nd game
2004-06-06 nabeken%%LOGOUT -> LOGOUT
2004-06-06 nabekensprintf lost
2004-06-05 nabeken1st release
2004-06-05 nabekenneed to update message from server to client
2004-05-30 nabekeninitial
2004-05-30 (no author)New repository initialized by cvs2svn.