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Add a stride parameter to scop_do_strip_mine.
[pf3gnuchains/gcc-fork.git] / gcc / ChangeLog.graphite
2010-12-01 spopAdd a stride parameter to scop_do_strip_mine.
2010-09-30 spopFix PR45758: reset scevs before Graphite.
2010-09-30 spopFix miscompilation of 416.gamess.
2010-09-30 spopAdd testcase for PR45758.
2010-09-30 spopFix memory leaks in new scop detection.
2010-09-30 spopFix Graphite memory leaks.
2010-09-30 spopNew flag: -fgraphite-dump-cloog.
2010-09-30 spopCDI_POST_DOMINATORS are not used in Graphite.
2010-09-30 spopOnly iterate over pbb_dim_iter_domain.
2010-09-30 spopFix comments.
2010-09-30 spopNew pass: loop flattening.
2010-09-30 spopAdd cloog_checksum.
2010-09-30 spopFix pbb_number_of_iterations_at_time.
2010-09-30 spopFix lst_update_scattering.
2010-09-30 spopOutline lst_niter_for_loop.
2010-09-30 spopCall fatal_error when the transform read from file...
2010-09-30 spopFix pretty printers.
2010-09-30 spopUse FOR_EACH_VEC_ELT.
2010-09-30 spopNew SCoPDetection detects first SCoPs.
2010-09-30 spopFix uninitialize warning.
2010-09-30 spopAvoid set but not used warning.
2010-09-30 spopSpeed-up loop blocking: strip-mining is always legal.
2010-09-30 spopFix the description of graphite_can_represent_loop.
2010-09-30 spopAdd testcase for PR45230.
2010-09-30 spopAlso handle ARRAY_REFs in instantiate_scev_r.
2010-09-30 spopFix chrec_contains_symbols_defined_in_loop.
2010-09-30 spopA function is affine when CHREC_RIGHT is invariant.
2010-09-30 spopFactor out is_gimple_reg calls.
2010-09-30 spopRemove outermost loop parameter.
2010-09-30 spopFix PR45229: gcc.c-torture/execute/20000412-4.c ICEs...
2010-09-30 spopIntegrate openscop tests in graphite testsuite.
2010-09-30 spopAdd documentation for -fgraphite-read and -fgraphite...
2010-09-30 spopDisable graphite loop optimizations with fgraphite...
2010-09-30 spopDump each scop in a separate file.
2010-09-30 spopRemove redundant checks in graphite_can_represent_scev.
2010-09-30 spopFix 435.gromacs miscompile.
2010-09-30 spopEnable graphite to read an OpenScop file.
2010-09-30 spopFix include order to avoid failed compilation on CLOOG_ORG.
2010-09-30 spopAdd necessary accessors for CloogMatrix (CLOOG_ORG).
2010-09-30 spopRemove spaces from matrix lines.
2010-09-30 spopFix columns order in openscop.
2010-09-30 spopAdd testcase for PR43423.
2010-09-30 spopGenerate in priority signed types for integer constants.
2010-09-30 spopAvoid lang_hooks, call build_nonstandard_integer_type.
2010-09-30 spopWrite OpenScop format.
2010-08-11 spopFix miscompile of 416.gamess.
2010-08-11 spopFix gamess: the only constant phi nodes with one argume...
2010-08-11 spopFix typos.
2010-08-11 spopRemove cloog_initialize and cloog_finalize when using...
2010-08-11 spopAdapt to new CloogScattering abstraction, introduced...
2010-08-11 spopIntroduce compatibility to newer CLooG's CloogState...
2010-08-11 spopAdapt to new CLAST structure within upstream CLooG...
2010-08-11 spopMake CLooG options compatible to newer CLooG releases...
2010-08-11 spopReintroduce necessary CLooG accessors to graphite....
2010-08-11 spopCall scev_reset_htab when Graphite out-of-SSA has chang...
2010-08-11 spopFix tonto: call propagate_expr_outside_region.
2010-08-11 spopCall scev_analyzable_p only on is_gimple_reg.
2010-08-11 spopPropagate constant values or parametric expressions...
2010-08-11 spopUse SSA_NAME_DEF_STMT only on SSA_NAMEs.
2010-08-11 spopDo not instantiate default definitions in instantiate_s...
2010-08-11 spopEnhance region checks.
2010-08-11 spopAdd loop_exits_from_bb_p.
2010-08-11 spopDot refined regions.
2010-08-11 spopDo not translate out-of-SSA close phi nodes that can...
2010-08-11 spopAdd testcase for PR20742.
2010-08-11 spopUnshare the scev before code generating it.
2010-08-11 spopDo not rewrite out of SSA scalar phi nodes that can...
2010-08-11 spopCorrectly handle SSA_NAME_IS_DEFAULT_DEF in rewrite_clo...
2010-08-11 spopAdd testcase for PR42729 and fix handling of gimple_deb...
2010-08-11 spopSpecial case non close-phi nodes with one argument...
2010-08-11 spopScevs could be expressions without chrecs and still...
2010-08-11 spopBump the size of scevs.
2010-08-11 spopRemove uses of loop->single_iv.
2010-08-11 spopAlso handle GIMPLE_CALLs in rewrite_cross_bb_scalar_deps.
2010-08-11 spopchrec_apply should only apply to the specified variable.
2010-08-11 spopRemove expand_scalar_variables_ hack.
2010-08-11 spopRemove insert_loop_close_phis.
2010-08-11 spopFix flipped condition using mpz_sgn.
2010-08-11 spopAdd testcase for miscompile in gamess.
2010-08-11 spopPartially removing cloog.h and graphite-clast-to-gimple...
2010-08-11 spopMove cloog-related functions from graphite-ppl.{c,h...
2010-08-11 spopResolve CLooG's value_* macros to their respective...
2010-08-11 spopPrint bbs in refined region tree.
2010-08-11 spopFix 416.gamess miscompile: special case the rewrite...
2010-08-11 spopFix 435.gromacs miscompile: call rewrite_close_phi_out_...
2010-08-11 spopRemove dead code.
2010-08-11 spopReplace map with rename_map.
2010-08-11 spopRemove copy_renames.
2010-08-11 spopRun rewrite_cross_bb_phi_deps before rewrite_cross_bb_s...
2010-08-11 spopEarly return in rewrite_commutative_reductions_out_of_s...
2010-08-11 spopFix testcase: call abort.
2010-08-11 spopAlways insert out of SSA copies on edges except for...
2010-08-11 spopSplit rewrite_cross_bb_scalar_deps_out_of_ssa out from...
2010-08-11 spopAdd more debug counter guards.
2010-08-11 spopSchedule a copy_prop pass before graphite.
2010-08-11 spopRemove rename_nb_iterations and rename_sese_parameters
2010-08-11 spopAlso rewrite out of SSA scalar dependences going outsid...
2010-08-11 spopRemove insert_copyout and insert_copyin.
2010-08-11 spopDetect commutative reductions in all the scops before...
2010-08-11 spopLaunch dotty in background.