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[shogi-server/shogi-server.git] / shogi-server
2006-09-08 beatlesRefactoring
2006-09-07 beatles* [shogi-server]
2006-08-16 beatlesAdd a space in the output of %%RATING.
2006-08-14 beatlesFix a bug. Now it can show %%RATING even if it has...
2006-08-14 beatlesFix a typo.
2006-08-14 beatlesQuick fixes.
2006-08-10 beatlesChange the style of a comment line on the rated game.
2006-08-08 beatles* Change the player id, which is now <name>+<hash_of_th...
2006-08-02 beatlesAdd Player#modified_at
2006-07-31 beatles Add a command, %%RATING, to show a ranking sorted...
2006-07-31 beatlesFix a bug.
2006-07-31 beatlesAdd a simple rating system
2006-07-30 beatlesAdd @move_count in Board class, which is used by Shogi...
2006-04-28 beatlesFix a jishogi bug.
2006-04-19 tkanekoceil => floor
2006-04-08 beatlesSupport Protocol Version 1.1
2006-03-10 beatlesKifu logs are always written in separate files. Add...
2006-03-06 tkanekodo not write comment if the file handle has been closed
2006-03-06 tkanekoremoved a space character in recording of a comment...
2006-03-06 tkanekoadded an extension implemented by daigo moriwaki.
2005-08-25 nabekenfixed by kaneko-san about byoyomi
2004-07-30 nabekenfix remainig_time update timing
2004-07-19 nabekenbug fixed. "GAME *" after "GAME -" failed.
2004-07-18 nabeken%%GAME, %%CHALLENGE needs 2nd arg. "*" means "dont...
2004-07-17 nabeken%KACHI check added
2004-07-17 nabekenfix gote promotion bug
2004-07-17 nabekenshow last board
2004-07-17 nabekenoute_sennichite fixed
2004-07-17 nabekencheckmate check added
2004-07-15 nabekenfix for CSA mode. game not started.
2004-07-11 nabekengame format changed
2004-07-10 nabekensennichite check added
2004-07-10 nabekenping watchdog deleted
2004-07-10 nabekenfrom wdoor
2004-07-04 nabekenmutex_watchdog added
2004-07-04 nabekenwriter_thread introduced
2004-07-03 nabeken%%MONITORON, %%MONITOROFF added
2004-07-03 nabekentotal_time = 0 means no limit
2004-07-03 nabekengame name format changed. "game_name:number:number"
2004-06-28 nabekenfixed "player nil" bug
2004-06-27 nabekenset regal_move in case of timeout
2004-06-27 nabekenfinished status added
2004-06-25 nabekenboard tracking function added
2004-06-23 nabekensupport space in chat message
2004-06-13 nabekentimeout check added
2004-06-08 nabekenmytime should be updated in start method for 2nd game
2004-06-06 nabeken%%LOGOUT -> LOGOUT
2004-06-06 nabekensprintf lost
2004-06-05 nabeken1st release
2004-06-05 nabekenneed to update message from server to client
2004-05-30 nabekeninitial