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[pf3gnuchains/gcc-fork.git] / maintainer-scripts / update_version_svn
2008-07-04 jsm28 * crontab: Remove 4.1 snapshots job.
2007-02-25 gerald * update_version_svn (IGNORE_BRANCHES): Add 4_0-branch.
2006-03-11 gdr * crontab: Don't build snapshot for 3.4.x anymore.
2006-01-12 bje * update_version_svn (ADD_BRANCHES): Remove dfp-branch.
2005-10-28 dberlinAdd back -q so that jsm doesn't have to see a billion...
2005-10-28 rootFix update_version_svn so it actually is the correct...
2005-10-16 dberlinModify update_version for SVN