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Undo cvs entry 1.4 "Reorg sethi_{hi,si} patterns." and add comment why.
[pf3gnuchains/gcc-fork.git] / gcc / config / sparc / sparc.md
1997-10-19 devansUndo cvs entry 1.4 "Reorg sethi_{hi,si} patterns."...
1997-10-17 devans * sparc/sparc.md (pic_{lo_sum,sethi}_di): New patterns
1997-10-17 devansReorg sethi_{hi,si} patterns.
1997-09-25 dje * sparc/sparc.md (*): Use GEN_INT instead of gen_rtx.
1997-09-05 dje * sparc/sparc.md: Add ultrasparc scheduling support.
1997-07-22 dje * sparc/sparc.md (seqdi_special): Don't clobber %xcc.
1997-06-02 dje * sparc/sparc.md (v9 eq/ne cond move patterns): Add...
1997-04-13 kenner(*return_addsi): Change condition to exclude both ints.
1996-09-25 dje * sparc.c (print_operand): Handle new codes H/L.
1996-09-12 dje(move_pic_label_si): Operand one is label_ref now.
1996-08-15 dje * sparc/sparc.c (label_ref_operand): New function.
1996-07-31 dje(negtf2,abstf2): Fix v9 case.
1996-07-26 mrsinstall EH code
1996-06-05 kenner(*call_{address,symbolic}_struct_value_sp32): Allow...
1996-06-03 kenner(call): Mask unimp operand to 12 bits, just like Sun.
1996-04-26 dje * sparc/sparc.md (smacsi,smacdi,umacdi): Fix constrain...
1996-04-23 dje * sparc/sparc.md (isa attribute): Add sparclet.
1996-04-10 dje * sparc/sparc.md (attr cpu): 90c701 renamed to tsc701.
1996-03-23 dje * sparc/sparc.md (*mov{qi,hi,si,di}_cc_sp64): Fix...
1996-03-20 dje * sparc/sparc.c (fcc_reg_operand): Ensure correct...
1996-03-12 kenner(nonlocal_goto): Emit barrier after jump.
1996-03-11 dje(move_pic_label_si,move_label_di): Rewrite length
1996-03-08 dje * sparc/sparc.h (MASK_LIVE_G0,TARGET_LIVE_G0): Define.
1996-03-05 dje * sparc/sparc.md (*mov{qi,hi,si}_insn): Simplify lengt...
1996-03-05 dje * sparc/sparc.md (*cmp{si,di}_insn): %r0 -> %0.
1996-02-26 dje * sparc/sparc.md: Add sparclet scheduling parameters.
1996-02-22 dje * sparc/sparc.md (cpu attr): Add sparc{lite,let} imple...
1996-02-20 kenner(nonlocal_goto): No longer need USE of %o0.
1996-02-20 dje * sparc/sparc.md (cpu attr): Add all cpu variants.
1996-02-09 djeMove pic sethi ahead of non-pic sethi and document...
1996-02-09 dje * sparc/sparc.c (sp64_medium_pic_operand): New function.
1996-01-26 dje * sparc/sparc.h (sparc_arch_type): Delete.
1996-01-25 dje(*): Replace TARGET_V9 with TARGET_ARCH64 in places
1995-11-30 wilson(seqdi_special_trunc, snedi_special_trunc,
1995-09-12 kennerChange `*return "string"' to "string" in patterns.
1995-07-14 kenner(sethi_di_sp64): Return null string at end.
1995-06-15 kennerChange FSF address.
1995-05-16 kennerFix typos in comments.
1995-04-28 dje * sparc/sparc.md (tablejump): Only if ! TARGET_MEDANY.
1995-04-27 wilsonDelete two define_peepholes which print `bad peephole'.
1995-04-26 dje(memop define_splits): Rewrite to not use memop.
1995-02-08 dje(*movsi_ccx_sp64): Fix name.
1995-02-08 dje(nonlocal_goto): Use Pmode instead of SImode.
1995-02-08 dje * sparc/sparc.c (v9_regcmp_p): New function.
1995-02-07 dje(*): Give names to all anonymous patterns.
1995-02-06 wilson(movsf-1, movdf-1, movtf-1): Use 'F' not 'E'.
1995-01-25 kennerUpdate comments.
