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18 years ago * cfglayout.c (fixup_reorder_chain): Don't do anything for
amylaar [Tue, 29 Jun 2004 10:19:42 +0000 (10:19 +0000)]
* cfglayout.c (fixup_reorder_chain): Don't do anything for
e_fall->dest == EXIT_BLOCK_PTR.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83849 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago(pthread_join): Only apply the weak pragma if the function actually exists.
nickc [Tue, 29 Jun 2004 09:53:50 +0000 (09:53 +0000)]
(pthread_join): Only apply the weak pragma if the function actually exists.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83847 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago * tree-cfg.c (verify_stmt): Add last_in_block parameter. Verify
rth [Tue, 29 Jun 2004 06:59:35 +0000 (06:59 +0000)]
    * tree-cfg.c (verify_stmt): Add last_in_block parameter.  Verify
        that eh stmts can throw.
        (verify_stmts): Update verify_stmt call.
        (tree_purge_dead_eh_edges, tree_purge_all_dead_eh_edges): New.
        * tree-eh.c (remove_stmt_from_eh_region): New.
        (lower_eh_constructs): Fix throw_stmt_table delete routine.
        (tree_could_trap_p): Match may_trap_p.
        (maybe_clean_eh_stmt): New.
        * tree-flow.h: Update decls.
        * tree-ssa-ccp.c (pass_ccp): Add TODO_verify_stmts.
        (substitute_and_fold): Clean eh edges.
        * tree-ssa-dce.c (mark_control_dependent_edges_necessary): Handle
        empty basic blocks.
        * tree-ssa-dom.c (need_eh_cleanup): New.
        (tree_ssa_dominator_optimize): Allocate it.  Cleanup eh edges.
        (optimize_stmt): Cleanup eh stmts; set need_eh_cleanup.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83843 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago * function.c (assign_parms): Don't abort with zero size stack
amodra [Tue, 29 Jun 2004 03:54:07 +0000 (03:54 +0000)]
* function.c (assign_parms): Don't abort with zero size stack
parm failing the PARM_BOUNDARY check.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83840 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago2004-06-28 Andrew Pinski <apinski@apple.com>
pinskia [Tue, 29 Jun 2004 03:18:20 +0000 (03:18 +0000)]
2004-06-28  Andrew Pinski  <apinski@apple.com>

        * gcc.dg/pr14963.c: Remove the dg-warning as it is dected
        by the error already.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83839 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago * testsuite/libjava.jacks/jacks.xfail: Remove
bryce [Tue, 29 Jun 2004 02:20:14 +0000 (02:20 +0000)]
* testsuite/libjava.jacks/jacks.xfail: Remove

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83838 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago * common.opt (ftree-fre): New flag.
dnovillo [Tue, 29 Jun 2004 01:53:04 +0000 (01:53 +0000)]
* common.opt (ftree-fre): New flag.
* flags.h (flag_tree_fre): Declare.
* opts.c (decode_options): Set.
* timevar.def (TV_TREE_FRE): Define.
* tree-flow-inline.h (may_propagate_copy): Re-arrange for
readability.  Handle destinations that are not SSA_NAMEs.
* tree-flow.h (struct ptr_info_def): Move from tree.h
(cprop_into_stmt, cprop_into_successor_phis): Remove.
(vn_compute, vn_lookup_or_add, vn_add, vn_lookup): Add
vuse_optype parameter.
* tree-pass.h (pass_fre): Declare.
* tree-ssa-copy.c (cprop_operand): Move to tree-ssa-dom.c
(cprop_into_stmt): Likewise.
(cprop_into_successor_phis): Likewise.
* tree-ssa-dom.c (eliminate_redundant_computations): Fix
argument ordering in call to may_propagate_copy.
* tree-ssa-pre.c (is_undefined_value): Assume hard registers
to be always defined.
(add_to_sets): New local function.
(create_value_expr_from): New local function.
(compute_avail): Call them.
(eliminate): Don't ignore statements with virtual operands.
(init_pre): New local function.
(fini_pre): New local function.
(execute_pre): Call them.
Add argument DO_FRE.  Don't do insertion if DO_FRE is true.
(do_pre): New function.
(do_fre): New function.
(gate_fre): New function.
(pass_fre): Declare.
* tree-ssa.c (init_tree_ssa): Don't call vn_init.
(delete_tree_ssa): Don't call vn_delete.
* tree-vn.c (val_expr_pair_d): Add documentation.
(vn_compute): Add VUSES argument to incorporate in computing
hash values.  Update all callers.
(expressions_equal_p): Call operand_equal_p with
(vn_add): Add VUSES argument.  Update all callers.
(vn_lookup): Likewise.
(vn_lookup_or_add): Likewise.
* doc/invoke.texi: Document -ftree-fre and -fdump-tree-fre.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83837 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago2004-06-28 Jerry Quinn <jlquinn@optonline.net>
jlquinn [Tue, 29 Jun 2004 01:39:37 +0000 (01:39 +0000)]
2004-06-28  Jerry Quinn  <jlquinn@optonline.net>

