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compiler: Fix order of initialization bug with global var a, b = f().
[pf3gnuchains/gcc-fork.git] / gcc / go / gofrontend / gogo-tree.cc
2012-05-03 iancompiler: Fix order of initialization bug with global...
2012-03-10 ianUpdate Go compiler, library, and testsuite on gcc 4...
2012-02-17 iancompiler: Check for initialization loop in constant...
2012-01-27 iancompiler: Use new __builtin_init_heap_trampoline.
2012-01-24 iancompiler: Better handling of erroneous function signatures.
2012-01-12 ianlibgo: Update to weekly.2011-12-14.
2012-01-06 iancompiler, runtime: Implement struct and array comparisons.
2011-12-01 iancompiler/runtime: Copy channel implementation from...
2011-11-29 iancompiler: Define and use backend-independent Location...
2011-10-11 ianRemove incorrect ChangeLog entry, correct spacing.
2011-10-11 meissnerConvert standard builtin functions from being arrays...
2011-09-16 ianFix defer when not calling recover in function with...
2011-09-14 ianFix defer/recover at high optimization levels.
2011-09-13 ianAlways dereference nil receiver passed to value method.
2011-06-21 amacleod * gogo-tree.cc (Gogo::define_builtin_function_trees...
2011-06-11 ianUse backend interface for map descriptors.
2011-06-11 ianUse backend interface for type descriptors.
2011-06-09 ianUse backend interface for zero initialization.
2011-05-07 ianUse backend types for all type conversions.
2011-05-05 ianUse backend interface for slice types.
2011-04-25 ianUse backend interface for function types.
2011-04-23 ianDefine go_unreachable to replace gcc_unreachable.
2011-04-21 ianDefine go_assert to replace gcc_assert
2011-04-19 ianChange general statement method to always use backend...
2011-04-19 ianUse backend interface for blocks.
2011-04-19 ianUse backend interface for variables.
2011-04-15 ianUse backend interface for send statement.
2011-04-13 ianUse backend interface for go and defer statements.
2011-04-12 ianCall cgraph_get_node rather than cgraph_node.
2011-04-05 ianUse backend interface for labels and goto statements.
2011-04-04 ianUse backend interface for return statements.
2011-03-25 ianClean up handling of undefined types.
2011-03-24 ianTuple receives indicate whether channel is closed.
2011-03-07 ianSupport multiple init functions in a single file.
2011-03-03 ianDon't crash on erroneous named result.
2011-03-03 ianDon't crash if a constant has a declared but undefined...
2011-03-03 ianRewrite conversion of named types to backend representa...
2011-02-15 ianDon't crash defining function in different package.
2011-02-09 ianThe "main" package is not special if -fgo-prefix is...
2011-02-08 ian PR go/47378
2011-01-14 ianMove clearing of flag_strict_aliasing to gcc interface.
2011-01-05 ian PR go/47158
2010-12-23 ianDon't crash building map descriptor for erroneous map.
2010-12-22 ianDon't crash on erroneous channel send or receive.
2010-12-22 ianDon't crash building erroneous variable initializer.
2010-12-16 ianCheck for errors from Gogo::call_builtin.
2010-12-14 ianDon't crash on invalid closure.
2010-12-14 ianDon't crash on erroneous receiver or parameters.
2010-12-07 ianDon't crash on erroneous result variable.
2010-12-04 ian PR bootstrap/46776
2010-12-03 ianAdd Go frontend, libgo library, and Go testsuite.