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extra casting required by new pointer type
[pf3gnuchains/gcc-fork.git] / gcc / fixinc / fixincl.c
2001-07-21 korbbextra casting required by new pointer type
2001-07-21 korbbforce unsigned char compares
2001-06-27 korbbno preprocessing inside string literal
2001-03-16 lauras * fixinc/Makefile.in: Set SHELL.
2001-03-16 korbbmore rigorous SIGCHLD guarding
2001-03-02 danglin * print-rtl.c (print_rtx): Cast enums to int for compa...
2001-02-06 korbbdo not rely on load_file_data() to close file pointer
2001-01-05 korbbfix exit and atexit calls for vax-*-bsd systems
2000-12-13 mrsFix typo
2000-12-13 korbbUse one makefile for fixinc
2000-12-08 zackinclude:
2000-12-07 korbbMake the fixinc/Makefile.* files more similar
2000-12-02 korbbPrepare for fixincludes on BeOS
2000-12-02 korbbKaveh's warning patch from 11/19
2000-11-17 ghazi * mcore.c (mcore_expand_prolog): Call xmalloc/xrealloc...
2000-09-12 korbbcode cleanups
2000-09-05 korbbuse "#if defined( HAV..." instead of "#if HAV..."
2000-09-05 korbbPAGESIZE is not portable
2000-09-05 korbbalways read header files with poorly chosen sizes
2000-08-21 korbbprevent the deletion of a file before it is read on DOS
2000-08-04 korbbImplement, but leave disabled, MSDOS functionality
2000-07-19 korbbactivate the auto-edit marker on the fixed output files
2000-07-12 korbbremoved dinkleberries and use xmalloc instead of a...
2000-05-17 korbbimprove the debug displays, ignore SIGPIPE, and fix...
2000-05-11 jason * fixinc/fixincl.c (run_compiles): Don't crash...
2000-05-11 korbbAdded support for "make check" and the "format" c_fix
2000-05-04 korbbRemove BOGOSITY code, and Remove code for installing...
2000-04-17 zack * aclocal.m4 (AM_GNU_GETTEXT): Don't AC_REQUIRE([AC_FU...
2000-02-27 zack * Makefile.in (STMP_FIXINC): New toggle.
2000-02-26 lawFix copyrights
2000-02-01 zack * frame.c (find_fde): Convert for loop to do-while...
2000-01-22 zack * fixinc/fixincl.c: Move declarations of 'pz_fname...
2000-01-17 zack * fixinc/fixlib.c: Add copyright notice.
1999-12-29 korbbC++ file type checking
1999-12-17 zack1999-12-17 13:21 -0800 Zack Weinberg <zack@rabi.colum...
1999-11-29 korbbdon't skip GLIBC files any more, more C++ header testin...
1999-11-11 korbbAdded verbose levels for status messages
1999-11-04 korbbAllow for systems that do not have S_IR* defined values
1999-11-01 korbbPatch from Philippe De Muyter <phdm@macqel.be>
1999-10-12 korbbMerge from no_bogosity
1999-09-16 ghazi * system.h (CTYPE_CONV, TOUPPER, TOLOWER): New macros...
1999-06-02 korbbRemove references to setenv/putenv
1999-05-28 korbbReplace local include scheme with #include of system.h
1999-05-20 korbbA fix for one breaks another :( - do not ignore SIGCLD!
1999-05-20 korbbstatic initialization removal & K&R-ification
1999-05-17 law * fixinc/fixincl.c: Remove #error, it is not...
1999-05-17 korbbWait for children from chain_open()
1999-05-12 korbbverify a file's existence before copying it
1999-05-07 korbbfix memory leak in run_compiles
1999-04-29 korbbnew regex header name
1999-04-26 korbbproperly handle child processes
1999-03-31 korbbReworked method for traversing sym-linked directory...
1999-03-17 law * fixinc/fixincl.c: Include auto-host.h instead...
1999-03-03 korbbMerge from fixincl-branch
1998-10-16 korbbThese files are being moved from the contrib/fixinc...