* java/beans/Expression.java: New file.
* java/beans/Statement.java: New file.
* Makefile.am: Added new files.
* Makefile.in: Re-generate.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83836 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years agoDaily bump.
gccadmin [Tue, 29 Jun 2004 00:16:15 +0000 (00:16 +0000)]
Daily bump.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83834 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago * jcf-write.c (get_classfile_modifiers): Formatting fixes.
bryce [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 23:48:33 +0000 (23:48 +0000)]
* jcf-write.c (get_classfile_modifiers): Formatting fixes.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83831 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago * config/m32r/m32r.c (m32r_sched_odd_word_p, m32r_adjust_cost,
steven [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 22:39:21 +0000 (22:39 +0000)]
* config/m32r/m32r.c (m32r_sched_odd_word_p, m32r_adjust_cost,
m32r_sched_init, m32r_sched_reorder, m32r_variable_issue): Remove.
* config/m32r/m32r.md: Rewrite the pipeline description as a DFA.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83829 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago * tree.def (REALPART_EXPR, IMAGPART_EXPR): Change class to 'r'.
rth [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 22:26:24 +0000 (22:26 +0000)]
    * tree.def (REALPART_EXPR, IMAGPART_EXPR): Change class to 'r'.
        * fold-const.c (operand_equal_p <case 'r'>): Add REALPART_EXPR,
        * tree-dump.c (dequeue_and_dump): Handle REALPART_EXPR and
        IMAGPART_EXPR explicitly.
        * tree-inline.c (estimate_num_insns_1): Don't handle REALPART_EXPR
        and IMAGPART_EXPR specially.
        * tree.c (build1_stat): Copy TREE_THIS_VOLATILE into class 'r'.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83825 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years agoTypo fix.
amylaar [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 22:14:48 +0000 (22:14 +0000)]
Typo fix.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83819 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago * config.gcc (sh*-*elf*): Remove dead assignment of sh_multilibs.
amylaar [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 22:06:17 +0000 (22:06 +0000)]
* config.gcc (sh*-*elf*): Remove dead assignment of sh_multilibs.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83818 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago * builtins.def (execl, execlp, execle, execv, execvp, execve,
jsm28 [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 21:50:51 +0000 (21:50 +0000)]
* builtins.def (execl, execlp, execle, execv, execvp, execve,
fork): Change to DEF_EXT_LIB_BUILTIN.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83817 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago * decl.c: Remove calls to add_decl_expr, pushdecl, rest_of_compilation,
kenner [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 21:37:16 +0000 (21:37 +0000)]
* decl.c: Remove calls to add_decl_expr, pushdecl, rest_of_compilation,
and rest_of_type_compilation; add arg to create_*_decl.
  (annotate_decl_with_node): Deleted.
(gnat_to_gnu_entity, case E_Array_Type): Set location of fields.
* gigi.h (get_decls, block_has_vars, pushdecl): Deleted.
(get_current_block_context, gnat_pushdecl): New declarations.
(gnat_init_stmt_group): Likewise.
(create_var_decl, create_type_decl, create_subprog_decl): Add new arg.
(gnat_init): Call gnat_init_stmt_group.
* trans.c (global_stmt_group, gnu_elab_proc_decl): New variables.
(gnu_pending_elaboration_list): Deleted.
(mark_visited, mark_unvisited, gnat_init_stmt_group): New functions.
(gigi): Rearrange initialization calls and move some to last above.
(gnat_to_gnu): If statement and not in procedure, go into elab proc.
Delete calls to add_decl_expr; add arg to create_*_decl.
(gnat_to_gnu, case N_Loop): Recalculate side effects on COND_EXPR.
(gnat_to_gnu, case N_Subprogram_Body): Move some code to
begin_subprog_body and call it.
Don't push and pop ggc context.
(gnat_to_gnu, case N_Compilation_Unit): Rework to support elab proc.
(add_stmt): Remove handling of DECL_EXPR from here.
If not in function, mark visited.
(add_decl_expr): Put global at top level.
Check for cases of DECL_INITIAL we have to handle here.
(process_type): Add extra arg to create_type_decl.
(build_unit_elab): Rework to just gimplify.
* utils.c (pending_elaborations, elist_stack, getdecls): Deleted.
(block_has_vars, mark_visited, add_pending_elaborations): Likewise.
(get_pending_elaborations, pending_elaborations_p): Likewise.
(push_pending_elaborations, pop_pending_elaborations): Likewise.
(get_elaboration_location, insert_elaboration_list): Likewise.
(gnat_binding_level): Renamed from ada_binding_level.
(init_gnat_to_gnu): Don't clear pending_elaborations.
(global_bindings_p): Treat as global if no current_binding_level.
(set_current_block_context): New function.
(gnat_pushdecl): Renamed from pushdecl; major rework.
All callers changed.
(create_type_decl, create_var_decl, create_subprog_decl): Add new arg.
(finish_record_type): Call call pushdecl for stub decl.
(function_nesting_depth): Deleted.
(begin_subprog_body): Delete obsolete code.
* utils2.c (build_call_alloc_dealloc): Add new arg to create_var_decl.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83816 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago * expmed.c (expand_smod_pow2): New function to expand signed
sayle [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 20:49:37 +0000 (20:49 +0000)]
* expmed.c (expand_smod_pow2): New function to expand signed
remainder by a constant power of 2, such as "x % 16".
(expand_divmod): Call new expand_smod_pow2 when appropriate.
Minor corrections to comments, e.g. wrapping long lines.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83815 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago2004-06-28 Andrew Pinski <apinski@apple.com>
pinskia [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 19:20:08 +0000 (19:20 +0000)]
2004-06-28  Andrew Pinski  <apinski@apple.com>

        * g++.dg/opt/ptrmem4.C: Change to compile only test.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83808 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years agoCheck-in change to this file that got left out of last check-in
kenner [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 19:06:25 +0000 (19:06 +0000)]
Check-in change to this file that got left out of last check-in

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83807 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago2004-06-28 Paolo Carlini <pcarlini@suse.de>
paolo [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 19:04:03 +0000 (19:04 +0000)]
2004-06-28  Paolo Carlini  <pcarlini@suse.de>

* include/bits/cpp_type_traits.h: Move the additions to
namespace __gnu_internal outside of namespace std; trivial
formatting fixes.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83806 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago2004-06-28 Benjamin Kosnik <bkoz@redhat.com>
bkoz [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 18:31:18 +0000 (18:31 +0000)]
2004-06-28  Benjamin Kosnik  <bkoz@redhat.com>

* include/debug/safe_base.h (__gnu_debug::_Safe_sequence_base):
Revert -Weffc++ changes that defined copy ctory and or assignment
* libsupc++/tinfo.cc (__upcast_result): Same.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83804 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago * Makefile.in (vec.o): Fix dependencies.
uweigand [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 18:27:02 +0000 (18:27 +0000)]
* Makefile.in (vec.o): Fix dependencies.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83803 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago2004-06-28 Andreas Tobler <a.tobler@schweiz.ch>
andreast [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 18:11:47 +0000 (18:11 +0000)]
2004-06-28  Andreas Tobler <a.tobler@schweiz.ch>

* Makefile.in: Fix parallel make dependency problem on vec.o.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83802 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years agolibiberty:
zack [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 17:52:45 +0000 (17:52 +0000)]
* cp-demangle.h: Declare cplus_demangle_operators,
cplus_demangle_builtin_types, cplus_demangle_mangled_name, and
cplus_demangle_type as static if IN_GLIBCPP_V3.
* encoding.c: Rename target_flags with a #define to avoid
conflict with a prior declaration.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83800 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago * testsuite/demangle-expected: Add test case.
ian [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 17:36:27 +0000 (17:36 +0000)]
* testsuite/demangle-expected: Add test case.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83799 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago PR target/14041
law [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 16:23:02 +0000 (16:23 +0000)]
    PR target/14041
        * config/h8300/h8300.h (ASM_OUTPUT_ALIGNED_BSS): Define.

