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runtime: For g0 set stack_size to 0 when not -fsplit-stack.
[pf3gnuchains/gcc-fork.git] / libgo / runtime / proc.c
2012-02-10 ianruntime: For g0 set stack_size to 0 when not -fsplit...
2012-02-09 ianlibgo: Update to weekly.2012-02-07.
2012-02-08 ianruntime: System-specific hack fix for x86_64 Solaris 10.
2011-12-21 ianruntime: Catch signals on altstack, disable splitstack...
2011-12-12 ianlibgo: Update to weekly.2011-11-18.
2011-12-07 ianlibgo: Add back tests of syscall time.
2011-12-02 ianlibgo: Update to weekly.2011-11-01.
2011-11-28 ianruntime: Multiplex goroutines onto OS threads.
2011-11-11 ianIntroduce G structure and thread-local global g.
2011-10-26 ianUpdate Go library to last weekly.
2011-10-23 ianImplement new syscall package.
2011-03-27 ianAdd runtime profiling infrastructure, not yet working.
2010-12-03 ianAdd Go frontend, libgo library, and Go testsuite.