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2014-02-23 mshiofix star comments :(
2013-11-18 mshioadd 2 glyphs
2013-11-03 mshioadd a scriptlet to delete the first line when it is...
2013-11-02 mshioadd lists of education kanji
2013-01-20 mshioextract a common function of new_glyphs.py and rest_of_...
2012-12-09 mshioadds new_glyphs.py
2012-12-09 mshioadds rest_of_kanji.py and data files
2010-07-11 mshiohave the number of year at the comment to be updated...
2010-07-11 mshioupdate the number of year at the comment
2009-06-30 mshioadd -g (--glyph) option, and change copyright comment...
2009-06-16 mshiorename
2009-06-14 mshiomake rewriting process able to done without temporary...
2009-06-13 mshioadd and modify docstring
2009-06-12 mshioadd docstring