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compiler: Move import of Go export data to gcc side of interface.
[pf3gnuchains/gcc-fork.git] / gcc / go / ChangeLog
2011-12-14 iancompiler: Move import of Go export data to gcc side...
2011-11-29 iancompiler: Define and use backend-independent Location...
2011-11-02 roMove shlib support to toplevel libgcc
2011-10-11 ianRemove incorrect ChangeLog entry, correct spacing.
2011-10-11 meissnerConvert standard builtin functions from being arrays...
2011-08-24 iangccgo: fixes to ast-dump, refactoring of export and...
2011-08-24 jsm28 * Makefile.in (CFLAGS-collect2.o, CFLAGS-c-family...
2011-08-16 ianRemove entry for gofrontend directory which should...
2011-08-15 gchareLINEMAP_POSITION_FOR_COLUMN had the exact same effect as
2011-08-08 ro gcc:
2011-08-03 iangccgo: Added code to dump the AST tree. The AST dump is
2011-07-06 rguenth2011-07-06 Richard Guenther <rguenther@suse.de>
2011-06-24 ianRemove entry for gofrontend change which should not...
2011-06-21 amacleod * gogo-tree.cc (Gogo::define_builtin_function_trees...
2011-06-14 jsm28 * target-def.h (TARGET_HAVE_NAMED_SECTIONS): Move to
2011-06-14 ianChange builtin make to runtime call at lowering time.
2011-06-11 ianUse backend interface for type descriptors.
2011-06-09 ianUse backend interface for zero initialization.
2011-06-07 rguenth2011-06-07 Richard Guenther <rguenther@suse.de>
2011-05-27 ianChange export code to use the backend interface.
2011-05-24 jsm28 * Makefile.in (GCC_OBJS): Remove opts-common.o and...
2011-05-20 jsm28 * Makefile.in (LIBDEPS): Add libcommon.a.
2011-05-13 ianFix bug with multiple results returning structs with...
2011-05-12 ianFix bug with taking address of a variable when address...
2011-05-07 ebotcazou2011-05-07  Eric Botcazou  <ebotcazou@adacore.com>
2011-05-06 froydnjgeneralize build_case_label to the rest of the compiler
2011-05-04 ianUse backend interface for named types and array types.
2011-04-27 ianUse backend interface for struct types.
2011-04-25 ianUse backend interface for function types.
2011-04-25 ianUse backend interface for basic types
2011-04-21 ianDefine go_assert to replace gcc_assert
2011-04-19 ianstatement.cc no longer includes gcc headers.
2011-04-19 ianUse backend interface for temporary variables.
2011-04-19 ianUse backend interface for blocks.
2011-04-19 ianUse backend interface for variables.
2011-04-15 ianAdd compound_list to backend interface.
2011-04-15 ianUse the backend interface for select statements.
2011-04-13 ianUse backend interface for go and defer statements.
2011-04-13 ianUnify handling of runtime support functions.
2011-04-13 froydnjgcc/ada/
2011-04-06 ianUse backend interface for constant switch statements.
2011-04-06 ianUse backend interface for if statements.
2011-04-06 ianUse backend interface for expression statements.
2011-04-05 ianUse backend interface for labels and goto statements.
2011-04-04 ianUse backend interface for return statements.
2011-04-03 ianStart using backend interface separate from gofrontend.
2011-02-28 ianMove ChangeLog entry to correct ChangeLog file.
2011-02-08 ian * go-lang.c (go_langhook_init_options_struct): Set
2011-01-31 ro gcc:
2011-01-21 ianRemove the types float and complex.
2011-01-14 ianMove clearing of flag_strict_aliasing to gcc interface.
2010-12-31 amylaar PR go/47113
2010-12-21 ian * Make-lang.in (check-go): Remove.
2010-12-13 ian * gospec.c (lang_specific_driver): Add a -o option...
2010-12-07 ian PR tree-optimization/46805
2010-12-07 ian PR other/46789
2010-12-04 ian PR bootstrap/46776
2010-12-03 ian * config-lang.in (build_by_default): Set to no.