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1997-07-07 meyering($(OBJC_O)): Also depend on $(GCC_PASSES).
1997-07-07 meyering(cplib2.ready): Also depend on $(LANGUAGES).
1997-07-06 drepperupdate from main archive 970706
1997-07-05 karl(\titlefonts): New macro to set title font styles,...
1997-07-05 karl(\onepageout): Back up to 2\baselineskip per Stephen.
1997-07-04 merrillx
1997-07-04 rms(\kbdfont, \kbdexamplefont): New macros, parms that
1997-07-03 wilson(unpack_d): Check fraction not sign to distinquish...
1997-07-03 karl(\onepageout): Leave only one line space above the...
1997-07-02 meissnerDo not go beyond end of array
1997-07-02 kenner($(srcdir)/objc/objc-parse.c): Fix command to use the...
1997-07-02 kenner(process_template): Place increment expression outside...
1997-07-02 kenner(sparc-*-linux-gnulibc1*): New configuration.
1997-07-02 kenner(LIBGCC_SPEC): Removed.
1997-07-02 kenner(powerpc-*-linuxgnu*): Default thread_file is posix.
1997-07-02 kenner(LINK_SPEC): Defined.
1997-07-02 kenner(m68k-*-linux-gnu*): Default thread_file is `posix'.
1997-07-02 kenner(LINK_SPEC): Pass -shared for -shared.
1997-07-02 kenner(alpha-*-linux-gnu*): Default thread_file is `posix'.
1997-07-02 kenner(LINK_SPEC): Change ld-gnu.so.1 to ld-linux.so.2.
1997-07-02 kenner(divsi3, modsi3, udivsi3): Comment out.
1997-07-02 kenner(*-linux*): Add "-gnu" to names to match.
1997-07-02 kenner(_trampoline): Add stdcall attribute to VirtualProtect...
1997-07-02 kenner(redundant_insn): If INSN or possible match has REG_UNU...
1997-07-01 dje* mips/mips.c (mips_output_external): Don't output...
1997-07-01 wilson(float_to_usi): Move code for negative numbers before...
1997-07-01 wilson(find_best_addr): Add missing rtx_cost arguments.
1997-07-01 ianFix static functions in sys/stat.h for C++
1997-07-01 ianRestore directory after copy. Fix abs in math.h.
1997-07-01 meissnerfix previous change
1997-07-01 law * h8300.h (BIGGEST_FIELD_ALIGNMENT): Remove...
1997-06-30 law * sh.c (sh_expand_epilogue): Emit a blockage...
1997-06-29 meissnerFix various problems; Add -m{,no-}fused-madd, -m{,no...
1997-06-27 djeRewrite.
1997-06-27 kennerInitial revision
1997-06-27 kenner(libobjc_entry.o, libobjc_s.a, libobjc.dll): New targets.
1997-06-27 kenner(DLLTOOL): Define.
1997-06-27 kenner(search_for_method_in_list): No longer static.
1997-06-27 kenner(CPP_SPEC, LINK_SPEC): Choose for glibc 1 or 2 depending on
1997-06-27 kenner(LIB_SPEC): Choose for glibc 1 or 2 depending on USE_GN...
1997-06-27 kenner(i[3456]86-*-linux*): Default thread_file is `posix'.
1997-06-27 kennerInitial revision
1997-06-27 kennerPrint message about ObjC thread file.
1997-06-27 kenner(OBJC_THREAD_FILE): New definition.
1997-06-27 kenner(GCC_THREAD_FILE): Renamed from OBJC_THREAD_FILE.
1997-06-27 kenner(--enable-threads): New parameter.
1997-06-27 dje * objc/Make-lang.in (OBJC_CCOMMON): Object files don...
1997-06-27 kenner(distclean): Delete */Make-{host,target,lang,hooks}
1997-06-27 kennerClean up Make-lang in all subdirs, not just '.'.
1997-06-27 kennerClean up Make-{host,target,hooks} in all subdirs, not...
1997-06-27 kenner(fcntl.h): Only include if not building libgcc.a.
1997-06-27 kenner(link): Eliminate definition on Win32.
1997-06-27 kenner(i[3456]86-*-mingw32): New target.
1997-06-27 kennerInitial revision
1997-06-27 kenner(INO_T_EQ): Define for Win32 but not Cygwin32.
1997-06-27 kenner(fix_argv): New function.
1997-06-27 kenner(-mingw32*): New OS.
1997-06-27 kenner(i*:MINGW*:*): New case.
1997-06-27 karl(\image): New definition for new @image command.
1997-06-27 kenner(float_to_si): Correct return value when Inf.
1997-06-27 kenner(__objc_thread_yield): Use sched_yield instead.
1997-06-27 kenner(layout_record, PCC_BITFIELD_TYPE_MATTERS): Round up...
1997-06-26 djeDelete erroneous references to (pseudo) in comments.
1997-06-26 djeDocument force_fit_type as an entry point in the file.
1997-06-25 wilson(final_giv_value): Verify that bl->initial_value is
1997-06-25 meissnermake wchar_t long, not unsigned short
1997-06-25 merrillx
1997-06-25 kenner(objc-runtime): Add objc-headers.
1997-06-25 kenner(cc_set_by_configure): Eliminate extra
1997-06-25 kenner(GCC_PASSES): Don't define with $(exeext).
1997-06-25 kenner(Makefile): Execute configure.frag from srcdir.
1997-06-25 kennerRevert revisions 1.454 and 1.455.
1997-06-25 kennerRevert to 1.1
1997-06-25 kennerRemove patch in 1.12.
1997-06-25 kenner(cross_overrides, build_overrides): Default to /dev...
1997-06-25 kenner(mn10200-*-*): New target.
1997-06-25 kennerDefine front-end/back-end interface functions and struc...
1997-06-25 kennerCompletely rework according to new interface.
1997-06-25 kennerReorganize thread implementation to make a clearly...
1997-06-25 kenner(__objc_register_instance_methods_to_class): New function.
1997-06-25 kenner(__objc_register_instance_methods_to_class): New function.
1997-06-25 kenner(OBJC_ERR_BAD_STATE): New error code.
1997-06-25 kenner(method_get_sizeof_arguments): Fix typo.
1997-06-25 kenner(objc_send_load): New function.
1997-06-25 kenner(configure): Target is $(srcdir)/configure.
1997-06-25 kenner(USER_H): Add va-mn10200.h.
1997-06-25 wilson(LIMIT_RELOAD_CLASS): Define.
1997-06-25 wilson(constrain_operands): When checking earlyclobbers, use
1997-06-24 wilson(field_byte_offset): Check for object_offset_in_bits
1997-06-24 wilson(movdi_internal): Add x/J alternative.
1997-06-24 law * pa.h (ASM_OUTPUT_SECTION_NAME): Fix typo.
1997-06-24 wilson(find_splittable_givs): Set splittable_regs_updates to
1997-06-23 law * config.sub (mn10200): Recognize new basic...
1997-06-23 law * varargs.h, stdarg.h: Include va-mn10200.h.
1997-06-23 lawInitial revision
1997-06-22 rmsAdd mips-sony-newsos6.
1997-06-22 kenner(force_to_mode): Don't do anything for a ASM_OPERANDS...
1997-06-22 kennerProtect va_list definition from SCO headers.
1997-06-22 kennerAdd special exception to copyright notice.
1997-06-22 kennerChanges to support ObjC as a front-end language.