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libitm: Fixed conversion to C++11 atomics.
[pf3gnuchains/gcc-fork.git] / libitm / config /
2011-12-24 torvaldlibitm: Fixed conversion to C++11 atomics.
2011-12-17 kkojima * configure.tgt: Add sh* case.
2011-12-15 rtharm-linux: Add libitm support.
2011-12-13 rth * config/posix/rwlock.cc (gtm_rwlock::write_loc...
2011-12-13 rthlibitm: Conversion to c++11 atomics.
2011-11-30 rthSwap the action and jmpbuf arguments to GTM_longjmp
2011-11-22 iainslibitm:
2011-11-18 roSupport libitm on Solaris 8 and 9/x86 with Sun as
2011-11-10 rolibitm port to Tru64 UNIX
2011-11-10 rthlibitm: Don't add -mavx if the assembler doesn't suppor...
2011-11-10 rthlibitm: Work around assembler missing AVX insns.
2011-11-09 rthlibitm: Remove unused code.
2011-11-09 rthlibitm: Avoid non-portable x86 branch prediction mnemonic.
2011-11-09 rthlibitm: de-ELF-ize x86/sjlj.S.
2011-11-09 rthlibitm: Configure for gas cfi pseudo ops.
2011-11-08 roFix Solaris/x86 libitm build
2011-11-08 aldyhMerge from transactional-memory branch.