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2015-12-13 Daigo MoriwakiMerge branch 'master' into wdoor-stable 20151213
2015-12-13 Daigo MoriwakiMerge branch '201512-leastdiff'
2015-12-13 Daigo Moriwaki[shogi-server] shogi_server/pairing.rb: Attempt more...
2013-12-13 Daigo MoriwakiMerge branch 'master' into wdoor-stable
2013-11-22 Daigo MoriwakiMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/wdoor-stable'
2012-01-07 Daigo MoriwakiRenewed year of copyright notice in each file.
2010-08-03 daigo../shogi_server.rb, ../shogi_server/util.rb: Refactored...
2010-06-26 daigoAdded some module functions related to DateTime or...
2009-12-26 beatles* [shogi-server]
2008-06-28 beatlesDo not raise in the case of invalid arguments
2008-06-28 beatles* [shogi-server]