       PR target/14041
        * gcc.dg/h8300-bss-align-1.c : New.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83797 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago * cp-tree.h (VAR_OR_FUNCTION_DECL_CHECK,
nathan [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 16:10:55 +0000 (16:10 +0000)]
     * cp-tree.h (VAR_OR_FUNCTION_DECL_CHECK,
        * tree.h (tree_check_failed): Make varadic.
        (tree_not_check_failed): New prototype.
        (tree_check2_failed, tree_check3_failed,
        tree_check4_failed, tree_check5_failed): Remove.
        TREE_CHECK5): Adjust.
        TREE_NOT_CHECK5): New.
        TREE_RTL_OPERAND_CHECK): Adjust.
        * tree.c (tree_check_failed): Make varadic.
        (tree_not_check_failed): New.
        (tree_check2_failed, tree_check3_failed,
        tree_check4_failed, tree_check5_failed): Remove.
        * cp-tree.h (VAR_OR_FUNCTION_DECL_CHECK,
        TREE_CHECK macro.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83796 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago PR other/16240
ian [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 15:23:33 +0000 (15:23 +0000)]
PR other/16240
* cp-demangle.c (d_expr_primary): Check for a failure return from

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83791 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago * cp-tree.h (struct deferred_access): Move to ...
nathan [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 15:06:06 +0000 (15:06 +0000)]
* cp-tree.h (struct deferred_access): Move to ...
* semantics.c (struct deferred_access): ... here. Adjust.
(deferred_access_stack): Make a VEC(deferred_access),
(deferred_access_free_list): Remove.
(deferred_access_no_check): New.
(push_deferring_access_checks, resume_deferring_access_checks,
stop_deferring_access_checks, pop_deferring_access_checks,
get_deferred_access_checks, pop_to_parent_deferring_access_checks,
perform_deferred_access_checks, perform_or_defer_access_check): Adjust.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83790 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago2004-06-28 Robert Dewar <dewar@gnat.com>
charlet [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 14:37:05 +0000 (14:37 +0000)]
2004-06-28  Robert Dewar  <dewar@gnat.com>

* mlib-tgt-tru64.adb, mlib-tgt-aix.adb, mlib-tgt-irix.adb,
mlib-tgt-irix.adb, mlib-tgt-hpux.adb, mlib-tgt-linux.adb,
mlib-tgt-linux.adb, mlib-tgt-solaris.adb, mlib-tgt-solaris.adb,
mlib-tgt-vms-alpha.adb, mlib-tgt-vms-alpha.adb, mlib-tgt-vms-ia64.adb,
a-strmap.adb, a-strmap.ads, clean.adb: Minor reformatting

* exp_util.adb (Is_Possibly_Unaligned_Slice): Completely rewritten, to
deal with problem of inefficient slices on machines with strict
alignment, when the slice is a component of a composite.

* checks.adb (Apply_Array_Size_Check): Do not special case 64-bit
machines, we need the check there as well.

2004-06-28  Ed Schonberg  <schonberg@gnat.com>

* exp_ch5.adb (Expand_Assign_Array): Use correct condition to
determine safe copying direction for overlapping slice assignments
when component is controlled.

* sem_ch12.adb (Instantiate_Formal_Package): Implicit operations of a
formal derived type in the actual for a formal package are visible in
the enclosing instance.

2004-06-28  Ed Schonberg  <schonberg@gnat.com>

PR ada/15600
* sem_util.adb (Trace_Components): Diagnose properly an illegal
circularity involving a private type whose completion includes a
self-referential component.
(Enter_Name): Use Is_Inherited_Operation to distinguish a source
renaming or an instantiation from an implicit derived operation.

2004-06-28  Pascal Obry  <obry@gnat.com>

* mlib-tgt-mingw.adb: (Library_Exists_For): Remove "lib" prefix from
(Library_File_Name_For): Idem.

2004-06-28  Matthew Gingell  <gingell@gnat.com>

* g-traceb.ads: Add explanatory note on the format of addresses
expected by addr2line.

2004-06-28  Jerome Guitton  <guitton@act-europe.fr>

* Makefile.in: Force debugging information on s-tasdeb.adb,
a-except.adb and s-assert.adb needed by the debugger.

2004-06-28  Vincent Celier  <celier@gnat.com>

* make.adb (Collect_Arguments_And_Compile): Change Flag1 to
(Gnatmake): Ditto.

* mlib-prj.adb (Check_Library): Replace Flag1 with Need_To_Build_Lib

* prj.adb: Minor reformatting
(Project_Empty): Change Flag1 to Need_To_Build_Lib. Remove Flag2.

* prj.ads: Comment updates
Minor reformatting
(Project_Data): Change Flag1 to Need_To_Build_Lib.
Remove Flag2: not used.

* prj-dect.adb (Parse_Declarative_Items): Accept "null" as a

* gnat_ugn.texi: Put a "null;" declaration in one project file example

* gnat_rm.texi: Document Empty declarations "null;".

* makegpr.adb (Compile_Link_With_Gnatmake): Put the global archives in
front of the linker options.
(Link_Foreign): Put the global archives and the libraries in front of
the linker options.

2004-06-28  Javier Miranda  <miranda@gnat.com>

* rtsfind.adb: (Get_Unit_Name): Fix typo in comment
(RTU_Loaded): Code cleanup
(Set_RTU_Loaded): New procedure to register as *loaded* explicitly
withed predefined units.

* rtsfind.ads (Set_RTU_Loaded): New procedure to register as *loaded*
explicitly withed predefined units.
Fix typo in comment

* sem_ch10.adb (Analyze_Compilation_Unit): Register as *loaded*
explicitly withed predefined units.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83789 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago * combine.c (can_combine_p): Do not prevent building insns that use
uweigand [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 13:11:44 +0000 (13:11 +0000)]
* combine.c (can_combine_p): Do not prevent building insns that use
and clobber the same fixed hard register.
(reg_dead_at_p): Likewise.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83785 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago * tree-sra.c (is_sra_candidate_ref): Remove second arg; all callers
kenner [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 12:12:51 +0000 (12:12 +0000)]
* tree-sra.c (is_sra_candidate_ref): Remove second arg; all callers
(is_sra_candidate_complex_ref): New function.
(scalarize_modify_expr): Call it and check for LHS also.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83784 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago * tree-pretty-print.c (dump_function_declaration): New.
kenner [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 12:08:20 +0000 (12:08 +0000)]
* tree-pretty-print.c (dump_function_declaration): New.
(dump_generic_node, case FUNCTION_TYPE): Call it.
(dump_generic_node, case RECORD_TYPE): Don't output dup semicolon.
(dump_generic_node, case DECL_EXPR): New case.
(dump_generic_node, case PLACEHOLDER_EXPR): Handle.
(print_declaration): Handle type and function declarations.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83782 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago * tree-nested.c (create_tmp_var_for): Allow ARRAY_TYPE.
kenner [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 12:01:30 +0000 (12:01 +0000)]
* tree-nested.c (create_tmp_var_for): Allow ARRAY_TYPE.
(convert_nonlocal_reference, convert_local_reference): Properly
convert nest of handled component references.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83781 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years agoAdd ChangeLog entry not commited due to typo in CVS command
kenner [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 11:55:48 +0000 (11:55 +0000)]
Add ChangeLog entry not commited due to typo in CVS command

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83780 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago2004-06-28 Paolo Carlini <pcarlini@suse.de>
paolo [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 11:18:03 +0000 (11:18 +0000)]
2004-06-28  Paolo Carlini  <pcarlini@suse.de>

