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2012-12-04 ianruntime: Fix build failures with -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2.
2012-10-03 ianlibgo: Update to Go 1.0.3.
2012-09-28 ianruntime: Better detection of memory allocation request...
2012-09-22 ianruntime: Reject surrogate pairs in range over string.
2012-09-22 iancompiler, runtime: Reject surrogate pair converting...
2012-09-22 ianruntime: Return random number of hash of NaN.
2012-08-06 nickcRevert delta 190174
2012-08-06 nickcLatest updates from FSF 4.7 branch
2012-07-26 ianruntime, runtime/pprof: Fix runtime/pprof test to pass...
2012-07-23 ianruntime: correct a logic error in hashmap growth.
2012-06-25 ianlibgo: Update to Go 1.0.2 release.
2012-06-14 ianBring over accumulated bug fixes from mainline.
2012-06-07 ianruntime: Use dl_iterate_phdr to get TLS size.
2012-06-05 ianruntime: Comment out code adding TLS size to stack...
2012-06-05 ianruntime: Fix call to _dl_get_tls_static_info for i386.
2012-06-04 ianruntime: Better SWIG interface for allocating Go memory...
2012-05-25 ianruntime: More efficient implementation of trampolines.
2012-05-25 ianruntime: Fix cast error in print.c on 32-bit systems.
2012-05-24 ianruntime: Make runtime.Stack actually work.
2012-05-24 ianruntime: Correct definition of __go_file_line to match...
2012-05-24 ianruntime: Copy runtime_printf from other Go library.
2012-05-22 ianruntime: Tweak runtime.Callers for Go 1 compatibility.
2012-05-22 ianruntime: Use getcontext, not setjmp, to save regs for GC.
2012-05-17 ianruntime: Print stack trace on panic or signal.
2012-05-15 ianruntime: Make all variables used across getcontext...
2012-05-14 ianlibgo: Use -fgo-pkgpath.
2012-04-27 ian PR go/52358
2012-04-27 ianruntime: Correct syscall.Setenv for systems that don...
2012-04-20 iancompiler, runtime: Add explicit checks for zero and...
2012-04-20 ianruntime: Ignore stack sizes when deciding when to GC.
2012-03-30 ianlibgo: Update to weekly.2012-03-27 aka go1 release.
2012-03-30 ianlibgo: Update to weekly.2012-03-22.
2012-03-30 ianlibgo: Update to weekly.2012-03-13.
2012-03-15 ianlibgo: Export {enter,exit}syscall and use it for getadd...
2012-03-10 ianUpdate Go compiler, library, and testsuite on gcc 4...
2012-02-29 iansyscall: Fill out GNU/Linux support.
2012-02-28 ianruntime: Call exit rather than _exit.
2012-02-25 ianruntime: Fix typo in go-nosys.c.
2012-02-18 ianlibgo: Add mount flags, fallocate, statfs.
2012-02-15 ianruntime: Support broken makecontext on Solaris 8/9.
2012-02-14 ian PR go/48407
2012-02-14 ian PR go/48501
2012-02-14 ian PR go/50654
2012-02-12 ian PR go/52084
2012-02-11 ianruntime: Handle FFI promoting result types.
2012-02-11 ianruntime: Tweak __go_can_recover for SPARC.
2012-02-11 ianruntime: Fix chan code for big-endian strict-alignment...
2012-02-10 ianruntime: For g0 set stack_size to 0 when not -fsplit...
2012-02-10 ianruntime: Save all registers on stack for GC scan.
2012-02-10 ianruntime: Use __builtin_{inf,nan} rather than INFINITY...
2012-02-09 ianlibgo: Update to weekly.2012-02-07.
2012-02-08 ianruntime: Add matherr function when appropriate.
2012-02-08 iancompiler, runtime: Check make int64 args for overflow.
2012-02-08 ianruntime: System-specific hack fix for x86_64 Solaris 10.
2012-02-02 ianruntime: Correct ENOSYS functions.
2012-01-27 ianlibgo: Fix merge errors shown on Solaris.
2012-01-26 ianlibgo: Build stubs for some syscall functions not on...
2012-01-25 ianlibgo: Update to weekly.2012-01-15.
2012-01-21 ianruntime: Make builtin print exactly match gc builtin...
2012-01-17 ianlibgo: Solaris and Irix compatibility patches.
2012-01-13 ianlibgo: Update to weekly.2011-12-22.
2012-01-12 ianlibgo: Update to weekly.2011-12-14.
2012-01-06 iancompiler, runtime: Implement struct and array comparisons.
2011-12-22 ianruntime: Fix missing USING_SPLIT_STACK ifdef.
2011-12-21 ianruntime: Catch signals on altstack, disable splitstack...
2011-12-20 ianlibgo/runtime: Don't define _GNU_SOURCE in source code.
2011-12-13 ianruntime: RTEMS build fixes.
2011-12-13 ianlibgo: Update to weekly.2011-12-02.
2011-12-12 ianlibgo: Update to weekly.2011-11-18.
2011-12-09 ianruntime: make print() built-in write to stderr.
2011-12-07 ianlibgo: Add back tests of syscall time.
2011-12-07 ianlibgo: Update to weekly 2011-11-09.
2011-12-02 ianlibgo: Update to weekly.2011-11-01.
2011-12-01 ianruntime: Remove temporary runtime_cond_wait function.
2011-12-01 ianruntime: Rename sigignore to sig_ignore for Solaris.
2011-12-01 iancompiler/runtime: Copy channel implementation from...
2011-11-30 ianruntime: Copy runtime_panicstring from master library.
2011-11-29 ianruntime: If no sem_timedwait, use pthread_cond_timedwait.
2011-11-29 ianruntime: If O_CLOEXEC is not defined, define it as 0.
2011-11-28 ianruntime: Multiplex goroutines onto OS threads.
2011-11-22 ianruntime: New lock/note implementation.
2011-11-14 ianruntime: Use some of 6g runtime.c for easier merging.
2011-11-11 ianIntroduce G structure and thread-local global g.
2011-11-01 ianruntime: Don't ask mmap for wrapping memory.
2011-11-01 ianruntime: Correct test of mmap return value.
2011-10-31 iansyscall: Use sched_yield rather than pthread_yield.
2011-10-26 ianUpdate Go library to last weekly.
2011-10-25 ianImplement predeclared delete function.
2011-10-25 ianDon't permit close of receive-only channel.
2011-10-23 ianImplement new syscall package.
2011-09-21 ianSupport nil maps.
2011-09-21 ianFix channels with element type of size zero.
2011-09-20 ianFix calling make with slice whose element type is size...
2011-09-16 ianBlock forever on send/receive to/from nil channel.
2011-09-16 ianUpdate Go library to r60.
2011-09-16 ianFix defer when not calling recover in function with...
2011-07-11 ianlibgo/runtime: Change std::abort to abort.
2011-06-14 ianChange builtin make to runtime call at lowering time.
2011-06-14 ianChange builtin make to runtime call at lowering time.
2011-06-11 ianUse backend interface for map descriptors.