1995-01-08 kenner(flush): Change to using a MEM instead of address.
1994-10-31 wilson(movtf+3): Disable pattern.
1994-09-30 wilson(movdf+3): Handle overlapping registers in define_split.
1994-09-30 wilson(call): Use struct value pattern is struct size is not
1994-09-09 wilson(negsi2): Use register_operand not general_operand...
1994-08-02 wilson(all DF/TFmode patterns): Use `e' in contraint field
1994-07-19 wilson(call*): Use symbolic_operand not immediate_operand.
1994-06-28 wilson(cpu attribute): Rename to arch attribute. Add a new
1994-06-15 dje * sparc/sparc.md (cpu): New attribute.
1994-04-28 wilson(adddi3, subdi3, anddi3, iordi3, xordi3): Corresponding...
1994-03-21 wilson(seq, sne, sgt, slt, sge, sle): Add support for
1994-03-11 wilson(sleu+4, sleu+7, extendsftf2, extenddftf2, trunctfsf2,
1994-02-06 wilson(movdi): Handle 'U' and 'T' constraints.
1994-01-15 wilson(smulsi3_highpart): New pattern.
1993-12-08 wilson(untyped_call+1, untyped_call+2): Use std not st for fp
1993-12-03 kenner(ashlsi3, ashrsi3, lshrsi3): Use arith_operand instead of
1993-10-20 rms(flush): Add pattern.
1993-10-06 wilson(umulsidi3): Use uns_arith_operand not arith_operand.
1993-09-08 djeCosmetic changes only. Just reordered code a little.
1993-08-28 wilson(call+1, call+2, call_value+1, untyped_call+1): Split
1993-08-12 wilson(reload_insi): Delete.
1993-07-28 wilson(shift_operand): New function.
1993-07-21 wilson(movdi+1): Delete & from r/i constraint.
1993-07-21 wilson(ashldi3, lshrdi3): Obsolete, deleted.
1993-07-03 wilson(ashldi3+2): Change lshift to ashift.
1993-07-02 wilson(zero_extendhisi2, extendhisi2, extendqihi2,
1993-06-26 rms(movdf recognizer): Remove `&' from constraint for...
1993-06-26 rms(movdi): Delete the earlyclobber in load case.
1993-05-03 wilson(floatsitf2): Output fitoq not fitox.
1993-04-25 wilson(movstrsi): Comment out.
1993-04-25 wilson(movdf): Add a define split.
1993-04-13 kenner(movXX): Third arg to emit_move_sequence is NULL_RTX.
1993-04-06 wilson(lshldi3, lshrdi3): Define.
1993-04-06 wilson(movdi): End by returning the last template; otherwise
1993-03-29 wilson(movsi+2): Add f/f constraint case.
1993-03-23 wood(untyped_call, untyped_return): New patterns.
1993-03-15 wilson(zero_extendqisi2+4,+5): Add new patterns for combining
1993-03-02 wilson(flush_register_windows, goto_handler_and_restore):
1993-02-24 wilson(zero_extendqi*i2): Delete never matched constraints.
1993-01-25 kennerDelete emacs local-variables block at end.
1993-01-25 wilson(movsi, movtf, movdf, movdi, movsf): Delete f/r and r/f
1993-01-14 wilson(muldf+1, muldf+2): Add patterns for fsmuld and fdmulq.
1993-01-14 wilsonDocument sparclite integer multiply cycle times.
1993-01-11 wilson(*): Make all fp patterns conditional on TARGET_FPU.
1992-12-16 wilson(return peepholes): Add QImode and HImode move/return...
1992-10-13 wilson(in_branch_delay): Allow fpload and fpstore.
1992-10-13 wilson(movstrsi+1): Add `+' to constraints for clobbered...
1992-09-30 wilson(orcc peephole): Don't accept FP reg for operand 0.
1992-09-28 wilson(orcc peephole): Don't allow FP regs to match pattern.
1992-09-25 wilson(nonlocal_goto): Force operands[0] to be a register.
1992-09-02 wilson(SImode ldd peepholes): Add `f' to constraints.
1992-08-26 wilson(float*, fix*): Rewrite to match hardware; take/put
1992-08-25 wood(define_function_unit): Change meaning to ISSUE-DELAY.