* src/localename.cc (locale::_Impl::_Impl): Slightly improve
the algorithm used to name the categories.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83778 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago2004-06-28 Paolo Bonzini <bonzini@gnu.org>
bonzini [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 11:14:44 +0000 (11:14 +0000)]
2004-06-28  Paolo Bonzini  <bonzini@gnu.org>

* include/Makefile.am: Give a .gch extension to
the PCH files, not only to the directory.
* include/Makefile.in: Regenerate.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83777 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years agocp:
nathan [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 11:07:23 +0000 (11:07 +0000)]
PR C++/16174
* call.c (build_temp): Declare.
(check_constructor_callable): New.
(reference_binding): Only set CHECK_COPY_CONSTRUCTOR if not for
(convert_like_real, initialize_reference): Use
(LOOKUP_*): Renumber.
* PR C++/16174
* g++.dg/template/ctor4.C: New.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83775 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years agofix typo
nathan [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 10:54:57 +0000 (10:54 +0000)]
fix typo

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83774 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago * friend.c (add_friend): Only perform access checks when context
nathan [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 10:41:19 +0000 (10:41 +0000)]
* friend.c (add_friend): Only perform access checks when context
is a class.
* lex.c (cxx_make_type): Only create a binfo for aggregate types.
* parser.c (cp_parser_class_specifier): Disable access checks here
when parsing the body of a templated class.
* semantics.c (perform_or_defer_access_checks): Reorder to allow
NULL binfos when not checking access.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83771 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago Use vector API for vbase list.
nathan [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 10:34:42 +0000 (10:34 +0000)]
Use vector API for vbase list.
* cp-tree.h: Include vec.h
(DEF_VEC_P (tree)): New type.
(struct lang_type_class): Change vbase's member type.
(binfo_for_vbase): Declare.
* class.c (determine_primary_base, base_derived_from,
update_vtable_entry_for_fn, walk_subobject_offsets, end_of_class,
warn_about_ambiguous_bases, dfs_accumulate_vtbl_inits,
build_vtbl_initializer): Adjust.
* decl.c (xref_basetypes): Adjust, accumulate upper bound of
* init.c (sort_mem_initializers, expand_member_init,
push_base_cleanups): Adjust.
* method.c (do_build_copy_constructor): Adjust.
* search.c (get_pure_virtuals, copied_binfo, original_binfo): Adjust.
(binfo_for_vbase): New.
* tree.c (copy_base_binfos): Adjust.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83770 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago * vec.h, vec.c: New, type safe vector API.
nathan [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 10:30:21 +0000 (10:30 +0000)]
* vec.h, vec.c: New, type safe vector API.
* Makefile.in (OBJS-common): Add vec.o.
(vec.o): New target.
(gengtype-lex.o): Depend on vec.h.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83769 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago2004-06-28 Paolo Bonzini <bonzini@gnu.org>
bonzini [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 10:16:00 +0000 (10:16 +0000)]
2004-06-28  Paolo Bonzini  <bonzini@gnu.org>

* fold-const.c (fold_cond_expr_with_comparison): Add ARG1
parameter.  Use it instead of ARG00 to produce the result.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83768 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago2004-06-28 Paolo Carlini <pcarlini@suse.de>
paolo [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 09:27:18 +0000 (09:27 +0000)]
2004-06-28  Paolo Carlini  <pcarlini@suse.de>

* config/locale/gnu/monetary_members.cc
(moneypunct<wchar_t>::_M_initialize_moneypunct): Clean up
assignments of _M_decimal_point and _M_thousands_sep.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83767 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago* config/mn10300/mn10300-protos.h (legitimate_address_p): Declare.
aoliva [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 08:13:06 +0000 (08:13 +0000)]
* config/mn10300/mn10300-protos.h (legitimate_address_p): Declare.
* config/mn10300/mn10300.c (legitimate_address_p): New.  Test that
index is legitimate, compared with code moved from...
* config/mn10300/mn10300.h (GO_IF_LEGITIMATE_ADDRESS): here.
(REG_STRICT): Define, according to REG_OK_STRICT.
RTX_OK_FOR_BASE_P): Use them.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83766 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago * parser.c (cp_parser_set_decl_spec_type): Fix thinko.
mmitchel [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 07:39:08 +0000 (07:39 +0000)]
* parser.c (cp_parser_set_decl_spec_type): Fix thinko.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83764 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago * doc/cfg.texi (Basic Blocks): Define dominators.
bje [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 04:01:27 +0000 (04:01 +0000)]
* doc/cfg.texi (Basic Blocks): Define dominators.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83762 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago2004-06-27 Andrew Pinski <pinskia@physics.uc.edu>
pinskia [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 02:14:53 +0000 (02:14 +0000)]
2004-06-27  Andrew Pinski  <pinskia@physics.uc.edu>

        PR c++/16205
        * g++.dg/warn/Wsequence-point-1.C: New test.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83760 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago2004-06-27 Andrew Pinski <pinskia@physics.uc.edu>
pinskia [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 02:11:55 +0000 (02:11 +0000)]
2004-06-27  Andrew Pinski  <pinskia@physics.uc.edu>

        PR c++/16205
        * c-common.c (warn_for_collisions_1): Warn for only decls which
        have a name.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83759 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago2004-06-27 Andrew Pinski <pinskia@physics.uc.edu>
pinskia [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 01:58:24 +0000 (01:58 +0000)]
2004-06-27  Andrew Pinski  <pinskia@physics.uc.edu>

        PR c++/15145
        * c.opt (Wsequence-point): Enable for C++ and ObjC++.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83758 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago2004-06-27 Bud Davis <bdavis9659@comcast.net>
bdavis [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 01:30:26 +0000 (01:30 +0000)]
2004-06-27  Bud Davis  <bdavis9659@comcast.net>

        PR gfortran/12839
        * io/write.c (write_float): check signbit for Infinity.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83757 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years agoDaily bump.
gccadmin [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 00:16:15 +0000 (00:16 +0000)]
Daily bump.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83755 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years agoDaily bump.
gccadmin [Mon, 28 Jun 2004 00:16:10 +0000 (00:16 +0000)]
Daily bump.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83754 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years agoDocument failure.
pbrook [Sun, 27 Jun 2004 23:56:58 +0000 (23:56 +0000)]
Document failure.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83752 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago * gfortran.fortran-torture/execute/specfics.f90: Use correct typing.
pbrook [Sun, 27 Jun 2004 23:49:27 +0000 (23:49 +0000)]
* gfortran.fortran-torture/execute/specfics.f90: Use correct typing.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83751 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago * g++.old-deja/g++.mike/p7325.C: Remove.
zack [Sun, 27 Jun 2004 22:42:49 +0000 (22:42 +0000)]
* g++.old-deja/g++.mike/p7325.C: Remove.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83749 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago PR c++/14123
gdr [Sun, 27 Jun 2004 21:36:00 +0000 (21:36 +0000)]
PR c++/14123
* cxx-pretty-print.c (pp_cxx_ptr_operator): Properly put
paranthesis in case of pointers to array members.
* error.c (dump_type_prefix): Likewise.
(dump_type_suffix): Maybe issue a whitespace when printing

