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2008-03-08 beatles* [mk_html]
2008-02-16 tkanekomodified url for each player
2008-02-08 beatlesFloodgate's thread 10 sec. Do not show old players.
2008-02-06 beatlesAdded a link from a player name to a LATEST game list.
2008-02-05 beatlesSort by last_modified for not-yet-rated players.
2008-02-05 beatlesUse YUI
2008-02-05 beatlesDisplay not-yet-rated players. Interium commit.
2007-03-10 beatlesPopup shows additional information
2007-02-17 beatles- Show groups in the order specified in players.html.
2006-11-01 beatlesRefactoring. Pretty output.
2006-10-30 beatlesMake players into 'connected' groups for a meaningful...
2006-09-21 beatlesAdd CSS for pretty print.
2006-08-14 beatlesFirst upload