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PR target/45844
[pf3gnuchains/gcc-fork.git] / gcc / config / rs6000 / vsx.md
2011-03-16 amodra PR target/45844
2011-02-03 meissnerFix PR target/47272
2011-02-03 meissnerFix PR target/47580
2010-11-16 rthrs6000: -mfused-madd cleanup
2010-11-03 meissnerAdd SF min/max under VSX, using the normal double opera...
2010-10-15 meissnerAdd fma support
2010-09-02 meissnerOptimize (double)(long) to generate FRIZ if -ffast...
2010-08-27 meissnerImprove floating point conversions on powerpc
2010-07-28 meissnerAdd power6 copysign/parity support
2010-06-03 meissnerPR target/44218, improve -mrecip on powerpc
2009-09-24 meissnerRemove VSX load/store with update instructions
2009-07-30 meissnerAdd patch 5/6 for full power7/VSX support