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83748 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago 2004-06-27 Andrew Pinski <pinskia@physics.uc.edu>
pinskia [Sun, 27 Jun 2004 20:58:34 +0000 (20:58 +0000)]
    2004-06-27  Andrew Pinski  <pinskia@physics.uc.edu>

        PR c/14963
        * gcc.dg/pr14963.c: New test.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83747 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago2004-06-27 Andrew Pinski <pinskia@physics.uc.edu>
pinskia [Sun, 27 Jun 2004 20:55:55 +0000 (20:55 +0000)]
2004-06-27  Andrew Pinski  <pinskia@physics.uc.edu>

        PR c/14963
        * gcc.dg/pr14963.c: New test.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83746 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago2004-06-27 Paolo Carlini <pcarlini@suse.de>
paolo [Sun, 27 Jun 2004 20:48:48 +0000 (20:48 +0000)]
2004-06-27  Paolo Carlini  <pcarlini@suse.de>

* docs/html/17_intro/contribute.html: Update some links.
* docs/html/17_intro/porting-howto.html: Likewise.
* docs/html/17_intro/porting-howto.xml: Likewise.
* docs/html/18_support/howto.html: Likewise.
* docs/html/21_strings/howto.html: Likewise.
* docs/html/27_io/howto.html: Likewise.
* docs/html/configopts.html: Likewise.
* docs/html/ext/howto.html: Likewise.
* docs/html/faq/index.html: Likewise.
* docs/html/install.html: Don't mention 2.x compilers.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83745 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago2004-06-27 Andrew Pinski <pinskia@physics.uc.edu>
pinskia [Sun, 27 Jun 2004 20:47:14 +0000 (20:47 +0000)]
2004-06-27  Andrew Pinski  <pinskia@physics.uc.edu>

        PR c/14963
        * c-decl.c (start_decl): Check for null types.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83744 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago * java/io/FilePermission.java (usingPerms): Removed.
mark [Sun, 27 Jun 2004 19:42:19 +0000 (19:42 +0000)]
   * java/io/FilePermission.java (usingPerms): Removed.
       (actionsString): Made final.
       (cachePerms): Renamed to checkPerms.
       (checkPerms): Renamed from cachePerms. Call trim() and toLowerCase()
       on action String.
       (FilePermission): Check arguments, call checkPerms().
       (equals): Remove cachePerms() call.
       (implies): Likewise.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83743 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago * gnu/java/net/protocol/http/Connection.java (userAgent): New static
mark [Sun, 27 Jun 2004 19:36:01 +0000 (19:36 +0000)]
   * gnu/java/net/protocol/http/Connection.java (userAgent): New static
       final field.
       (sendRequest): Use new field in user-agent http agent.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83741 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago PR c++/16193
mmitchel [Sun, 27 Jun 2004 18:56:46 +0000 (18:56 +0000)]
PR c++/16193
* parser.c (cp_parser_set_decl_spec_type): Refine test for
redefinition of built-in types.

PR c++/16193
* g++.dg/parse/redef1.C: New test.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83740 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago * gcc.c-torture/compile/20021123-1.c: Remove duplicate of
jsm28 [Sun, 27 Jun 2004 18:55:15 +0000 (18:55 +0000)]
* gcc.c-torture/compile/20021123-1.c: Remove duplicate of
* gcc.c-torture/compile/20021123-4.c: Remove duplicate of
* gcc.dg/vmx/5-05.c, gcc.dg/vmx/5-06.c, gcc.dg/vmx/5-07.c,
gcc.dg/vmx/5-08.c: Remove duplicates of 5-01.c, 5-02.c, 5-03.c,
* gcc.dg/builtins-42.c: Remove duplicate of builtins-41.c.
* g++.dg/other/new1.C: Remove duplicate of g++.dg/init/new1.C.
* g++.dg/init/elide3.C: Remove duplicate of elide2.C.
* g++.old-deja/g++.law/enum8.C: Remove duplicate of
* g++.old-deja/g++.mike/ns8.C: Remove duplicate of ns6.C
* g++.old-deja/g++.ns/alias5.C: Remove duplicate of alias1.C.
* g++.old-deja/g++.other/virtual1.C: Remove duplicate of
* g++.old-deja/g++.pt/memtemp27.C: Remove duplicate of

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83739 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago Formatting fixes.
rmathew [Sun, 27 Jun 2004 18:16:49 +0000 (18:16 +0000)]
    Formatting fixes.
        * expr.c (class_has_finalize_method): Fix method name indentation.
        (expand_java_call): Remove K&R style parameter declaration.
        (expand_invoke): Fix statement indentation.
        (expand_java_field_op): Likewise.
        * parse-scan.y: Fix typo.
        (reset_report): Fix method name indentation.
        * parse.y (unresolved_type_p, build_expr_block): Remove extra blank
        line. Fix typos.
        * verify.c (verify_jvm_instructions): Document parameters, insert
        page break.
        * lang.c (lang_init_source): Fix method name indentation.
        * class.c (common_enclosing_context_p): Likewise.
        (emit_symbol_table): Fix parameter list indentation.
        * decl.c (add_stmt_to_compound, java_add_stmt): Remove K&R style
        parameter declaration.
        * constants.c: Fix copyright notice indentation.
        * typeck.c (find_method_in_superclasses): Fix parameter list
        (find_method_in_interfaces): Likewise.
        * zextract.c (makelong): Fix method name indentation.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83738 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago2004-06-27 Paolo Carlini <pcarlini@suse.de>
paolo [Sun, 27 Jun 2004 17:51:08 +0000 (17:51 +0000)]
2004-06-27  Paolo Carlini  <pcarlini@suse.de>

