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* c-lex.c (MULTIBYTE_CHARS): #undef if cross compiling.
[pf3gnuchains/gcc-fork.git] / gcc / c-lex.c
1997-11-04 devans * c-lex.c (MULTIBYTE_CHARS): #undef if cross compiling.
1997-11-02 lawUpdate mainline egcs to gcc2 snapshot 971021.
1997-08-15 law * c-lex.c (check_newline): Pass finput again...
1997-08-01 bothner* c-lex.c (lang_init): Remove (recently moved here).
1997-07-29 bothnerPatches to use cpplib with cc1 #if USE_CPPLIB.
1996-11-15 merrillx
1996-10-09 kenner(yylex): Treat `$' just like `_', except issue a diagno...
1996-09-29 kenner(yylex): Add new arg, TYPE, to call to build_complex.
1996-05-06 kenner(check_newline): Fix #pragma parsing; issue error messa...
1996-04-17 wilson(check_newline): Rewrite to use tokens.
1996-02-19 kenner(yylex, case '0'..'9','.'): For cases '0' and '1',...
1996-02-01 dje(check_newline): HANDLE_PRAGMA returns terminating...
1996-01-15 dje * c-lex.c (check_newline): Pass character after `...
1995-12-28 kenner(yylex): Improve error message for bogus numbers.
1995-12-13 ianCall new dbxout functions when changing source files.
1995-06-15 kennerUpdate FSF address.
1995-05-16 kennerFix typos in comments.
1995-04-18 meissnerMove pragma interface support to c-pragma.h
1995-03-02 kenner(yylex, case !NOT_FLOAT): Remove previous change.
1995-02-21 kenner(yylex): Add support for <: :> <% %> digraphs.
1995-02-21 kenner(yylex): For float, build constant in long double.
1995-02-21 kenner(check_newline): Give warning if unrecognized data...
1994-11-21 wilson(yylex): Do warn about floating point out of range if
1994-07-02 wilson(yylex): Reject imaginary numbers when pedantic.
1994-04-20 kenner(check_newline): Avoid unreachable statement when HANDL...
1994-04-18 kenner(yylex): If FP value is NaN, use value of zero.
1994-04-16 kenner(yylex): Turn off overflow flag when fixing up large...
1994-03-04 kennerDelete gperf-generated source from here.
1994-02-27 kenner(readescape): Initialize FIRSTDIG.
1993-12-10 wilson(yylex): When reading malformed floating point constant,
1993-09-29 eggert(ignore_escape_flag): Remove var.
1993-09-28 rms(yylex): Handle i together with f or l in float constant.
1993-06-26 rmsInclude ctype.h.
1993-05-26 rms(readescape): Don't complain for \% unless pedantic.
1993-05-01 rms(yylex): Avoid invalid shift for erroneous empty char...
1993-04-28 kenner(yylex): Don't use unsigned comparison to also check...
1993-04-25 kenner(yylex): Don't warn about floating point out of range...
1993-04-24 kenner(forget_protocol_qualifiers): Cast enums to int before...
1993-04-09 wood*** empty log message ***
1993-04-09 rmsMore of previous change.
1993-04-09 rms(yylex): Use MAP_CHARACTER if it's defined.
1993-03-31 rms(yylex): Convert real decimal constants directly
1993-03-28 rmsUpdated for recent change in c-parse.gperf.
1993-03-20 rms(yylex): Copy the string value we get from __FUNCTION__.
1993-03-04 rms(init_lex): Initialize rid pointers for complex.
1993-03-02 rms(init_lex): Set up ridpointers for `iterator'.
1993-03-02 rms(init_lex): Maybe turn off `iterator' as keyword.
1993-02-27 rms(check_newline): #line updates input_file_stack->name.
1993-02-18 rms(yylex): Undo Feb 7 change.
1993-02-12 rms(yylex): For wide char constant, use wchar_type_node.
1993-02-07 rms(yylex): At eof, if binding levels not popped,
1993-01-09 rms(yylex): Change warning msg when decimal const is unsigned.
1993-01-09 rms(yylex): Don't allow @ in identifier outside of Objecti...
1992-11-06 rms(readescape): Support \e like \E. Warn only if -pedantic.
1992-10-08 rms(yylex): For floats, Use REAL_VALUES_LESS to distinguish
1992-10-04 rms(readescape): No warning if digits in \x are all 0's.
1992-09-24 kenner(yylex, case '"'): Initialize arg pased to readescape.
1992-09-24 rms(readescape): New arg ignore_ptr.
1992-09-15 rms(yylex): Integer constant is unsigned for purposes of
1992-09-14 rms(yylex): Warn about integers so large that they are...
1992-09-12 rms(yylex): If integer value overflows so highword is...
1992-08-27 rms(readescape): For \x, don't include leading 0's in...
1992-08-27 rms(readescape): DEL isn't printable.
1992-08-01 rms(yylex): When traditional, convert 0x80000000 to -0x800...
1992-07-25 rms(yylex): Diagnose `1.0fl'. Issue just one diagnostic...
1992-07-23 mrsadd an explicit int to a register decl
1992-07-14 kenner(yylex): Ensure TOTAL_PARTS is wide enough to store a
1992-07-06 kennerChanges to support execution on 64-bit machines.
1992-07-06 rms(yylex): For integers, rename shorts to parts.
1992-07-01 woodUndo rcs botch
1992-07-01 rms(check_newline): Support HANDLE_SYSV_PRAGMA.
1992-06-24 rmsfix typos in comments.
1992-06-24 rmsDon't know what changed.
1992-06-04 rmsentered into RCS
1992-06-03 rms*** empty log message ***
1992-05-22 rms*** empty log message ***
1992-05-21 rms*** empty log message ***
1992-05-17 rms*** empty log message ***
1992-05-17 rms*** empty log message ***
1992-04-18 rms*** empty log message ***
1992-04-14 wilson*** empty log message ***
1992-03-14 rms*** empty log message ***
1992-03-06 kennerInitial revision