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utils/eval_graph.rb: Support Fischer time control.
[shogi-server/shogi-server.git] / mk_rate
2015-01-20 Daigo MoriwakiGetting an absolute location of this file was wrong...
2015-01-17 Daigo MoriwakiMerge branch '201410-maxmoves'
2014-12-13 Daigo MoriwakiMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/wdoor-stable'
2014-11-24 Daigo MoriwakiRuby 2.0.0 or later is recommended to use with shogi...
2014-10-13 Daigo MoriwakiMerge branch 'wdoor-stable'
2014-07-26 Daigo MoriwakiFixed an encoding issue for mk_rate 20140726
2014-07-26 Daigo MoriwakiCherry-pick 62ad30f 3217ea4
2014-07-26 Daigo MoriwakiMerge branch '201407-abnormal'
2014-07-26 Daigo MoriwakiFixed an encoding issue for mk_rate
2014-07-19 Daigo Moriwaki[mk_rate] - Added a new option, --abnormal-threshold n:
2013-12-13 Daigo MoriwakiMerge branch 'master' into wdoor-stable
2013-11-23 Daigo Moriwaki* [mk_rate] Now duplicated inputs are checked and skipped.
2013-11-23 Daigo Moriwaki[mk_rate] gsl library may be provided as a gem
2013-11-22 Daigo MoriwakiMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/wdoor-stable'
2013-11-04 Daigo MoriwakiMerge branch '201303-yamashita_matching' into wdoor...
2013-11-04 Daigo Moriwaki* [mk_rate] - Added a new option, --ignore, which is...
2012-01-07 Daigo MoriwakiRenewed year of copyright notice in each file.
2012-01-07 Daigo Moriwaki- Updated documents in the command files.
2011-12-18 Daigo Moriwaki[mk_rate] [mk_game_results] Supports Ruby 1.9.3.
2010-10-30 daigo- Added a new debug message. 20101030
2010-10-30 daigoCorrected namespace of GSL::Vector. This line is not...
2010-10-06 daigo- mk_rate: the usage was not updated. (Closes: #23358)
2010-05-08 Daigo Moriwaki* [mk_rate]
2009-11-15 beatles* [mk_rate]
2009-11-08 beatles* [mk_rate]
2009-11-08 beatlesRemoved the deprecated method.
2008-12-28 beatles* [mk_rate]
2008-12-28 beatles[mk_rate]
2008-12-28 beatlesRevert the previouse commit on "[mk_rate]"
2008-12-27 beatles[mk_rate]
2008-12-26 beatlesCheck kifu files more carefully so that inproper files...
2008-11-30 beatles* Changed the stley of the comment lines to RDoc's...
2008-06-23 beatlesregular expressoin is available for matching player...
2008-06-23 beatlesAdded a new option: --fixed-rate and --fixed-rate-playe...
2008-04-21 beatlesThe half-life period is now configurable.
2008-03-10 beatlesutils/players-graph.rb
2008-03-09 tkanekouse linear regression to solve system. this is a worka...
2008-03-09 tkanekouse Householder transformation to solve linear systems...
2008-03-04 beatlesIf the computed ratings do not stabilize, then mk_rate...
2008-02-05 beatlesDisplay not-yet-rated players. Interium commit.
2007-11-03 beatlesSupport Ruby (or higher) and GSL 1.10 (or...
2007-06-16 beatlesBumped up GAME_LIMIT
2007-03-27 beatlesWhen there were too few games to rate players (i.e. no
2007-02-18 beatlesFixed a typo error.
2007-02-17 beatlesImplemented half-life effect. Numbers of win/lose decre...
2006-11-01 beatlesSkip 'abnormal' games.
2006-10-30 beatlesMake players into 'connected' groups for a meaningful...
2006-10-08 beatlesCorrected making win_loss_matrix.
2006-10-02 beatlesplayers who never win or lose are not rated
2006-09-21 beatlesmk_rate supports draw games.
2006-09-15 beatlesSupport @NORATE syntax in the name.
2006-09-08 beatlesIgnore games of players who have SAME id.
2006-09-07 beatles* [shogi-server]
2006-09-05 beatlesFix a bug.
2006-08-18 beatlesForgot to add a namespace.
2006-08-18 beatlesRe-designed
2006-08-16 beatlesFor ease to see in the players.yaml.
2006-08-16 beatlesFix a bug. Now it can see black/white players in a...
2006-08-15 beatlesFix a but. Now it can correctly search directories...
2006-08-14 beatlesQuick fixes.
2006-08-11 beatlesAdd mk_rate.