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describe how to fix up the results after adding/changing an inclhack.
[pf3gnuchains/gcc-fork.git] / gcc / fixinc / README
2002-05-22 korbbdescribe how to fix up the results after adding/changin...
2001-05-26 korbbAdd another caveat
2001-02-21 korbbfix freebsd version check of GCC
2001-01-02 korbbmore README info
2001-01-02 korbbupdate the README for fixinc
2000-08-04 korbbImplement, but leave disabled, MSDOS functionality
2000-05-24 korbbDocument the c_fix types
2000-05-19 korbbtest_text cleanups
2000-05-16 korbbcorrected and rewrote char_macro_* fixes to parse the...
2000-03-01 korbbremove unused symlinks from generated include dir
1999-10-22 korbbUse C-coded tests and fixes for #endif/#else labels
1999-10-19 korbbuse genfixes within Makefile.in and move comments to...
1999-07-27 lawadd EOL to keep patch happy.
1999-03-29 korbbMade more current
1999-01-04 robertlA newer branch for fixinclude work.