* include/ext/rope: Trivial formatting fixes.
* include/ext/ropeimpl.h: Likewise.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83737 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago * config/rs6000/rs6000.c (rs6000_legitimate_offset_address_p):
dje [Sun, 27 Jun 2004 15:56:34 +0000 (15:56 +0000)]
    * config/rs6000/rs6000.c (rs6000_legitimate_offset_address_p):
        Accept TOC addresses.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83736 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago * config/s390/s390-protos.h (s390_load_got): Update prototype.
uweigand [Sun, 27 Jun 2004 15:31:53 +0000 (15:31 +0000)]
* config/s390/s390-protos.h (s390_load_got): Update prototype.
* config/s390/s390.c (struct machine_function): Add member base_reg.
(s390_decompose_address): Accept UNSPEC_LTREF.  Simplify logic.
(s390_split_branches): Annotate late pool references.
(annotate_constant_pool_refs): New function.
(find_constant_pool_ref): Work on annotated pool references.
(replace_constant_pool_ref): Likewise.  Use explicit base.
(replace_ltrel_base): Use explicit base.
(s390_mainpool_start): Reflect main_pool pattern change.
(s390_mainpool_finish): Use base register from main_pool.
Update calls to replace_ltrel_base and replace_constant_pool_ref.
(s390_chunkify_start): Use base_reg from struct machine_function.
(s390_chunkify_finish): Remove base_reg argument.  Update calls
to replace_ltrel_base and replace_constant_pool_ref.
(s390_reorg): Don't decide upon base register.  Update calls.
(s390_load_got): Remove MAYBE_DEAD handling.  Do not emit insns
but return sequence instead.
(s390_emit_prologue): Decide upon base register to use.  Annotate
all literal pool references.  Adapt to main_pool pattern change.
Update s390_load_got call; move MAYBE_DEAD handling here.
(s390_emit_epilogue): Annotate late literal pool references.
Remove barrier before register restore instruction.
* config/s390/s390.md (UNSPEC_LTREF): New constant.
("builtin_setjmp_receiver"): Update s390_load_got call.
("main_pool"): Explicitly reference base register.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83735 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago2004-06-26 Bryce McKinlay <mckinlay@redhat.com>
bryce [Sun, 27 Jun 2004 15:30:06 +0000 (15:30 +0000)]
2004-06-26  Bryce McKinlay  <mckinlay@redhat.com>

       PR java/15715.
       * parse.y (create_interface): Set correct access modifiers for
       * jcf-write.c (get_classfile_modifiers): New function.
       (generate_classfile): Use get_classfile_modifiers, not

2004-06-26  Bryce McKinlay  <mckinlay@redhat.com>

       * parse.y (register_incomplete_type): Set JDEP_ENCLOSING for "super"
       dependency to current parser context, not NULL_TREE, for top-level
       (jdep_resolve_class): Enable member access check for all inner
       class dependencies.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83734 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago * fold-const.c (fold) <BIT_IOR_EXPR>: Optimize ~X|X and X|~X as -1.
sayle [Sun, 27 Jun 2004 15:23:46 +0000 (15:23 +0000)]
* fold-const.c (fold) <BIT_IOR_EXPR>: Optimize ~X|X and X|~X as -1.
<BIT_XOR_EXPR>: Optimize ~X|X and X|~X as -1.
<BIT_AND_EXPR>: Optimize ~X&X and X&~X as 0.
<TRUTH_AND_EXPR, TRUTH_ANDIF_EXPR>: Optimize !X&&X and X&&!X as false.
        <TRUTH_OR_EXPR, TRUTH_ORIF_EXPR>: Optimize !X||X and !X||X as true.
<TRUTH_XOR_EXPR>: Optimize !X^X and X^X! as true.  Now that
TRUTH_XOR_EXPR is a commutative tree code, don't test whether arg0
is a constant.

* gcc.dg/20040527-1.c: New test case.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83733 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago * error.c (pp_template_argument_list_start): Remove.
gdr [Sun, 27 Jun 2004 15:20:41 +0000 (15:20 +0000)]
* error.c (pp_template_argument_list_start): Remove.
(pp_template_argument_list_end): Likewise.
(pp_separate_with_comma): Use pp_cxx_separate_with.
(reinit_global_formatting_buffer): Remove.
(pp_non_consecutive_character): Likewise.
(dump_scope): Use pp_cxx_colon_colon.
(dump_template_parameter): Use pp_cxx_identifier,
pp_cxx_tree_identifier and pp_cxx_whitespace.
(dump_templat_bindings): Replace use of pp_string with
of pp_cxx_whitespace and pp_equal.
(dump_type): Use pp_cxx_identifier, pp_cxx_tree_identifier,
pp_cxx_colon_colon, pp_cxx_whitespace throughout.  Don't set
padding here.
(dump_aggr_type): Use pp_cxx_identifier amd
(dump_type_prefix): Don't set padding.  Use pp_cxx_whitespace,
pp_cxx_left_parent, pp_cxx_colon_colon and pp_cxx_star
(dump_type_suffix): Use pp_cxx_right_paren,
pp_cxx_right_bracket, pp_cxx_identifier throughout,
(dump_decl): Likewise.
(dump_template_decl): Likewise.
(dump_function_decl): Likewise.  Set padding as appropriate.
(dump_parameters): Use pp_cxx_left_paren, pp_cxx_identifier
(dump_exception_spec): Likewise.
(dump_function_name): Use pp_cxx_tree_identifier and
(dump_template_parms): Use pp_cxx_begin_template_argument_list
(dump_expr): Use pp_cxx_left_paren, pp_cxx_right_paren,
pp_cxx_colon_colon, pp_cxx_identifier, pp_cxx_tree_identifier
pp_cxx_whitespace throughout.
(dump_binary_op): Use pp_cxx_whitespace, pp_cxx_left_paren and
(dump_unary_op): Likewise.
(reinit_cxx_pp): New function.
(type_as_string); Use it.
(expr_as_string): Likewise.
(decl_as_string); Likewise.
(context_as_string): Likewise.
(lang_decl_name): Likewise.
(decl_to_string): Likewise.
(expr_to_string): Likewise.
(parm_to_string): Likewise.
(type_to_string): Likewise.
(args_to_string): Likewise.
(cv_to_string): Likewise.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83732 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago2004-06-27 Mark Wielaard <mark@klomp.org>
mark [Sun, 27 Jun 2004 12:10:12 +0000 (12:10 +0000)]
2004-06-27  Mark Wielaard  <mark@klomp.org>

       * java/awt/EventQueue.java (postEvent): Throw NullPointerException
       when argument is null.

