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sync mainline to 3.1
[pf3gnuchains/gcc-fork.git] / gcc / fixinc / check.tpl
2002-05-02 korbbsync mainline to 3.1
2001-05-27 korbbreorganize inclhacks and apply fix to fixtests.c
2001-05-26 korbbThis check template is now upgraded for AutoGen5
2001-05-24 korbbThis is still broken. Do not use it yet
2000-08-04 korbbImplement, but leave disabled, MSDOS functionality
2000-07-20 korbbuse platform specific types in gnu_type_fix
2000-07-19 korbbactivate the auto-edit marker on the fixed output files
2000-06-17 korbbfinish the implementation of multiple tests per fix
2000-05-31 korbbmodified test results
2000-05-31 korbbrework "make check" for fixinc
2000-05-19 korbbtest_text cleanups
2000-05-16 korbbadded several "test_text" attributes; changed several...
2000-05-14 korbbAdd several tests and use the ``c_fix = format'' fixer...
2000-05-11 korbbAdded support for "make check" and the "format" c_fix
2000-05-09 korbbAdded 'test_text' for many fixes