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compiler: Fix order of initialization bug with global var a, b = f().
[pf3gnuchains/gcc-fork.git] / gcc / go / gofrontend / parse.cc
2012-05-03 iancompiler: Fix order of initialization bug with global...
2012-04-24 iancompiler: Reject invalid composite literals.
2012-03-28 iancompiler: fix crashes.
2012-03-01 iancompiler: Avoid some compiler crashes on invalid code.
2012-02-17 iancompiler: Permit (_) on left hand side of =.
2012-02-07 iancompiler, libgo: Use //extern comments rather than...
2012-02-01 iancompiler: Don't crash on switch _ := v.(type).
2012-02-01 iancompiler: Permit a general expression in case x :=...
2012-01-24 iancompiler: Simple statement in type switch is in differe...
2012-01-24 iancompiler: Verify types of sink variables.
2012-01-24 iancompiler: Better handling of erroneous function signatures.
2012-01-23 iancompiler: Give an error if a variable is defined but...
2012-01-21 iancompiler: Change alias handling, change rune alias...
2012-01-20 iancompiler: Handle _ with explicit type correctly.
2011-12-01 iancompiler/runtime: Copy channel implementation from...
2011-11-29 iancompiler: Define and use backend-independent Location...
2011-10-24 ianError if naked return when result variables are shadowed.
2011-09-23 ianBetter parsing of erroneous expression on left of :=.
2011-09-21 ianBetter handling of unexpected EOF in parser.
2011-09-21 ianFix typo in error message.
2011-09-20 ianImprove error for undefined name in imported package.
2011-09-20 ianImplement goto restrictions.
2011-09-20 ianCheck for duplicate parameter/result names.
2011-09-20 ianEmit compiler errors for unused values.
2011-09-17 ianImprove errors for invalid use of [...]type.
2011-09-10 ianFix using package name as composite literal struct...
2011-04-23 ianDefine go_unreachable to replace gcc_unreachable.
2011-04-21 ianDefine go_assert to replace gcc_assert
2011-04-04 ianUse backend interface for return statements.
2011-03-29 ianFix select setting a map expression.
2011-03-28 ianBetter error message for invalid variable name in switc...
2011-03-28 ianBetter error message for missing condition in if statement.
2011-03-28 ianBetter error message for old syntax of send expression...
2011-03-28 ianBetter error messages for missing channel element type.
2011-03-26 ianCheck for invalid uses of ... in builtin function calls.
2011-03-26 ianCorrectly parse select case <-c <- v.
2011-03-25 ianGive an error if a label is defined but not used.
2011-03-25 ianRemove closed function. Fix tuple receive in select.
2011-03-24 ianTuple receives indicate whether channel is closed.
2011-03-24 ianCondition in if statement is not optional.
2011-03-24 ianChange c <- v from an expression to a statement.
2011-03-03 ianDon't crash declaring a function named "_".
2011-02-24 ianTraverse erroneous send/receive statements.
2011-02-22 ianDon't crash on erroneous type switch.
2011-02-19 ianFix struct with array of struct with field that points...
2011-02-10 ianDon't crash on redefined variable.
2011-01-19 ianGenerate an init function if any global variable needs...
2011-01-04 ianDon't look outside of function literal for break or...
2011-01-04 ianDon't crash if tuple init redefines non-variable.
2011-01-04 ianCheck for multiple default cases in switch or select.
2010-12-22 ianCorrectly handle tuple assignment to _ at global scope.
2010-12-15 ianTweak handling of invalid function signature for functi...
2010-12-15 ianAdd statements to type switch even if there are no...
2010-12-14 ianDon't crash on invalid parameters/results.
2010-12-14 ianDon't incorrectly parse expression as type switch.
2010-12-03 ianAdd Go frontend, libgo library, and Go testsuite.