2004-06-26  Mark Wielaard  <mark@klomp.org>

       * native/jni/gtk-peer/gnu_java_awt_peer_gtk_GtkFileDialogPeer.c
       (ok_clicked): Use Ljava/lang/String; not Ljava.lang.String; in JNI
       GetMethodID call.
       (cancel_clicked): Likewise.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83731 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago PR bootstrap/15627
giovannibajo [Sun, 27 Jun 2004 11:21:13 +0000 (11:21 +0000)]
PR bootstrap/15627
* engine/flowrow-sort.c (update_upper_bound): Converted comment to
(flowrow_inclusion): Likewise.
(flowrow_extract_field): Unnest field_eq.
* engine/setif-sort.c (search_ubs): Unnest search_ubs_aux.
(search_lbs): Unnest search_lbs_aux.
(setif_inclusion): Unnest collapse_cycle_lower, collapse_cycle_upper,
update_lower_bound, update_upper_bound.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83730 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago * cp-tree.h (cp_cv_quals): New type.
mmitchel [Sun, 27 Jun 2004 03:03:55 +0000 (03:03 +0000)]
* cp-tree.h (cp_cv_quals): New type.
(cp_declarator): Use it instead of "tree" as appropriate.
(grok_method_quals): Adjust prototype.
(grokclassfn): Likewise.
(do_friend): Likewise.
* decl.c (grokfndecl): Use cp_cv_quals, not tree.
(grokdeclarator): Likewise.
* decl2.c (grok_method_quals): Likewise.
(grokclassfn): Likewise.
* friend.c (do_friend): Likewise.
* method.c (implicitly_declare_fn): Adjust call to grokclassfn.
* parser.c (make_call_declarator): Use cp_cv_quals, not tree.
(make_pointer_declarator): Likewise.
(make_reference_declarator): Likewise.
(make_ptrmem_declarator): Likewise.
(cp_parser_ptr_operator): Likewise.
(cp_parser_cv_qualifier_seq_opt): Likewise.
(cp_parser_cv_qualifier_opt): Remove.
(cp_parser_new_declarator_opt): Adjust call to
(cp_parser_conversion_declaration_opt): Likewise.
(cp_parser_declarator): Use cp_cv_quals, not tree.
(cp_parser_direct_declarator): Likewise.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83729 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago * parse.y (qualify_and_find): Pass type decl, not identifier, to
bryce [Sun, 27 Jun 2004 00:34:57 +0000 (00:34 +0000)]
* parse.y (qualify_and_find): Pass type decl, not identifier, to

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83728 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years agoDaily bump.
gccadmin [Sun, 27 Jun 2004 00:16:15 +0000 (00:16 +0000)]
Daily bump.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83726 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago2004-06-26 Richard Kenner <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>
kenner [Sat, 26 Jun 2004 21:30:01 +0000 (21:30 +0000)]
2004-06-26  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

        * ada-tree.def (DECL_STMT): Deleted.
        * ada-tree.h (IS_ADA_STMT): Now test against STMT_STMT.
        (DECL_STMT_VAR): Deleted.
        * decl.c: add_decl_stmt now add_decl_expr.
        * gigi.h: Likewise.
        * trans.c: Likewise.
        (gnat_gimplify_type_sizes, gnat_gimplify_one_sizepos): Deleted.
        (gnat_to_gnu, case N_Subprogram_Body): Set cfun->function_end_locus.
        (add_stmt): Only handle padded type here.
        (add_stmt_with_node): Allow gnat_node to not be present.
        (gnat_gimplify_stmt, case USE_STMT): Set *STMT_P to null.
        (gnat_gimplify_stmt, case DECL_STMT): Deleted.
        (gnat_stabilize_reference_1): If COMPONENT_REF of fat pointer,
        make a SAVE_EXPR for the entire fat pointer.
        * utils.c (pushdecl): Walk a DECL_EXPR in global case.
        (create_index_type): Make a DECL_EXPR.
        (end_subprog_body): Don't call allocate_struct_function here but
        do clear cfn.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83722 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago2004-06-26 Richard Kenner <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>
kenner [Sat, 26 Jun 2004 21:11:23 +0000 (21:11 +0000)]
2004-06-26  Richard Kenner  <kenner@vlsi1.ultra.nyu.edu>

        * c-common.c (c_safe_from_p, c_walk_subtrees): Deleted.
        * c-common.def (DECL_STMT): Remove.
        * c-common.h (DECL_STMT_DECL): Deleted.
        (c_safe_from_p, c_walk_subtrees): Deleted.
        * c-decl.c, c-parse.in, c-pretty-print.c: DECL_STMT now DECL_EXPR.
        * c-dump.c (c_dump_tree, case DECL_STMT): Deleted.
        * c-gimplify.c (gimplify_decl_stmt): Deleted.
        (gimplify_compound_literal_expr): Use DECL_EXPR_DECL
        and gimplify_and_add.
        (c_gimplify_expr, case DECL_EXPR): New case.
        (c_gimplify_expr, case DECL_STMT): Deleted.
        * c-lang.c (LANG_HOOKS_SAFE_FROM_P): Likewise.
        * expr.c (safe_from_p, case 's'): New case.
        * gimplify.c (gimplify_decl_expr): New function.
        (gimplify_expr, case DECL_EXPR): New case.
        * tree-inline.c (walk_tree): Walk into all fields of a type and
        decl only if they are in a DECL_EXPR.
        (mark_local_for_remap_r): Minor code cleanup.
        * tree-outof-ssa.c (discover_nonconstant_array_refs_r): Add else.
        * tree.c (has_cleanups, case DECL_EXPR): New case.
        * tree.def (DECL_EXPR): New code.
        * tree.h (DECL_EXPR_DECL): New macro.

        * objc/objc-lang.c (LANG_HOOKS_SAFE_FROM_P): Deleted.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83721 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago PR java/15734
bryce [Sat, 26 Jun 2004 20:42:01 +0000 (20:42 +0000)]
PR java/15734
* expr.c (expand_java_field_op): Ensure that target class for static
field access has been loaded.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83720 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago PR java/1207, java/16178
bryce [Sat, 26 Jun 2004 20:40:31 +0000 (20:40 +0000)]
PR java/1207, java/16178
* jcf-parse.c (load_class): Return immediately if passed a type decl
where CLASS_FROM_SOURCE_P is set. Remove FIXME.
* parse.y (do_resolve_class): Remove checks for CLASS_FROM_SOURCE_P
before calling load_class.
(qualify_and_find): Likewise.
(find_in_imports_on_demand): Likewise.
(find_applicable_accessible_methods_list): Likewise.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83719 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago2004-06-26 Andrew Pinski <pinskia@physics.uc.edu>
pinskia [Sat, 26 Jun 2004 20:40:31 +0000 (20:40 +0000)]
2004-06-26  Andrew Pinski  <pinskia@physics.uc.edu>

        PR 13334
        * doc/install.texi: Document non-standard CFLAGS and bootstrap
        failures and warnings.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83718 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago2004-06-26 Matthias Klose <doko@debian.org>
doko [Sat, 26 Jun 2004 20:37:03 +0000 (20:37 +0000)]
2004-06-26  Matthias Klose  <doko@debian.org>

        * libtool-version: Fix typo in revision/age.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83717 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago PR 15933
zack [Sat, 26 Jun 2004 17:39:40 +0000 (17:39 +0000)]
PR 15933
Partially revert patch of 2004-06-05.
* files.c (search_cache): Remove pfile argument.  Don't check
for file that would be found by "" or <> search here...
(_cpp_find_file): ...do it here, before calling find_file_in_dir.
Do not apply directory-of-current-file correction to files
found by this check.  Rearrange code slightly.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83714 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago2004-06-26 Tobias Schlueter <tobias.schlueter@physik.uni-muenchen.de>
tobi [Sat, 26 Jun 2004 12:01:43 +0000 (12:01 +0000)]
2004-06-26  Tobias Schlueter  <tobias.schlueter@physik.uni-muenchen.de>
Andrew Vaught  <andyv@firstinter.net>

* decl.c (contained_procedure): New function.
(match_end): Verify correctness of END STATEMENT in
all cases.

