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Fix #35795: A time consumed could be -1
[shogi-server/shogi-server.git] / shogi_server.rb
2015-01-17 Daigo MoriwakiMerge branch 'wdoor-stable'
2015-01-17 Daigo MoriwakiMerge branch '201410-maxmoves'
2015-01-17 Daigo MoriwakiUpdate various documentations
2015-01-12 Daigo MoriwakiFollow an API change in the upstream: LogDevice
2015-01-12 Daigo MoriwakiNew feature: Zero least time per move.
2014-10-13 Daigo MoriwakiMerge branch 'wdoor-stable'
2014-02-22 Daigo MoriwakiMerge branch '201312-usiToCsa'
2014-01-07 Daigo MoriwakiUpdated Revision number.
2013-12-15 Daigo MoriwakiMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into wdoor...
2013-12-15 Daigo Moriwaki[shogi-server] - Released: Revision "20131215" 20131215
2013-12-13 Daigo MoriwakiMerge branch 'master' into wdoor-stable
2013-11-22 Daigo MoriwakiMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/wdoor-stable'
2013-11-04 Daigo MoriwakiRleased: Revision "20131104" 20131104
2012-01-07 Daigo MoriwakiRenewed year of copyright notice in each file.
2012-01-07 Daigo Moriwaki[shogi-server] Added shogi_server/compatible.rb, which...
2010-08-03 daigo../shogi_server.rb, ../shogi_server/util.rb: Refactored...
2010-07-25 daigoshogi_server.rb: Fixed a race condition in a case of...
2010-07-25 daigoMerge branch 'logger'
2010-07-25 daigo- shogi_server.rb: Refactoring. Added test/TC_logger...
2010-07-24 daigoResolved merge conflict
2010-07-17 daigo* [shogi-server]
2009-07-29 beatlesExperimantal implementation for specified games, codena...
2008-12-13 beatles* [shogi-server]
2008-12-13 beatles* [shogi-server]
2008-11-30 beatles* Changed the stley of the comment lines to RDoc's...
2008-10-08 beatlesNot have milliseconds logged.
2008-10-08 beatles* [shogi-server]
2008-10-07 beatlesDebugged the daemon mode
2008-10-02 beatles* No loger use Dependencies.rb in Rails.
2008-06-06 beatles[shogi-server]