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compiler: fix method finalization of unnamed structs.
[pf3gnuchains/gcc-fork.git] / gcc / go / gofrontend / gogo.cc
2012-03-28 iancompiler: fix method finalization of unnamed structs.
2012-03-10 ianUpdate Go compiler, library, and testsuite on gcc 4...
2012-03-01 iancompiler: Fix varargs functions that call recover.
2012-02-17 iancompiler: List imported packages in export information.
2012-02-17 iancompiler: Add parameter names to export information.
2012-02-16 iancompiler: Fix crash: type T1 struct { F *[1]T2 } where...
2012-02-15 iancompiler: Avoid crashes on erroneous input.
2012-02-02 iancompiler: Permit importing a method to a type being...
2012-02-01 iancompiler: Don't crash on type switch case nil with...
2012-01-26 iancompiler: Don't make type fns for private fields in...
2012-01-25 iancompiler: Always re-lower lowered expressions.
2012-01-24 iancompiler: Verify types of sink variables.
2012-01-24 iancompiler: Better handling of erroneous function signatures.
2012-01-23 iancompiler: Give an error if a variable is defined but...
2012-01-21 iancompiler: Change alias handling, change rune alias...
2012-01-20 iancompiler: Don't crash if receiver name is _.
2012-01-20 iancompiler: Handle recursive interfaces.
2012-01-11 iancompiler: Permit type B byte; type S []B; var v = S...
2012-01-11 iancompiler: Don't use memcmp for structs/arrays with...
2012-01-06 iancompiler, runtime: Implement struct and array comparisons.
2011-11-29 iancompiler: Define and use backend-independent Location...
2011-11-29 ianImplement predefined error interface.
2011-10-28 ianAdd rune as an alias for int.
2011-10-25 ianImplement predeclared delete function.
2011-10-24 ianRename is_open_array_type to is_slice_type.
2011-10-04 ianFix global var initialized to function call with calls...
2011-09-20 ianImplement goto restrictions.
2011-09-20 ianCheck for duplicate parameter/result names.
2011-09-20 ianEmit compiler errors for unused values.
2011-09-16 ianFix defer when not calling recover in function with...
2011-08-29 ianDon't lower blocks twice.
2011-08-01 ianUse temporary variables for calls with multiple results.
2011-06-11 ianUse backend interface for map descriptors.
2011-06-11 ianUse backend interface for type descriptors.
2011-06-09 ianUse backend interface for zero initialization.
2011-05-13 ianFix bug with multiple results returning structs with...
2011-05-12 ianFix bug with taking address of a variable when address...
2011-05-07 ianUse backend types for all type conversions.
2011-04-25 ianUse backend interface for function types.
2011-04-23 ianDefine go_unreachable to replace gcc_unreachable.
2011-04-21 ianDefine go_assert to replace gcc_assert
2011-04-19 ianChange general statement method to always use backend...
2011-04-19 ianUse backend interface for blocks.
2011-04-19 ianUse backend interface for variables.
2011-04-13 ianUse backend interface for go and defer statements.
2011-04-13 ianUnify handling of runtime support functions.
2011-04-05 ianUse backend interface for labels and goto statements.
2011-04-04 ianUse backend interface for return statements.
2011-04-03 ianStart using backend interface separate from gofrontend.
2011-03-26 ianBetter error when setting const to nil.
2011-03-25 ianClean up handling of undefined types.
2011-03-25 ianGive an error if a label is defined but not used.
2011-03-25 ianRemove closed function. Fix tuple receive in select.
2011-03-24 ianTuple receives indicate whether channel is closed.
2011-03-24 ianChange c <- v from an expression to a statement.
2011-03-07 ianSupport multiple init functions in a single file.
2011-03-07 ianFix second import of package using _.
2011-03-03 ianMake sure variable type is determined when var initiali...
2011-03-03 ianRewrite conversion of named types to backend representa...
2011-02-24 ianDon't crash on bad receiver when building recover thunks.
2011-02-24 ianDon't crash if a result variable redefines a parameter.
2011-02-23 ianTraverse erroneous function redefinitions.
2011-02-15 ianDon't crash lowering self-referential variable initializer.
2011-02-10 ianDetermine types in global variable preinit blocks.
2011-02-09 ianThe "main" package is not special if -fgo-prefix is...
2011-01-21 ianRemove the types float and complex.
2011-01-19 ianGenerate an init function if any global variable needs...
2011-01-04 ianCheck for identical package name and prefix in imported...
2011-01-04 ianTraverse expressions when looking for types.
2011-01-04 ianDon't crash if package import fails.
2011-01-04 ianFix building recover thunks which return multiple values.
2010-12-23 ianA variable with a preinit block requires an intializati...
2010-12-22 ianDon't crash on index into erroneous map.
2010-12-22 ianDon't crash on variable initialization from erroneous...
2010-12-22 ianFix handling of named results for functions which call...
2010-12-22 ianDon't crash if a constant initializer refers to the...
2010-12-22 ianFix uninitialized variable when looking up '_'.
2010-12-22 ianFix handling of functions with named results that call...
2010-12-21 ianDon't crash when returning something from a function...
2010-12-21 ianCorrect handling of methods which call recover.
2010-12-21 ianDon't crash when declaring methods on unknown name.
2010-12-21 ianDon't crash when some object is redefined as a type.
2010-12-21 ianTraverse function types.
2010-12-18 ianDon't crash on recursive variables and typed consts.
2010-12-16 ianDon't crash on recursive consts.
2010-12-15 ianDon't crash on tuple initialization from erroneous...
2010-12-15 ianPermit _ as a result variable name.
2010-12-15 ianDon't get confused by error types in traversal.
2010-12-03 ianAdd Go frontend, libgo library, and Go testsuite.