Also fix two typos in Kenner's ChangeLog

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83710 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago2004-06-26 Bud Davis <bdavis9659@comcast.net>
bdavis [Sat, 26 Jun 2004 11:49:06 +0000 (11:49 +0000)]
2004-06-26  Bud Davis  <bdavis9659@comcast.net>

        PR gfortran/16196
        * unix.c(regular_file): create file if it does not exist.
        * gfortran.fortran-torture/execute/open_replace.f90: New test case.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83709 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago2004-06-25 Tobias Schlueter <tobias.schlueter@physik.uni-muenchen.de>
tobi [Sat, 26 Jun 2004 11:48:55 +0000 (11:48 +0000)]
2004-06-25  Tobias Schlueter  <tobias.schlueter@physik.uni-muenchen.de>
Andrew Vaught <andyv@firstinter.net>

PR fortran/15190
* decl.c (gfc_match_type_spec), io.c (match_io), parse.c
(decode_statement): Enforce required space in free-form.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83708 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago PR C++/14865
hubicka [Sat, 26 Jun 2004 10:23:05 +0000 (10:23 +0000)]
PR C++/14865
* decl2.c (maybe_emit_vtables):  Always import_export_vtable for the
reachability analysis.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83707 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago2004-06-26 Andrew Haley <aph@redhat.com>
aph [Sat, 26 Jun 2004 10:10:25 +0000 (10:10 +0000)]
2004-06-26  Andrew Haley  <aph@redhat.com>

* emit-rtl.c (set_mem_attributes_minus_bitpos): Check
* tree-eh.c (tree_could_trap_p): Check TREE_THIS_NOTRAP.
* tree.h (TREE_THIS_NOTRAP): New.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83706 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago2004-06-26 Paolo Carlini <pcarlini@suse.de>
paolo [Sat, 26 Jun 2004 08:42:38 +0000 (08:42 +0000)]
2004-06-26  Paolo Carlini  <pcarlini@suse.de>

PR libstdc++/16210
* acinclude.m4 (GLIBCXX_ENABLE_LONG_LONG): Do not check for the
availability of strto(u)ll, not used anymore in the iostreams.
* configure: Regenerate.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83705 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago * genattrtab.c (write_test_expr): Put a unsigned cast before
kkojima [Sat, 26 Jun 2004 05:25:38 +0000 (05:25 +0000)]
* genattrtab.c (write_test_expr): Put a unsigned cast before
the first operand for GEU, GTU, LEU and LTU.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83704 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago * c-typeck.c, cfgexpand.c, ddg.c, ddg.h, df.c, fold-const.c,
kazu [Sat, 26 Jun 2004 05:03:55 +0000 (05:03 +0000)]
* c-typeck.c, cfgexpand.c, ddg.c, ddg.h, df.c, fold-const.c,
gcov.c, gimplify.c, modulo-sched.c, passes.c, tree-cfg.c,
tree-mudflap.c, tree-nrv.c, tree-outof-ssa.c, tree-ssa-dom.c,
tree-ssa-dse.c, tree-ssa-operands.c, tree-ssa-pre.c,
tree-tailcall.c: Fix comment typos.  Follow spelling

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83703 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago2004-06-25 Eric Christopher <echristo@redhat.com>
echristo [Sat, 26 Jun 2004 03:51:29 +0000 (03:51 +0000)]
2004-06-25  Eric Christopher  <echristo@redhat.com>

* config/mips/mips.md: Add back scheduling exclusion info.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83699 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago2004-06-26 Andreas Tobler <a.tobler@schweiz.ch>
andreast [Sat, 26 Jun 2004 03:44:38 +0000 (03:44 +0000)]
2004-06-26  Andreas Tobler  <a.tobler@schweiz.ch>

* jni/gtk-peer/gnu_java_awt_peer_gtk_GtkMainThread.c
(init_dpi_conversion_factor): Check for int_dpi < 0 in case gtk-xft-dpi
can not calculate the right value.
(dpi_changed_cb): Likewise. Mark *pspec as unused.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk@83698 138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4

18 years ago * ifcvt.c (seq_contains_jump): Delete function.
sayle [Sat, 26 Jun 2004 01:43:57 +0000 (01:43 +0000)]
* ifcvt.c (seq_contains_jump): Delete function.
(end_ifcvt_sequence): Replace call to seq_contains_jump with an
inline test for a jump instruction in the existing "insn" loop.
(block_fallthru): Document function.

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18 years agoDaily bump.
gccadmin [Sat, 26 Jun 2004 00:17:34 +0000 (00:17 +0000)]
Daily bump.

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18 years agoDaily bump.
gccadmin [Sat, 26 Jun 2004 00:16:59 +0000 (00:16 +0000)]
Daily bump.

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18 years ago2004-06-25 Kelley Cook <kcook@gcc.gnu.org>
kcook [Fri, 25 Jun 2004 23:06:47 +0000 (23:06 +0000)]
2004-06-25  Kelley Cook  <kcook@gcc.gnu.org>

PR other/15194
* configure.ac: Add check for long long.
* jartool.h: Check for long long before using it.
* configure: Regenerate
* config.h.in: Regenerate.

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18 years ago PR wrong-code/15089
mmitchel [Fri, 25 Jun 2004 21:48:38 +0000 (21:48 +0000)]
PR wrong-code/15089
* loop.c (scan_loop): Do not move user-specified register

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18 years ago* c-common.h (warn_cast_qual, warn_missing_format_attribute,
dj [Fri, 25 Jun 2004 21:24:21 +0000 (21:24 +0000)]
* c-common.h (warn_cast_qual, warn_missing_format_attribute,
warn_pointer_arith, warn_missing_prototypes, warn_parentheses,
warn_missing_braces, warn_sign_compare, warn_long_long,
warn_redundant_decls, warn_float_equal, warn_char_subscripts,
warn_conversion, warn_format_y2k, warn_format_extra_args,
warn_format_zero_length, warn_format_nonliteral,
warn_format_security, mesg_implicit_function_declaration,
warn_bad_function_cast, warn_traditional,
warn_declaration_after_statement, warn_strict_prototypes,
warn_missing_declarations, warn_nested_externs,
warn_sequence_point, warn_init_self, warn_div_by_zero,
warn_implicit_int, warn_nonnull, warn_old_style_definition,
warn_selector, warn_undeclared_selector, warn_protocol,
warn_abi, warn_invalid_offsetof, warn_ctor_dtor_privacy,
warn_overloaded_virtual, warn_nonvdtor, warn_reorder,
warn_synth, warn_pmf2ptr, warn_ecpp, warn_sign_promo,
warn_old_style_cast, warn_nontemplate_friend,
warn_deprecated): Remove explicit declarations.
* c-common.c: Likewise, remove explicit definitions.
* c-opts.c: Likewise, remove explicit assignments.
* c.opts: Likewise, add implicit declare/define/assign.

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