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compiler: Use backend interface for type sizes and alignments.
[pf3gnuchains/gcc-fork.git] / gcc / go / gofrontend / types.h
2012-01-11 iancompiler: Use backend interface for type sizes and...
2012-01-06 iancompiler, runtime: Implement struct and array comparisons.
2011-11-29 iancompiler: Define and use backend-independent Location...
2011-10-24 ianRename is_open_array_type to is_slice_type.
2011-09-19 ianFix handling of mutually recursive named types.
2011-09-14 ianFix handling of structs with embedded global types.
2011-06-14 ianChange builtin make to runtime call at lowering time.
2011-06-11 ianUse backend interface for map descriptors.
2011-06-11 ianUse backend interface for type descriptors.
2011-06-09 ianUse backend interface for zero initialization.
2011-05-20 ianUpdate to current version of Go library.
2011-05-13 ianFix bug with multiple results returning structs with...
2011-05-07 ianUse backend types for all type conversions.
2011-05-06 ianMore uses of backend interface for types.
2011-05-06 ianUse backend interface for interface types.
2011-05-05 ianUse backend interface for slice types.
2011-05-04 ianUse backend interface for named types and array types.
2011-04-25 ianUse backend interface for function types.
2011-04-23 ianDefine go_unreachable to replace gcc_unreachable.
2011-04-21 ianDefine go_assert to replace gcc_assert
2011-03-28 ianPermit copying hidden fields when passing method receiver.
2011-03-25 ianClean up handling of undefined types.
2011-03-03 ianRewrite conversion of named types to backend representa...
2011-02-24 ianAvoid infinite loop in field_reference.
2011-02-24 ianHandle an array of pointers to itself.
2011-01-21 ianRemove the types float and complex.
2011-01-06 ianFix order in which recursive structs are converted...
2010-12-24 ianAvoid endless loop checking whether type is pointer.
2010-12-23 ianAvoid infinite recursion checking whether field is...
2010-12-22 ianAvoid infinite recursion looking up method in invalid...
2010-12-22 ianMore tweaking of recursive name types when converting...
2010-12-15 ianPush hash table identity check down to subtypes.
2010-12-15 ianUse a different identity function for Types in hash...
2010-12-14 ianCheck for duplicate methods.
2010-12-03 ianAdd Go frontend, libgo library, and Go testsuite.