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2019-02-28 Kyotaro HoriguchiFig regression test. master 1.3
2019-01-28 Kyotaro HoriguchiFix SPEC file for pg_store_plans11
2019-01-22 Kyotaro HoriguchiAdd SPEC file for PostgresSQL 11
2019-01-22 Kyotaro HoriguchiVersion bumped to 1.3
2019-01-22 Kyotaro HoriguchiFix boolean setter declaration
2019-01-22 Kyotaro HoriguchiFix misspelling of pg_store_plans
2019-01-22 Kyotaro HoriguchiFix a typo of a message.
2019-01-22 Kyotaro HoriguchiFollow a change in core.
2019-01-08 Kyotaro HoriguchiAdd the LICENSE file and update copyright notice of...
2018-06-13 Kyotaro HoriguchiSupport PG11
2018-06-13 Kyotaro HoriguchiIgnore trailing semicolon in hashing a query
2017-10-10 Kyotaro HoriguchiBump up version to 1.2. 1.2
2017-09-14 Kyotaro HoriguchiAdd test for storing plans
2017-09-14 Kyotaro HoriguchiModify the script to generate conversion test file
2017-06-06 Kyotaro HoriguchiReplace test files
2017-06-06 Kyotaro HoriguchiAdd support for new node types
2017-06-06 Kyotaro HoriguchiSupport PostgreSQL 10
2017-06-06 Kyotaro HoriguchiAvoid duplicate warning on nonstandard escaping of...
2017-06-06 Kyotaro HoriguchiFix wrong indentaion of short json plan
2017-06-06 Kyotaro HoriguchiFix a crash bug caused by unkown aggregation type.
2016-09-05 Kyotaro HoriguchiPrint unknown properties in text representation
2016-09-05 Kyotaro HoriguchiSupport parallel query
2016-09-02 Kyotaro HoriguchiEdit copyright notice
2016-08-30 Kyotaro HoriguchiAdd RPM SPEC file for 9.6
2016-08-30 Kyotaro HoriguchiSupport PostgreSQL 9.6
2016-08-26 Kyotaro HoriguchiPrepare RPM build environmnet for Version 1.1 1.1
2016-08-26 Kyotaro HoriguchiReplace test scripts
2016-08-26 Kyotaro HoriguchiAdd support for TableSample in text representaion.
2016-08-26 Kyotaro HoriguchiAllow handled properties not to have a short name
2016-08-26 Kyotaro HoriguchiSupport ORDER BY and GROUPING SETS in text representation.
2016-08-26 Kyotaro HoriguchiSupport ON CONFLICT in text plan output
2016-08-26 Kyotaro HoriguchiSupport multi-targetted ModifyTable in plan output...
2016-08-26 Kyotaro HoriguchiChange the way to treat nested json-objects
2016-08-26 Kyotaro HoriguchiFix text plan representation for sort keys
2016-08-26 Kyotaro HoriguchiAdd I/O Timings in text plan representation
2016-08-26 Kyotaro HoriguchiAdd JSON item for "Original Hash Buckets"
2016-08-26 Kyotaro HoriguchiFix indent calculation
2016-08-26 Kyotaro HoriguchiFix a misspelling of a function
2016-04-13 Kyotaro HoriguchiPrepare RPM build environment for PostgreSQL 9.5.
2015-10-09 Kyotaro HoriguchiPrepare for building RPM files. 1.0
2015-06-12 Kyotaro HoriguchiFix a bug of expression normalizer.
2015-06-12 Kyotaro HoriguchiFix some typos and wrong comments.
2015-04-10 Kyotaro HoriguchiMake compile quiet phase 2
2015-04-06 Kyotaro HoriguchiAdd documentation
2015-04-03 Kyotaro HoriguchiMake compiler quiet.
2015-04-03 Kyotaro HoriguchiAdd file headers.
2015-04-03 Kyotaro HoriguchiFollow the change in 9.5dev.
2015-04-03 Kyotaro HoriguchiFix the wrong measure for the change in ExplainState.
2015-04-03 Kyotaro HoriguchiFix a typo in test script.
2015-04-03 Kyotaro HoriguchiFix typo of WorkTable Scan.
2015-04-03 Kyotaro HoriguchiMask constants of sort key value.
2015-04-03 Kyotaro HoriguchiAdd new explain properties.
2015-04-03 Kyotaro HoriguchiFollow the change of ExplainState.
2015-04-03 Kyotaro HoriguchiSafely exit from json parser with chopped representations.
2015-04-03 Kyotaro HoriguchiBug fix for text representation when log_timing = off
2015-04-03 Kyotaro HoriguchiMask more unplivileged columns in pg_store_plans view.
2015-04-03 Kyotaro HoriguchiAdded test for unknown JSON field names.
2015-04-03 Kyotaro HoriguchiAdd regtests for plan storage.
2015-04-03 Kyotaro HoriguchiRemove useless debug print.
2015-02-09 Kyotaro HoriguchiRename module to pg_store_plans