OSDN Git Service

2011-10-24 axasiaMerge remote-tracking branch 'qtsw/master' master
2011-10-24 Daniel TeskeImprove messages of buildmanager to say build/deploy
2011-10-24 Daniel TeskeDon't check depth of source vs build dir for Qt >=4.8
2011-10-24 Daniel TeskeLess magic in BuildStep::buildConfiguration() and deplo...
2011-10-24 Aurindam JanaQmlScriptConsole: Bug Fixes
2011-10-22 Nicolas Arnaud... QmlEditor: show the id name when folding a block.
2011-10-22 Yuchen DengCoding style fixes
2011-10-22 Yuchen DengBuild fix when use -no-stl option
2011-10-21 Christian KandelerRemoteLinux: Guide user to project file from deploy...
2011-10-21 Tobias HungerSmall coding style cleanup
2011-10-21 Tobias HungerFix build warning
2011-10-21 Yuchen DengGit: Add support for the i18n.logoutputencoding setting
2011-10-21 Yuchen DengGit: Support encoding convert of commit messages
2011-10-21 Christian KandelerRemoteLinux: Don't force generic run configurations...
2011-10-21 Christian KammQmlJS: Fix build.
2011-10-21 Christian KammQmlJS checks: Warn about extra message suppressions.
2011-10-21 Christian KammQmlJS: Support module apis defined by QML modules.
2011-10-20 Christiaan... QmlProfiler: fix offset difference between timeline...
2011-10-20 Daniel TeskeMake AbstractPackagingStep and derived classes thread...
2011-10-20 hjkanalyzer: merge start and startRemote partially
2011-10-20 hjkdebugger: add testcase for valgrind
2011-10-20 hjkdebugger: add some test case for std::ifstream
2011-10-20 hjkdebugger: renamed gdbdebugger.pro to debugger.pro in...
2011-10-20 hjkdebugger: add convienience constructor for std::strings
2011-10-20 Daniel TeskeFix make not found in environment
2011-10-20 Daniel TeskeAdd a maximum Qt Version to the wizards
2011-10-20 Christian KammQmlJS: Improve tests/tools/qml-ast2dot.
2011-10-20 Christian KammFix compilation of tests/tools/qml-ast2dot.
2011-10-19 Eike ZillerDon't show Design mode if "designer" plugins are disabl...
2011-10-19 Christian KammQmlJS checks: Suppression of static analysis messages.
2011-10-19 Christian KammQmlJS: Add quick fix to wrap element in Loader.
2011-10-19 Christian KammQmlJS checks: Add hint about not using var/variant...
2011-10-19 Yuchen DengGit: Add branches to locator
2011-10-19 Christian KammQmlJS indenter: Fix hang when using 'else (a==a) {}'.
2011-10-19 Christian KammQmlJS indenter: Improve indentation of function literals.
2011-10-19 Christian KammQmlJS indenter: Move reusable code to qmljs lib.
2011-10-18 Friedemann... Compile fix on Linux.
2011-10-18 Friedemann... Revert "L10n: Update German translation for 2.4 beta."
2011-10-18 Friedemann... L10n: Update German translation for 2.4 beta.
2011-10-18 Fawzi Mohamedzeroconf: fix windows building
2011-10-18 Fawzi Mohamedzeroconf/mdnssd: build the fallback daemon on all linux...
2011-10-18 Christian KammQmlJS: Introduce UnknownValue.
2011-10-18 Joerg Bornemannfix <S-Ins> short cut in text editor
2011-10-18 Fawzi Mohamedzeroconf: embedded mdnssd daemon
2011-10-18 Fawzi Mohamedzeroconf: native avahi, and working fallbacks
2011-10-18 Kai KoehneQmlProfiler: Also store sysroot in settings
2011-10-18 Leandro MeloEditors: Make base replace use RefactoringChanges
2011-10-18 Christian KammQmlJS checks: Limit warning about unintentional empty...
