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1997-04-20 kennerDelete junk comment.
1997-04-20 kenner(MOD[SD]I_LIBCALL): Call ots$rem, not ots$mod.
1997-04-20 kenner(alpha_need_linkage): Call get_identifier.
1997-04-20 kenner(nonlocal_goto_receiver): New pattern.
1997-04-20 kenner(rs6000_output_load_toc_table): New function.
1997-04-20 kenner(dwarf2out.o): Includes expr.h.
1997-04-20 kennerMajor cleanup; mostly reformatting.
1997-04-20 kennerCast first arg in all calls to bzero to char *.
1997-04-20 kennerUse symbolic codes for exit.
1997-04-20 kenner(profile_function): Only call ASM_OUTPUT_REG_{PUSH...
1997-04-20 kenner({move,clear}_by_pieces_1, expand_assignment): Ensure...
1997-04-20 kenner(change_address, init_emit): Delete forward references.
1997-04-20 merrillx
1997-04-18 wilson(instantiate_decls): For DECL_INCOMING_RTL, use max
1997-04-18 wilson(sys/lc_core.h): Fix OSF1/4.x namespace pollution.
1997-04-18 eggertautomatically generated from GPLed version
1997-04-17 ianFixes for MIPS OpenBSD systems (from Per Fogelstrom
1997-04-17 merrillx
1997-04-15 lawFix typo in last change.
1997-04-14 edelsohndefine itrunc, uitrunc, and mcount macros without prepe...
1997-04-14 edelsohnprepend underscores to itrunc and uitrunc
1997-04-14 edelsohnchange hardcoded .mcount to RS6000_MCOUNT
1997-04-14 wilson(xtrct_left, xtrct_right): New patterns.
1997-04-14 law * mn10300.c (can_use_return_insn): Include...
1997-04-14 law * calls.c (emit_library_call): Handle saving...
1997-04-14 meissnerAdd -mcpu={604e,801,823} support
1997-04-14 wilson(get_last_value_validate): New argument insn.
1997-04-14 ianWhen clobbering a reg, check for later words of a multi...
1997-04-13 dje * calls.c (expand_call): When copying unaligned values...
1997-04-13 dje* expr.c (move_block_from_reg): Try using an integral...
1997-04-13 ianGet the modes right when setting reg_values for a reg...
1997-04-13 dje * integrate.c (copy_rtx_and_substitute): If FRAME_GROW...
1997-04-13 kenner(ASM_SPEC): Define.
1997-04-13 kenner(fake_f_rep): Add missing element name in cast.
1997-04-13 kenner(layout_record, PCC_BITFIELD_TYPE_MATTERS): Fix sign...
1997-04-13 kenner(output_move_qimode): Optimize pushing one byte if...
1997-04-13 kenner(movstricthi): Remove extraneous comparisons.
1997-04-13 kennerInitial revision
1997-04-13 kenner(canon_reg, cse_insn): Don't examine insn_n_dups if...
1997-04-13 kenner(do_include): Diagnose #import and #include_next if...
1997-04-13 ianRemove REG_DEAD notes when eliminating a set in the...
1997-04-13 kenner(fatal_perror, fatal, collect_wait): Use FATAL_EXIT_CODE.
1997-04-13 kenner(print_usage, open_files): Use FATAL_EXIT_CODE.
1997-04-13 kenner(L_bb, L_exit): Use 0 rather than NULL for null pointers.
1997-04-13 kenner(rotl[shq]i3, rotl[hq]i3+1): Don't directly modify...
1997-04-13 kenner(tstdi): Add missing parallel around the pattern.
1997-04-13 kenner(cpp_lex) New arg skip_evaluation.
1997-04-13 kenner(cpp_handle_options): Set warn_undef from -Wundef and...
1997-04-13 kenner(struct cpp_options): New member warn_undef.
1997-04-13 kennercexp.y (warn_undef): New variable.
1997-04-13 kenner(warn_undef): New variable.
1997-04-13 kenner(c_decode_option): Ignore -Wundef, -Wno-undef.
1997-04-13 kenner(lang_options): Add -Wundef, -Wno-undef.
1997-04-13 kennerFormerly cpp.texi.~30~
1997-04-13 kennerFix typo in comment.
1997-04-13 kennerInitial revision
1997-04-13 kenner(lookup_field): Don't recurse unless FIELD is a RECORD_...
1997-04-13 kenner(validate_replace_rtx_1, case MINUS): New case.
1997-04-13 kenner(*return_addsi): Change condition to exclude both ints.
1997-04-13 kennerClean up copyright notice.
1997-04-13 kenner(eligible_for_delay_slot): Clean up and make to agree...
1997-04-13 kenner(profile_function): Save the static chain register...
1997-04-13 kenner(TARGET_VERSION): Redefine.
1997-04-13 kenner(reload): If function has nonlocal label, mark all...
1997-04-13 kenner(invariant_p, case REG): Pointers into frame are not...
1997-04-11 djeDelete some FIXMEs.
1997-04-11 djeDelete some FIXMEs.
1997-04-11 djeDelete "FIXME".
1997-04-11 dje(REG_ALLOC_ORDER): Restore to original setting.
1997-04-11 dje * m32r/m32r.h (UPPER16_P): Fix calculation.
1997-04-11 ianRecognize OpenBSD systems correctly (from Niklas Hallqvist
1997-04-10 wilson(sne): Modified to use negc instead of xor.
1997-04-09 wilson(output_stack_adjust): Reorganize code for readability.
1997-04-09 amylaar(output_stack_adjust): When splitting an adjustment...
1997-04-08 law * mn10300.h (RETURN_ADDR_RTX): Define.
1997-04-07 djeAdd m32r support.
1997-04-07 amylaar(SUBTARGET_CC1_SPEC): Define.
1997-04-07 amylaar(SUBTARGET_CC1_SPEC): Define.
1997-04-07 amylaar(SUBTARGET_CC1_SPEC): Define.
1997-04-06 erich(incscc): Use a match_operand with cc_register to match
1997-04-06 meissnerFix adddi3 problem from wilson; make sol-ci.asm assembl...
1997-04-03 wilson(no_conflict_p): Reject sequences with foreign insns.
1997-04-03 law * mn10300.c (can_use_return_insn): Add size...
1997-04-03 wilson(move_deaths): Handle partial REG_DEAD note for
1997-04-03 wilson(expand_function_start): Emit queue after expanding
1997-04-03 wilson(mips_move_2words): Add SIGN_EXTEND support for SYMBOL_REF,
1997-04-03 wilsonDelete comment referring to README.DWARF.
1997-04-02 meissnerFixes from wilson
1997-04-02 mrs90th Cygnus<->FSF quick merge
1997-04-02 mrs * libgcc2.c (find_exception_table): Fix to logic to...
1997-04-02 law * Makefile.in (USER_H): Add va-mn10300.h
1997-04-02 lawInitial revision
1997-04-02 law * ginclude/stdarg.h: Include va-mn10300.h.
1997-04-01 lawRemove some out of date comments.
1997-04-01 amylaar(ADJUST_COSTS): Define.
1997-03-28 djeInitial revision
1997-03-28 dje * toplev.c (branch_prob_dump, profile_arc_flag, flag_t...
1997-03-28 dje * sched.c (update_flow_info): Handle REG_EXEC_COUNT...
1997-03-28 dje * rtl.c (note_insn_name): Add NOTE_REPEATED_LINE_NUMBER.
1997-03-28 dje * rtl.h (enum reg_note): Add REG_BR_PROB and REG_EXEC_...