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2016-04-09 Daigo MoriwakiUpdate for Fischer Clock Rule master
2014-07-26 Daigo MoriwakiRating calculation now incorporates abnormal game resul...
2013-09-15 Daigo MoriwakiFixed an HTML warning
2013-09-15 Daigo MoriwakiFixed an HTML warning
2013-09-15 Daigo MoriwakiFixed an HTML warning
2013-09-15 Daigo MoriwakiFixed an HTML error.
2013-09-08 Daigo MoriwakiDescribed a new feature: %%FORK command.
2013-09-07 Daigo MoriwakiDescribed a new feature: byoyomi '060' enables a stop...
2010-10-08 daigoCorrected an anchor name for %%GETBUOYCOUNT.
2010-09-11 daigoDescribed %%DELETEBUOY and %%GETBOUYCOUNT
2010-09-05 daigoAdded a description of %%SETBUOY command.
2010-07-11 daigoAdd a description of %%RATING command.
2010-07-10 Daigo MoriwakiAdded a new page showing shogi-server's usage.
2010-07-10 Daigo MoriwakiCorrected line breaks.
2010-07-10 Daigo MoriwakiAdded linkchecker.
2010-07-10 Daigo MoriwakiFixed lint warnings.
2010-07-10 Daigo MoriwakiAdded a new target, which validates HTML files.
2010-03-01 tkanekoupdate recent protocol changes
2010-03-01 tkanekomigration to git.
2009-11-03 tkanekoadd more anchors
2009-11-03 tkanekoreordered paragraphs
2009-11-03 beatlesUpdated links
2009-11-03 tkanekoupdate information
2008-10-20 tkanekorevert changes in r280. Keeping links from outside...
2008-10-14 beatlesThe pages has been moved to a wiki on sourceforge.jp
2008-03-29 tkanekoadd tag
2007-02-20 beatlesDocument about Half-Life effect.
2007-02-04 tkanekoadd description
2006-11-02 beatlesExplained that abnormal games are skipped.
2006-10-03 beatlesWrite about adding a trip in a password for the CSA...
2006-09-16 beatlesWrote about hashed password.
2006-09-08 beatlesWrite on the new way to login for rating sysytem.
2006-09-05 beatlesTalk about a new equation.
2006-08-14 beatlesInitial file
2006-08-14 beatlesWrite more.
2006-08-14 beatlesDocument the rating system.
2006-04-13 beatlesCorrect japanese: desu,masu.
2006-04-13 beatlesAdd a notice for CVS modules.
2006-04-08 tkanekosimplified
2006-03-06 tkanekoan icon of sourceforge.jp added
2005-10-31 tkanekoadd a link to takada-san's client
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2005-09-01 tkanekoadd a link to project home in sourceforge, as contact...
2005-09-01 tkanekofix wrong directory structure caused by erroneous import
2005-09-01 (no author)New repository initialized by cvs2svn.