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Fixed an encoding issue for mk_rate
[shogi-server/shogi-server.git] / utils / csa-filter.rb
2014-07-26 Daigo MoriwakiFixed an encoding issue for mk_rate 20140726
2014-07-26 Daigo MoriwakiCherry-pick 62ad30f 3217ea4
2013-12-13 Daigo MoriwakiMerge branch 'master' into wdoor-stable
2013-11-22 Daigo MoriwakiMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/wdoor-stable'
2012-01-07 Daigo MoriwakiRenewed year of copyright notice in each file.
2009-11-25 beatlesAdded a tool to investicate statistics of csa kifu...
2009-02-15 beatlesPlayer names are compared in a case-insensitive way.
2009-02-11 beatles * [utils/csa-filter.rb]