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* config/x86/target.h (GTM_longjmp): Correct .cfi directives.
[pf3gnuchains/gcc-fork.git] / libitm / ChangeLog
2012-02-14 uros * config/x86/target.h (GTM_longjmp): Correct .cfi...
2012-02-14 torvaldlibitm: Add multi-lock, write-through TM method.
2012-02-14 torvaldlibitm: Improve method reinit and choice.
2012-02-14 torvaldlibitm: Add xcalloc.
2012-02-14 ebotcazou * config/sparc/target.h (cpu_relax): Read from CC...
2012-02-14 uros * config/x86/target.h (GTM_longjmp): Jump indirect...
2012-02-13 ebotcazou * configure.tgt (target_cpu): Handle sparc and sparc64...
2012-02-13 ebotcazougcc/
2012-01-31 roFixed PR reference.
2012-01-31 roLink C++ tests with -shared-libgcc (PR libitm/51822)
2012-01-24 torvaldlibitm: Fix wake-up of readers in futex-based serial...
2012-01-24 uros * config/x86/target.h (gtm_jmpbuf) [__x86_64__]: Move...
2012-01-23 uros PR libitm/51830
2012-01-23 roRemove _ITM_getThreadnum
2012-01-23 roClear hardware capabilities on libitm.so with Sun ld
2012-01-17 roSkip static_ctor.C test (PR libitm/51173)
2012-01-13 torvaldlibitm: Truncate undo log after rolling back.
2012-01-13 torvaldlibitm: Filter out undo writes that overlap with the...
2012-01-10 rth * libitm_i.h (_Unwind_DeleteException): Declare weak.
2012-01-08 torvaldlibitm: Optimize undo log.
2012-01-05 rthlibitm: PowerPC support.
2012-01-05 aldyhAdd Patrick Marlier to ChangeLog entry.
2012-01-05 aldyh PR other/51171
2011-12-24 torvaldlibitm: Don't enforce privatization safety if already...
2011-12-24 torvaldlibitm: Fix privatization safety during upgrades to...
2011-12-24 torvaldlibitm: Fixed conversion to C++11 atomics.
2011-12-21 jakub * Makefile.am (AM_CXXFLAGS): Put $(XCFLAGS) first.
2011-12-17 kkojima * configure.tgt: Add sh* case.
2011-12-15 rtharm-linux: Add libitm support.
2011-12-13 rth * config/posix/rwlock.cc (gtm_rwlock::write_loc...
2011-12-13 rthlibitm: Conversion to c++11 atomics.
2011-11-30 rthSwap the action and jmpbuf arguments to GTM_longjmp
2011-11-23 iainslibitm:
2011-11-22 iainsconfig:
2011-11-22 iainslibitm:
2011-11-22 iainslibitm:
2011-11-21 andreastAdditional fixes for FreeBSD-10 build:
2011-11-21 roSupport sun symbol versioning in libitm
2011-11-18 roSupport libitm on Solaris 8 and 9/x86 with Sun as
2011-11-17 roProvide all dummy functions in alloc_cpp.cc, eh_cpp.cc
2011-11-16 uros PR bootstrap/51098
2011-11-14 hjlCheck ia32 instead of ilp32.
2011-11-10 rolibitm port to Tru64 UNIX
2011-11-10 rthlibitm: Don't add -mavx if the assembler doesn't suppor...
2011-11-10 rthlibitm: Work around assembler missing AVX insns.
2011-11-09 rthlibitm: Remove unused code.
2011-11-09 rthlibitm: Avoid non-portable x86 branch prediction mnemonic.
2011-11-09 rthlibitm: de-ELF-ize x86/sjlj.S.
2011-11-09 rthlibitm: Configure for gas cfi pseudo ops.
2011-11-08 rthFix a darwin10 build problem.
2011-11-08 rthFix tests for libitm support.
2011-11-08 rthCheck for libitm support at top-level.
2011-11-08 roChangeLog for last change.
2011-11-08 aldyhMerge from transactional-memory branch.