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libgo: Always use AM_LDFLAGS when linking libgo.la.
[pf3gnuchains/gcc-fork.git] / libgo / Makefile.in
2011-04-06 ianlibgo: Always use AM_LDFLAGS when linking libgo.la.
2011-04-02 ianlibgo: Sort test output in libgo.sum and libgo.log.
2011-04-01 ianlibgo: Support Solaris 8/9.
2011-03-31 ian PR go/47515
2011-03-31 ianlibgo: Set name of test when using DejaGNU tests.
2011-03-31 ianlibgo Makefile: Fix typo in test case name.
2011-03-31 ianlibgo: Generate DejaGNU like .sum and .log files for...
2011-03-30 ianlibgo: Use waitpid on systems which do not have wait4.
2011-03-30 ianlibgo: Support systems which do not have strerror_r.
2011-03-30 ianlibgo: Use the right files on Solaris variants.
2011-03-30 ianlibgo/Makefile.am: Add missing dependencies for net...
2011-03-30 ianUpdate to current Go library.
2011-03-28 ianRename net/fd_rtems.go to net/fd_select.go.
2011-03-27 ianAdd runtime profiling infrastructure, not yet working.
2011-03-25 ianRemove closed function. Fix tuple receive in select.
2011-03-24 ianUpdate to current version of Go library.
2011-03-21 ianlibgo: Add GOTESTFLAGS variable used when testing.
2011-03-16 ianUpdate to current version of Go library (revision 94d65...
2011-03-11 ianDon't use intermediate .la files building libgo.
2011-03-09 ianSolaris specific syslog support.
2011-03-09 ian PR go/48017
2011-03-07 ianUse _nuname on 32-bit Solaris 2/x86.
2011-02-22 ianPermit comparing non-empty interfaces with empty interf...
2011-02-21 ianSupport libgo on Solaris.
2011-02-05 ianlibgo: Pass compiler flags to mksysinfo.sh.
2011-01-31 ianlibgo/Makefile.am: Simplify build to avoid unnecessary...
2011-01-28 ianAdd Solaris version of os.Hostname.
2011-01-27 ianDon't force rebuild if mksysinfo.sh does not change...
2011-01-27 ianAdd missing dependency in libgo/Makefile.am.
2011-01-25 ian PR go/47452
2011-01-24 ianRecognize m68k, mips, PPC. Don't require arch syscall...
2011-01-21 ianRemove the types float and complex.
2011-01-19 ianlibgo/Makefile.am: Fix typo naming socket_bsd.go.
2011-01-14 ianlibgo: Use $(SHELL) to invoke gotest.
2011-01-14 ianlibgo/Makefile.am: Correct typos in Solaris support.
2011-01-13 ianClean up syscalls, add some Solaris support.
2011-01-12 ianMake using DejaGNU work for libgo testing on a native...
2011-01-12 ianPreliminary framework for Solaris support.
2011-01-12 ianSimplify libgo Makefile conditionals.
2011-01-11 ianChange libgo testsuite format to be more like DejaGNU.
2011-01-11 ianAdd cgo support routines corresponding to the ones...
2011-01-05 ian PR go/47176
2010-12-17 ianAvoid always splitting the stack when calling append...
2010-12-09 ian PR bootstrap/46812
2010-12-08 ian PR other/46840
2010-12-07 ian PR other/46789
2010-12-03 ianCheck for -pthread and -lpthread at configure time.
2010-12-03 ianAdd Go frontend, libgo library, and Go testsuite.