2011-10-17 Eike ZillerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/2.4'
2011-10-17 Aurindam JanaDebugger: Show/Hide Address Column in Stack Window
2011-10-17 Daniel MolkentinFix make install for qml designer plugins.
2011-10-17 Robert LoehningRevert "Compile with Visual Studio IDE: string macros...
2011-10-17 Daniel MolkentinInstall qml customstyleplugin in the right place.
2011-10-17 Kai KoehneFileInProjectFinder: Avoid double slash in sysroot...
2011-10-17 Kai KoehneQmlProfiler: Keep configuration of attach dialog
2011-10-17 Kai KoehneQmlProfiler: Add "Sysroot" field to attach dialog
2011-10-17 Eike ZillerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/2.4'
2011-10-17 Daniel MolkentinRemove obsolete file
2011-10-17 Kai KoehneDebugger: Enable stack frames without an annotated...
2011-10-17 Yuchen DengC++: Improve completion assist
2011-10-17 Peter KuemmelCompile with Visual Studio IDE: string macros don't...
2011-10-17 Christian KammQmlJS indenter: Fix ternary multiline indent.
2011-10-17 Erik VerbruggenFixed stack-overflow when parsing insanely nested compo...
2011-10-17 Eike ZillerVersion bump
2011-10-17 Leena MiettinenDoc: must use Qt Quick Components when developing for...
2011-10-17 hjkdebugger: more robust Qt 4 vs Qt 5 detection in dumper
2011-10-14 Thomas HartmannQmlDesigner.designDocumentController: fixes update...
2011-10-14 Tobias Hungergitignore: Ignore *.autosave
2011-10-14 Leena MiettinenDoc: fix bug
2011-10-14 Joerg Bornemannremove nonexistent include path from glsl.pri
2011-10-14 Daniel TeskeRemove processEvents
2011-10-14 Robert Loehningdebugger: Added function to test NULL pointer dereference
2011-10-14 Daniel TeskeMake MaemoInstallPackagToSysroot* thread-safe
2011-10-14 Daniel TeskeFix detection of Oxygen style
2011-10-14 Leena MiettinenDoc: shortcut to check JavaScript code syntax
2011-10-14 Daniel TeskeFix documentation for custom project wizard.
2011-10-14 Leena MiettinenDoc: Issues pane filters
2011-10-14 Daniel TeskeRemove unused functions
2011-10-14 Christian KammQmlJS: Fix build with Qt 4.7.
2011-10-14 Thomas HartmannQmlDesigner.property: fix specialization of property...
2011-10-14 Christian KandelerRemoteLinux: Include sysroot in incremental deployment...
2011-10-14 Jarek KobusFix typo
2011-10-14 Joerg Bornemannoverwrite mode support for the text editor
2011-10-14 Thomas HartmannQmlDesigner.itemLibrary: fix for desktop widgets
2011-10-14 Jarek KobusUpdate Polish translations
2011-10-14 Eike ZillerAdd missing command line help.
2011-10-13 hjkdebugger: don't show warning about release builds on Mac
2011-10-13 Christian KandelerHarmattan: Support "no Aegis manifest file" case.
2011-10-13 Kai KoehneDebugger: Automatically adapt to the languages the...
2011-10-13 Jarek KobusFix typo
2011-10-13 Kai KoehneDebugger: Avoid "Could not connect ... QML debugger...
2011-10-13 Kai KoehneDebugger: Avoid 'start debugging' action being enabled...
2011-10-13 Kai KoehneDebugger: Disable stepping from QML->CPP for the time...
2011-10-13 Kai KoehneDebugger: Expose which languages (QML, C++, Any) an...
2011-10-13 Kai KoehneActually delete CONFIG+=declarative from list of user...
2011-10-13 Robert LoehningSquish: Moved remaining functions for creating projects...
2011-10-13 Leena MiettinenDoc: QML and C++
2011-10-13 Eike ZillerAdapt default window size to larger window borders.
2011-10-13 Thomas HartmannQmlDesigner.contextMenu: fix for layout
2011-10-13 Thomas HartmannQmlDesigner: crash fix