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(rs6000_output_load_toc_table): New function.
[pf3gnuchains/gcc-fork.git] / gcc / config / rs6000 / rs6000.c
1997-04-20 kenner(rs6000_output_load_toc_table): New function.
1997-04-14 edelsohnchange hardcoded .mcount to RS6000_MCOUNT
1997-04-14 meissnerAdd -mcpu={604e,801,823} support
1997-03-20 meissnerPatches from wilson; consider fp constants if -mrelocat...
1997-02-27 meissnerMake fprintf calls type correct.
1997-02-17 kenner({,non_}short_cint_operand): Use (unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT).
1997-01-21 meissnerupdate copyright.
1997-01-21 meissnerFix handling of vt if -mminimal-toc
1996-12-12 meissnerAdd @plt if -fpic; Fix double->int conversions if stack...
1996-10-10 meissnerOnly create TOC save area if function makes calls.
1996-10-10 meissnerCorrectly handle saving toc space in NT
1996-08-16 meissnerMake -fpic work with -O3
1996-08-13 meissnerCorrectly handle stack probes of more than one function...
1996-08-13 meissnerBuild fewer multilibs
1996-08-12 meissnerCheck current_function_uses_pic_offset_table, not pic_o...
1996-08-08 meissnerFix for G++ not knowing whether a vtable will be privat...
1996-08-06 meissnerMake STACK_BOUNDARY always 64 bits
1996-07-23 mrs * rs6000/rs6000.c: Include except.h for function.h.
1996-07-23 meissnerFix -fpic problems
1996-07-13 meissnerSolaris, shared lib, aix broken compatibiliy
1996-07-11 meissnerCheck for whether GOT_TOC register was eliminated
1996-07-11 meissnerDeal with -fpic and inlined functions
1996-07-10 meissnerFix last change
1996-07-10 meissnerUse integer ops to load SF constants for software float...
1996-07-09 meissnerMake fp constants hard if -fpic
1996-06-29 meissnerFix int<->floating point conversion routines
1996-06-25 meissnerV.4 PIC changes
1996-06-25 meissnerDo not abort on labels for -fpic
1996-06-20 meissnerFix typo
1996-06-06 wilson(init_cumulative_args): Change EXPR_LIST to PARALLEL
1996-05-29 meissnerAdd code to print rs6000 specific info in .s file;...
1996-05-28 meissnerFix problems in float/int conversion in inline functions
1996-05-17 dje * rs6000/rs6000.c (output_option, m_options, output_op...
1996-05-15 meissnerUse pic_offset_table_rtx instead of rs6000_pic_register...
1996-05-09 meissnerAdd fine grain control to -msdata
1996-04-26 meissnerFix error compiling on AIX
1996-04-24 meissnerSolaris, Linux changes
1996-04-08 meissnerAdd -fpic/-fPIC support
1996-04-08 meissnerFix mains args in eabi; use reg_names to print out...
1996-03-14 meissnerAdd exception attribute for Windows
1996-03-11 meissnerMake long longs use normal CONST_DOUBLE in movdi, do...
1996-03-06 edelsohn602 uses 603 description
1996-03-04 meissnerAdd attribute((longcall)) support
1996-02-28 meissnerUpdate NT code so it works
1996-02-28 meissnertry to fix NT trampolines
1996-02-28 edelsohnadd 'H' to print_operand for six-bit mask
1996-02-19 edelsohnremove operand_subword from easy_fp_const
1996-02-13 meissnerCygwin32 support; Make eabi update stack first before...
1996-01-31 edelsohncorrect parenthesization of TARGET_32BIT
1996-01-31 edelsohnld/std typos and TARGET_32BIT usage
1996-01-28 edelsohnrs6000_sync_trampoline cmpdi and rs6000_initialize_tram...
1996-01-25 meissnerFix bugs in last changes
1996-01-25 meissnermore small data support
1996-01-24 meissnerSmall data support; Windows NT attributes; windows...
1996-01-22 edelsohnUse Pmode
1996-01-15 meissnermake exception table work with -mrelocable; fix long...
1996-01-05 meissnerAdd -mcpu={505,821,860} support; Fixup common mode...
1995-12-29 meissnerUndo most of 12/27 changes
1995-12-27 meissnerYank out part of last change
1995-12-27 meissnerReorganize common mode; optimize SI*SI->DI on common...
1995-12-21 meissnerChange --enable-cpu -> --with-cpu.
1995-12-20 meissnerremove -mcpu=rs6000
1995-12-20 meissnerMake --enable-cpu=xxx act like -mcpu=xxx, not -mtune...
1995-12-20 meissnerMake AIX4 use -mcpu=common by default; add -mtune=
1995-12-13 meissnerUse simpler functions instead of printf. INT_TYPE_SIZE...
1995-12-09 meissnerFix recent breakage
1995-11-30 meissnerupdate PowerPC support
1995-10-27 kenner(struct asm_option): Changed from struct option.
1995-10-20 kenner(float_conv_temp): Delete global variable.
1995-10-19 kenner({low_32_bit,offsettable_mem}_operand): The function
1995-09-15 kenner(output_toc): Align DF constants if STRICT_ALIGNMENT.
1995-09-11 kenner(output_option{,s}): New functions to write -f, -m...
1995-08-19 kenner(output_prolog): Fixup code to set stack pointer if...
1995-08-19 kennerRevert last change.
1995-08-19 kenner(output_prolog): Reverse big stack update and restore...
1995-08-14 kenner(direct_return): Epilogue required if CR saved.
1995-07-25 meissnerstore LR in caller's frame, not current frame for V.4
1995-07-21 meissnerV.4 support.
1995-07-11 kenner(expand_block_move): Remove #if 0 conditionals against...
1995-06-28 kenner(processor_target_table): Remove CPU name synonyms.
1995-06-15 kennerChange FSF address.
1995-06-14 kenner(output_prolog): Don't call __eabi here, let compiler...
1995-06-06 kenner(expand_block_move): Update source and destination...
1995-06-06 kenner(expand_block_move): Don't do any block moves where...
1995-06-01 kenner(expand_block_move): Don't pass argument of # bytes...
1995-05-31 kenner(rs6000_override_options): Fix typo with -mstring handling.
1995-05-24 meissnerMake -mstring more like -mmultiple; Emit correct stabs...
1995-05-22 meissnerAdd -mno-toc; Support block moves if -mno-string.
1995-05-16 meissnerAdd -mstring support.
1995-05-16 kennerFix typos in comments.
1995-05-10 meissnerAdd little endian PowerPC support.
1995-04-14 meissnerEmit eabi's main call to __eabi before setting up the...
1995-03-24 meissnerLet user choice of -mmultiple always override processor...
1995-03-14 meissnerAdd 403 support.
1995-03-02 meissnerMove -mrelocatable word before function prologue.
1995-02-25 kenner(low_32_bit_operand): New function.
1995-02-23 meissnerSupport -msoft-float; support eabi -mrelocatable
1995-02-22 kenner(print_operand, case 'H', 'S'): Delete unused.
1995-02-21 kenner(output_toc): Use REAL_VALUE_* macros.
1995-02-01 meissnerAdd preliminary V.4 and eABI support.